Creative Mumz at the Book Festival- Update

We truly enjoyed participating at the Used Book Festival at Qanat Al Qasba, Sharjah from 29th – 31st March , organized by Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services. Qanat Al Qasba is a great place for family outings There was a huge collection of Arabic and English books for kids as well as grown ups at the book festival. We had around 200 books at our tent and sold nearly ¾ of our collection. We sold many titles, the response was great.

We began with setting up our tent on the 28th. Hashma and I shopped for decorations; made the flyers and the front banner, put up everything. I had scores of preparations to be completed, a tough job with the little ones around! But we really enjoyed the enriching experience. And most of all I loved shopping for books at the festival. Even my family shopped for many and we all ended up with a huge collection of interesting reads.

Thanks to everyone who donated books to Creative Mumz for the event and volunteered at the tent.

Special thanks to Hashma who helped with the preparations, Mena for coming on the first day and volunteering for the whole morning, special thanks to Sana, Mariam, Fatima, Amir and Yasser for their support and for taking shifts to man our stall. Thanks to my parents who came along on Friday to encourage and support.

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4 thoughts on “Creative Mumz at the Book Festival- Update

  1. Yasser says:

    This was a good event. I think you should keep the campaign going on your web site and have people drop their books to Creative Mumz. These can be submitted to one of the charities that would be willing to get them.

  2. Krisco says:

    Sounds like a nice event!

    I am going through the BlogHer roll, starting from the sites listed closest to mine. (Crib Ceiling). Okay, yours is the first one I’ve seen! But clearly, doing that will be a great opportunity to learn about other parts of the world! A nice start for me.

  3. Maria Verdolaga says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you would please be able to tell me what charities here in Dubai / Sharjah would accept second-hand books – even after the Ramadan season? We are currently moving homes and we would like to discard books that we have kept with us eversince we were kids.



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