Article: De-Clutter Your Home and Your Life 
How to Get Rid of Excess Items that can be Donated        (By Nihal, Creative Mumz Member)

Ramadan, the month of spiritual cleansing and charity, has come to an end. However, we can continue to donate year round by de-cluttering our homes of excess things on a regular basis.

Tidiness is a learned skill that can become a habit for life. If moms make organizing fun while kids are
young, it will become ingrained in them too. So lets get started!

What constitutes clutter? Anything you no longer use or love which has accumulated over time. Instead of
getting rid of excess things, people tend to find a place to stuff it. Remember, things should be useful,
have a place of its own and be easy to find. Ask yourself: Do I need this? Do I love this?

Categorize things as those you wish to keep, those you could throw out and those that can be given to
charity. Items for donation should be in good condition. Get kids involved with clearing out their
rooms: decide together which toys, books and clothes are useful and which can be donated. Thereby, kids
learn to maintain a neat room with things of actual value. They learn to let go of stuff they no longer
use. They also learn to share such things with a child not as privileged. Make drop-offs at charitable
organizations together so they can see the results of their efforts.

Start with a problem area that you feel you can tackle.

Remember the golden words:
If you don’t use it, you lose it. Once you are done, you can relax in a home surrounded by things that you love and that
create a peaceful living environment.

To make donations, contact:
Dubai – Red Crescent Society (04) 2614-800
Sharjah – Sharjah International Charity (06) 5664-111   



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