Nursery Schools in Dubai

Here is info on nurseries in Dubai. I hope this will be useful to you mumz.

Al Diyafah Nursery
Al Qusais
PO Box: 24023
Tel: 04 267 1115

Alphabet Street Nursery 
PO Box: 75460
Tel: 04 348 5991

Al Salam Nursery and Private School
Al Qusais
PO Box: 5251


Tel: 04 267 9594

Apple International School
PO Box: 50091
Tel: 04 344 4441/342 0363

Baby Land Nursery PO Box: 72299 


Tel: 04 348 6874


Bright Morning Nursery & Daycare CentrePO Box: 45428 Dubai
Tel: 04 394 6118
Umm Suqeim


British Orchard Nursery

PO Box: 125045Tel: 04 398 3536



The Children’s GardenPO Box: 211336 Tel: 04 885 34 84
Green Community


Children’s OasisPO Box: 62265  Tel: 04 348 8981


Child’s PlayTel: 04-348 0788  Email to


Cocoon NurseryTel: 04-394 9394.


De La Salle Montessori International Nursery & CrechePO Box: 62265
Tel: 04 398 6218

Dubai Gem Nursery PO Box: 989 Dubai

Tel: 04 345 3550

Al Wasl, near Iranian Hospital


Dubai Infants SchoolPO Box: 11444 Dubai
Tel: 04 337 1463

Emerald City NurseryTel: 04-349 0848  Email to

Fantasy Land Montessori NurseryPO Box 50841 Dubai
Tel: 04-348 6301 / 348 6302

Gulf Montessori NurseryPO Box: 8269 Dubai
Tel: 04 282 7046

Happy Home NurseryPO Box: 6526 Dubai
Tel: 04 396 1995


Happy Kids NurseryPO Box: 31405 Dubai
Tel: 04 273 1333


Hope Montessori Nursery & Day CarePO Box: 43126 Dubai
Tel: 04 352 1587


Jebel Ali Village NurseryPO Box: 53951 Dubai
Tel: 04 884 5276


Jumeirah International NurseryPO Box: 24857 Dubai
Tel: 04 394 5567



Jumeirah International Nursery SchoolPO Box: 24857 Dubai

Kids Cottage NurseryPO Box: 900
Tel: 04 394 2145

Kids Island NurseryPO Box: 7994 Dubai
Tel: 04 394 2578/394 2579


Kids Palace Nursery04-348 41 63.


Kids Talent center
POBox: 3202 Dubai
Tel: 04 3370420

The Kings’ Dubai NurseryPO Box: 381 199 Dubai
Tel: 04 348 3939

Ladybird NurseryTel: 04-344 1011.

Little Land Nursery & Montessori CentrePO Box: 53619 Dubai
Tel: 04 394 4471

Little Princess Day Care & NurseryPO Box: 20424 Dubai
Tel: 04 263 4666


Little Star NurseryPO Box: 28596 Dubai
Tel: 04 398 2004




Little Wings International Nursery

Jumeirah 2, Al Wasl Road, Street 2b, Villa 43

Phone no.: 00971 (0) 34 90 553

Fax no.: 00971 (0) 34 90 556





Little Woods Nursery

Tel: 04–394 6155

Fax: 04-3946955
Location: Street 4C, Safa 2 Area, Dubai 




Little WondersPOBox: 214563 Dubai
Tel: 04 394 9881

Love & Care Nursery PO Box: 55703 DubaiTel: 04 261 2117


Montessori Dubai Nursery
PO Box: 2915, Dubai
Tel: 04 395 5788


Mother Care NurseryPO Box: 23318, Dubai
Tel: 04 349 6955


The New Dubai Nursery PO Box: 7552 Dubai
Tel: 04 398 4900

The New Nursery SchoolTel: 04-344 083

Rainbow Nursery PO Box: 11936 Dubai
Tel: 04 342 9599

Safa NurseryPO Box: 3147 Dubai
Tel: 04 344 3878
Fax: 04 344 3870


Seashells NurseryTel: 04-3413404Website:


Small Steps NurseryPO Box: 72590 Dubai
Tel: 04 288 3347


Small World NurseriesPO Box: 6446 DubaiTel: 04 348 0788 Website:


Smart Children’s NurseryPO Box: 30939 Dubai
Tel: 04 398 0074


Super Kids NurseryP.O. Box 34153 – Dubai
Tel: 04-288 1949
website: and


Tender Love and Care Nursery 
PO Box: 500570 Dubai
Tel: 04 367 1636


The City Nursery
Tel: 04 289 9722


The Primary NurseryPO Box: 1563 Dubai
Tel: 04 269 5828


The Tiny Home Montessori NurseryPO Box: 46768 Dubai
Tel: 04 349 3201

Wisdom International Nursery & DaycareTel: 04 344 6371
Fax: 04-344 6372
PO Box: 26993 Dubai

World NurseryPOBox: 56732 Tel: 04 261 3025


Yellow Brick Road NurseryPO Box: 34239 Dubai
Tel: 04 282 8290


905 thoughts on “Nursery Schools in Dubai

  1. Jeet says:

    Thank you very much. I was searching for a list of nurseries, including some names that my wife had found, and this list has them all.

    Really cut my search short.

    The only way to improve this page might be to have a short description and review of each, but I know I am asking for a lot.

    Thanks once again.


    • Gazala says:

      HI TO ALL,

      Can anyone suggest any play school which provide transport facility from international city.
      please help…..waiting for your reply


    • Devidas says:

      Any one can suggest a nursery for indian around jabel Ali or Jumeirah. i am staying in discovery Garden. please respond.Thanks.

      • Deepa says:


        Wisdom Nursery is good. My son was also there.

        They are charging AED 1600 per month (Tution + activity + medical + transport)

        Best part of this nursery is that it is hygene and good staff.

        Hope this info helps u in taking decision.


      • archana says:


        hi deepa,

        i m looking for a good nursery for my 2 n half year old princess,how is the nursery n do they have bus service till discovery garden


      • Deepa says:

        Hi Archana,

        They do have bus service. Their timings are also good. Bus comes to discovery garden around 9.00 am, so your kid will not have to get up early for school, like other nursery schools.

        My son’s development is great. Nursery is very hygene and is awarded a purple band from ministry of education. Teachers are great.

        you can visit

        They are charging around 1600 per month all inclusive of transport. I am not sure if this price is still valid. Teacher over there knows me very well. If you want than give my reference “Deepa Joshi”.

        They had a great summer camp lin July and August 2011. They are now going for limousine tour . My son wis also going .. Kids will enjoy.

        Hope this helops you./

    • Naveeka says:

      I just recently moved to dubai and i’m searching for a schoolfor my3 yr old girl. A school near by home.I live in bank street bur dubai behind apsara market. So I’d appreciate suggestions of near by schools. I want my daughter to continue her primary school in the same school too which means a school besides pre-school. but I’m open to suggestions regarding putting my child in a pre-school only or school of all age groups. Also I’m not sure if Wisdom nursery is near by here. Is it the nearest from here?


      • Asha Nayak says:

        I am searching good nursery or playschool near to international city where I am staying for my 3 year old son ..can anyone suggest which one is best near to my location.


  2. nazia says:

    please advice if any vaccancy in a nursery.

    contact 050 4749330

    m fond of kids and love being around,with & takin cRE OF Them/

  3. firas says:

    Hi Dear

    Plz can you advice me by list about the nursery located near nmc hospital or in Qusais.

    Appreciating your kind co-operration and support.

    Best Regard,

      • Maha says:

        Dear all,
        There is a nice in-house daycare/nursery available near Oxford school in Muhaisnah 4, with free all subjects tuitions/coaching for all grades very reasonable fees and highly professional and well-natured, well-educated facilitator/manager.
        Contact name-Miss Maha
        mobile no. 0567290557.

      • says:

        What is the name of this nursery?
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  4. shipra sarin says:

    hi firas

    u can check emirates nursery in qusasis its near oxford chool,there is lilltle princes nursery also…

  5. eva says:

    hi there,
    can you give a list of nursery schools in al quasis near NMC hospital please?also their telephone numbers and physical addresses.
    I’ll appreciate for your help
    Thank you!

    • Tina says:

      Dear Eva,

      There is a new playschool called kids mate, its really a good one and my daughter is going there, the contact no is :050 8806456.


  6. Rejath says:


    My son is 2 yrs old. Can you please advice me by list about the nurseries located near galadhari driving centre or anywhere in the near by area in Qusais.

    Thanks in advance.


  7. issa says:

    hi thanks for putting up this site, really helpful. i am looking for a playschool for my 19-month old son either in sharjah or dubai, but most of those i’ve contacted wouldn’t allow parents/nannies to accompany their kids in school… since i am not working i want to be able to accompany my kid to school. would u know of any playschool that allows this? i am actually NOT looking for the “daycare” type, just a venue to enhance my son’s social skills. thanks 🙂

    ps. do you have the contact number of gymboree? thanks.

  8. zulfiquar says:

    hi my son is 2 years old .can you give me list of nurseries in al barsha near mall fo the emirates.can you please give the contact nos. as well thank you

    • Linda says:

      In al barsha there is a very good nursery called sea shell in nursery. I have been there and they are very nice. Very good method of teaching and very clean and nise..must see..

      • vicki says:

        Hi Linda – Do you know if the sea shell nursery does extended hours? I noticed on their website that they finish at 2pm, I need until at least 5pm. Thanks in advance.

  9. shahul says:

    hi my son is 16 months old . can you give me list of nurseries /play school / day care center in muteena area near lulu deira or qusais area (near grand hotel). can you please give the contact nos. as well thank you

    • Roshi says:

      Dear Shahul, Chubby Cheeks Nursery is now open in Al Nahda 1 very close to NMC Hospital, please visit We are a British Curriculum Nursery with a highly reputed branch in Discovery Gardens. We care for children from 2 months onwards. We look forward to caring for your child and being part of their learning journey.

  10. Asma says:

    Happy Kids Nursery is very close to Muteena. excellent nursery – my son was there for around 6 months. he absolutely loved it. teachers are great / they learn well.

    Tel no. is 273 1333

  11. Ridhima says:

    I am Ridhima , working with hotels at the moment. I have 6+ years experience. I am looking forward for a change in my stream from hotels to teaching. I have no experience but am good with kids . Please suggesta way. I am in Dubai at the moment.

    • Linda says:

      Hi..There is a new nursery opened in Al Mankhool called Toddlers International..Its very nice and they are having an International curriculum and it is very big with all facilities. Worth seeing the place. No is 04- 3983111

      • s jain says:

        I have been to toddlers international school and seen the working of the school for 2days as i wanted to put my 2 year old daughter there,but was disappointed.Thought the place is huge but the teachers cannot handle the children well,the nursery class was in complete mothers….think twice before you a take a decision…

      • Linda says:

        And just to add to this that my son is very happy and so am I with Toddlers International Nursery. I view my child on CCtV as well and see the class flowing very well.His class teacher is very good.My child has settled in very well. I really dont think that anyone can come to a conclusion of it by visiting it for 2 days for 2 to 5 min and maybe it could be the time of the day that the children have come into their classes after an outdoor play or maybe just finished snacks. One needs to experience it and my child has learnt quite a few rhymes and colours in a very short time. Infact they are opening up a third nursery class too.My child loves going to school. Mums please make your own decisions with where you feel comfortable.

      • Vini says:

        Hi Linda,
        My Daughter is13 months old and I am planning to send her to nursery from next month.
        I saw ur review on toddlers International. Are they still good one? or do u know any other near Burjuman. I checked British Orchard and frankly i found it to be expensive…

        Please let me know

    • Linda says:

      Hi..My 2.5 year old son is at Toddlers International Nursery an I am very happy with the nursery program. I dont know how anyone has gone inside the class for so long to make this judgement as I know they dont allow anyone to come inside the classrooms while school time except to peep in for a minute. I am happy with the teachers there. My child is loving his school and really looks forward to going to school. I thank the school and its management for a lovely environment for my child.

  12. Mum says:

    This website is gr8.Thanks Creativemumz.

    I wud like to know abt Little Princess Nursery in Al Qusais.Could anybody from creativemumz or any mom suggest me how it wud b if i enroll my son in it.

    A desperate mom.

  13. Reena Cabral says:

    My son is 2 yrs 8months old. Can you please advice me by list about the nurseries located anywhere in Qusais.


  14. Beena says:

    Hello creative mumz,
    Please can you tell me if little princess in Ghusais is good, i have my 3 yr daughter starting her play school shortly. is there any other play school in Al Nadha, sharjah
    please let me know

    • Roshi says:

      Dear Beena, Chubby Cheeks Nursery is now open in Al Nahda 1 very close to Sharjah, please visit We are a British Curriculum Nursery with a highly reputed branch in Discovery Gardens. We offer Foundation Stage curriculum for 3 year olds, licensed by the Ministry. We look forward to caring for your child and being part of their learning journey.

  15. Seema says:

    Hello could you suggest a playschool in Qusais or neighbouring areas where I could accompany my son to improve his social skills

    • Roshi says:

      Dear Mayuri, Chubby Cheeks Nursery is now open in Al Nahda 1 very close to NMC Hospital, please visit We are a British Curriculum Nursery with a highly reputed branch in Discovery Gardens. Your baby will be cared for in our specialised baby room. looked after by the baby room co-ordinater. We look forward to caring for your child and being part of their learning journey.

  16. jess says:

    could anyone please me of any play schools in abu hail area(near the canadian hospital,sana,babyshop,dubai bank or century mall)

    please help me out,i am new in dubai and need to put my child immediately


  17. jess says:

    hi seema & mayuri
    there are 2 nursery’s in qusais which i am aware of , world nursery (04-2613027)n little princess nursery(behind dubai grand hotel04 2634666)

    i found these by surfing in net,so i cant tell you whether its good or not,sorry


  18. adele sandilands says:

    hi there

    my name is adele and my family are moving to dubai in december 2008 we are from scotland uk. i have a 3 year old son and a 16 month old daughter. we are thinking of living in the springs/ meadows, emirates hills or arabian ranches. could you advise where is the best place to live for a young family and also a list of nurseries within these areas. thanks in advance. adele.

  19. Anvear says:

    Hi, i am looking for a nursary for my daughter 3 years , and we are living in al nahda park , sharja -dubai.

    please advice the suitable nursary in that area.



  20. christelle says:

    Dear Jess,

    There is a nursery very closed to the canadian hospital called “primery nursery school”
    but I don’t know if it is a good one.

  21. jess says:

    hi christelle
    thanz a lot for the u have any contact number of primary nursery or do u knw were exactly it is.i know of a primary nursery but nt near canadian hospital.

    actually i stay very nera by canadian hospital,so it will be nice 2 knw the details of the same.anways thanx for mentioning it


  22. christelle says:

    HI Jess,

    The primary nursery : Near Dubai Women’s association, Abu Baker Al Siddique Road
    tel : 2695828 – 2695838

    good luck !

  23. jess says:

    thanx for those numbers,i had visited the nursery yesterday,but they dont provide transport to my area,so i need to start searching all over again,anways thanx a lot for your help


  24. Rana says:

    hi all,

    I’m looking for a nursery for my 2 years and 10 months son…. i live in ALQusais area.. i nead a near nursery or atleast a nursery that provides transportation.


  25. Shabbir says:

    I’m looking for a nursery & Day care for my 2 years baby girl. I am staying in Al tawer area. Please anybody can help me for finding out for good nursery in this area or Al Qusais Are who provide transport

    My cell no. 050 5371405


  26. jess says:

    hello shabbir
    you can check out love and care nursery,in the road opposite to the dubai airport terminal two,you have to take a left from the sana,baby shop junction for that


  27. Saleha says:

    Hiii All,

    I am in a problem which I consider enormous. I have a kid who is 3 years and its time for him to go to a nursery but having a very very bitter situation in a nursery earlier I am very scared of nurseries or may be my own kid. The first time i had put him in a nursery he was 1 and a half years, though too very young but it was more of his personality then his age that he caused a great deal of embarrasement for me. As he use to cry continuously for 4-5 hours, pull his hair, keep standing and refuse to interact with anyone. And some unreasonable parents wanted him to be out of the nursery. I did take him out but coz of some other reasons and after that i have never tried him in one. To be very honest I am not worried about my embarrasment but him taken as a bad boy. Besides all my efforts and tries he has become all the more difficult as he challenges authority and does not take anyone who comes in his way, always ready to fight and hit. This extremly loving at heart kid will create problems for himself which makes me sweat. Above all he would be having language barrier also which i m trying to help him with and am teaching him to undestand and speak in English. I am in dire need to know about some nursery who deals with the kids with not the typical pressurising manner but very psychologically. I just cant imagine him to be actually taken out of a nursery or him getting suppresed in order to fix his habits. PLZ HELP.

    • Jessica says:

      Dear Saleha,

      Please never ever put your kid to the nursery called “British Orchard Nursery”. They only have lots and lots of rules which pressurize the small kids who are so sensitive. We too experienced and now we decided to take our child out of the nursery. We have proof too.

      • Steph says:

        Hello Mums,

        Just a quick few comments in defense of ‘The British Orchard Nursery’ and my view of pre-schools in Dubai…
        I am a full time mum from who moved to dubai with 3 pre-schoolers from England, I am not a teacher but have a ‘Early years’ Degree from UK, so when looking for a school for my 3 children was of upmost priority for me and my husband. Before i arrived to dubai i contacted many nursery schools and was in contact via e-mail, British orchard was one of the best as offering clear and concise information and they sounded one of the most educated and child friendly nurseries I had contacted. When i arrived i viewed almost 20 nursery schools!!!!! to cut a long story short i chose British orchard nursery. It is amazing, my children learned so much, all have been accepted into DESS my first choice school. The teaching staff are all fully qualified, the facilities are excellent, the extra effort and time the teachers take (Miss. Minty) in particular is 100% better than i have seen within the UK, or here. The deputy Miss. Julie and principal Miss. Debbie are so approachable and eager to offer advice and support at all costs.
        As for pushing the children?? My children are all first language English, so would relay almost a full day of what they had done on their way home.. is just unfair to say. The school definitely ‘teaches’ the children, but my 3 would drag me their on a morning!
        We love the British Orchard and can’t think of a better nursery to recommend.

        Thanks Steph

  28. Saleha says:

    Hii All,

    I am in a problem which I consider enormous. I have a kid who is 3 years and its time for him to go to a nursery but having a very, very bitter situation in a nursery earlier I am very scared of nurseries or may be my own kid. The first time i had put him in a nursery he was 1 and a half years, though too very young but it was more of his personality then his age that he caused a great deal of embarrassment for me. As he use to cry continuously for 4-5 hours, pull his hair, keep standing and refuse to interact with anyone. And some unreasonable parents wanted him to be out of the nursery. I did take him out but coz of some other reasons and after that i have never tried him in one. To be very honest I am not worried about my embarrassment but him taken as a bad boy. Besides all my efforts and tries he has become all the more difficult as he challenges authority and does not take anyone who comes in his way, always ready to fight and hit. This extremely loving at heart kid will create problems for himself which makes me sweat. Above all he would be having language barrier also which i m trying to help him with and am teaching him to understand and speak in English. I am in dire need to know about some nursery who deals with the kids with not the typical pressurizing manner but very psychologically. I just can’t imagine him to be actually taken out of a nursery or him getting suppressed in order to fix his habits. PLZ HELP.

    • pri says:

      Saleha the child is just trrying to draw attention and craving for mothers attention especially so i think u need to spend tme with him and play and nurture him.

      • Mimi says:

        That is a really uneducated response as you don’t even know this poor woman, what she is going through, her work situation or marital status! It’s hard enough being a mother and then having to hear something like that from other judgmental mothers. I have 3 kids and 1 of them is exactly like Saleha described and I treat them all the same. Each child has their own unique personality. Don’t worry Saleha. I feel you. You’re doing a great job. Never feel guilty or take advice from anyone unless they are a PROFESSIONAL. Take care

  29. shivraj says:

    I wanted to know if there is a nusery in springs meadows lakes greens for my 15 months young daughter. If not Jumeirah area is also ok to drive.

    • Kris says:

      Raffles nurseries have a group in Springs, Meadows, Lakes areas, all seem to have gained a good reputation, some are montessori some offer early years curriculum, worth a look

    • CHERYL says:

      Hi , im looking for a nursery for my 1yr 7 month old in international city.

      I would like to build a social circle for my chile so taht she can play with other kids during the evenings in international city.
      please let me know if anyone is intrested.

  30. Shahid says:

    This is in response to Saleha’s email.

    You should consult a child specialist, who can help alleviate your concerns. Most kids do hate the thought of going away from the loving and caring set up of their home. It’s normal.

    You should also try to find an institution that focuses more on child’s development through play and fun ways rather than a heavy emphasis on books and homeworks.

    I may suggest Kangaroo Kids, located in two places in Dubai. My kids loved the Kangaroo Kids in India and it seems the Dubai branch also follows the same method of learning.

    Hope this helps.

  31. Saleha says:

    Thanx a lot shahid. I definitely will go and get to know their methods and focus for child development. I really really appreciate your help.
    Lots of prayers.

  32. Vandana Thadani says:


    Any suggestions on which nursery is the best around Mankhool/ Bur Dubai Area….and mayb Jumeirah. Im looking at something reasonable and not over the top.

    Thanks for all the help.


    • Linda says:

      please check out Toddlers International Nursery near Union co-operative nearSana, Bur dubai. Its very godd Following International curriculum and very nice place with qualified teachers and all qualified staff. Worth visiting them. They also provide bus services in Ghusais and full Bur Dubai.

  33. Anitha says:

    hi all,

    Can some body tell me where exactly emirates nursery / world nursery is situated in quasis.. we are new to the country.. kindly help us..

  34. Deepal says:

    Hi all,
    I have recently come to dubai….I wanted to know if there is any nursery oe montesorri schools in the area international city coz i want to admit my son who is 26 months old…..Pls help

  35. Jason says:

    Hi All,

    Be re-locating to Dubai early next year, should be staying at The Greens.

    My son will be a 18 months old in August 2009.

    What are the Nurseries that can be considered in or around this area that provide transport as well ?

    Thank you.

  36. R.M says:


    i would like to put my daughter next year in a nursery and i live in sh.zayed road, i want to know the nearest and the best nursery please,,

    thank you

    • Linda says:

      There is one nursery coming up opp sana fashion near the union co-operative society in Bur Dubai. They have a 20,000 ft garden and have all the possible facilites for kids..They seem to be one of a kind and they r opening admissions now. They r having an early bird offer for 1st 50 kids. Their no is 050-4268983.

  37. Azim says:

    HI Anvear !!

    I am also living in AlNahda are in sharjah, did you manage to get any nursery in this area ? I also have a daughter who is 3 years of age and looking for a nursery in close by.

    • Shereen says:


      Im looking for a nursery for my 1.4 year old daughter in AL Taawun / Al Khan area, but cant seem to find any!!

      Can you pls advice if you found anny close by??

      Many thanks

  38. Azim says:

    Dear Beena,

    Did you manage to get any feedback about Little princess nursery ? I am planning to put my 3 year old daughter there. I also stays in AlNahda Sharjah. Please let me know if you manage to get any nursery close to Alnahda area.

    Waiting for your reply…

    • Poonam says:

      Hi …did u find anything for your child near greens? i have also just recently moved to greens and i want to put my 2yr old son in a nearby playschool…pls suggest.


  39. cherry anne says:


    I planning to take my daughter here next year and she will be 1 year old that time. Could you suggest any nurseries near Al Jafliya or Al Dhiyafa Road?



  40. Patel basheer says:

    sir…, I am looking for my 3 yrs old boy`s nursery admission inside deira..plz find one and reply at this contact no. 050-2546266. thank you.

  41. clair Grisdale says:

    My son is twenty months and has been attending the Little Princess Nursery In Al Qusais since October 08. He is very happy there and is attended to in a very caring and professional manner. Dont be put of by the not so modern look of the nursery as the teachers really are fab!

  42. Vandana says:


    Wanted a review on De La Salle Nusery in Mankhool area – Im planning to put my 2 and half yr old son there – is it good? Anybody from Karama area whose kids go there? Would love to connect. Also, is Dubai Gems Nursery ( on Al Wasl Rd) good?

    Would help if somebody could post a review.

  43. Vandana says:

    Hi Cherry Anne

    There are lots of Nurseries around Al Jaffliya/ Mankhool area – depending on ur budget. Ill List them below from most expensive to least –

    1. British Orchard Nursery
    2. De La Salle Montessori Nursery
    3. Little Star Nursery
    4. Art Kids Nursery

    plus im sure there are a couple more – which i may not be aware of. Hope this helps. Im sure all thier telephone numbers are listed on this site.


  44. Rachel says:

    I have 3 kids aged 8yrs, 3 yrs & 1 yrs and am looking for a babysitter in sharjah (around national paints area) or a full time maid. Please guide.

  45. Teena says:

    Hello all,

    I am looking for a baby sitter for my daughter who is 26 months old in Ghuisais… Please get in touch with me if you could produce me with any reference or contacts.

    Many thanks


  46. Hadil Kassem says:

    Hello all,

    I m looking for a nursery in Dubai for my 20 month old daughter near the place i live in which is “Alquoz” please help me find one urgently, you can contact me by e-mail,


      • Priya says:


        I am looking for a nursery in Al quoz for my 2 year old son. i live in al khail gate properties.. do reply, if you have any information

      • suhad says:

        Hi priya,
        An excellent bilingual nursery (English and Arabic) in Al Quoz is ” Kids Academy” at Dubai International School ,call on Sunday Jan. 8 ,04-3388371 .

      • Githesh says:

        Did anyone find a nursery / playschool in the locales of Al Qouz, Al Khail Gate. If so, kindly pass the info as I’m planning to send my 2 year old son

  47. Hema says:


    What is the right age at which kids are enrolled into playschool? My daughter is 16 months old. When should I go searching for one?

    Are there any suggestions for schools around Bur Dubai



    • Linda says:


    • Linda says:

      Also to add to the clarification, I was new to this site when I posted on 3rd July. I did not know that when I posted a comment it was shared by all. I thought that it would only reflect to the person you reply to so I replied to a couple of mumz and this was the reason my post kept coming up without me realising that. Wendy this is a very good sit for everybody to give their view points and nobody gets upset with anyone. Please dont make this site ugly for anyone and without knowing much to accuse anyone. Its a very wrong attitude and we all wish to bring out the best for everyones kids and not to get into an ugly and dirty thing of doing this.

  48. Vandana says:

    Hi Hema

    The parent would generally be the best person to judge the right age of the child. Is ur baby able to walk, say a few words properly?

    I personally feel, the child needs to turn 2 – before putting them into playschool – they are able to walk and communicate a lil more better – and u also feel relaxed – whereby u can actually ask ur kid – how his day has been. U get my drift?? 🙂

    But nurseries do take in kids from 1yr and above…

    There are several nurseries in Karama/ Bur Dubai/ Mankhool area – u cud take ur pick from there – nurseries and thier location are also listed on this website.

    hope this helps
    best of luck

  49. sneha says:

    Hi Hema and Darshi..

    I honestly feel, no child is too young to grasp, and earlier the the brain development is maximum in the first 5 years of a child…. The toddler/ nursery classes are very structured in good schools, and absolutely enhance the abilities of the tiny ones..

    You can chk out the other schools too in Karama/ Bur Dubai, however I would strongly recommend the British Orchard Nursery..( ph 04 3983536) It has 2 branches( BurDubai and Jumeira)

    Great website … chk out the facilities..


  50. Shivani says:


    I am looking for a nursery for my 13 months old toddler. Could u give me a list of nurseries in karama and Burdubai area.


  51. Jana says:


    Does anyone has good nursery or play school information near international city? I have 4 years old daughter. Thanks a lot in advance.

  52. Anitha says:

    Hi all

    Just want to know if the Happy Home nursery in Karama is good.. I want to admit my 2 years old son..

    Please give reviews ..


    • zini says:

      Hi anitha,

      Happy home nursery is an average one, i had put my daughter there when she was 2year n 6months. They have good play area n good teachers n they also have feild trips.The only concern was they dont allow u to go in n see ur child is doing not even on their birthdays! u just have to give them all stuff,cake n camera n still u cant be sure how it is going to be celebratd.They actually ruined my daughters birthday.U can check de la salle montessori Int nursery. its a good one u have their number is availabel on this site.All the best for ur nursery shopping.

      take care

  53. Vandana says:

    Hi Anitha

    Plz for watever reason – Do Not put ur child in Happy Home – unless u r helpless and have no other option.

    The principal there is very rude – words are less to describe her – you should ask around – u will know

    I had put my son there for a trial period of 2 weeks – I honestly decided he was better off at home rather then at that place.
    Bad Points –
    1. My son wasnt toilet trained at that time – so he wud always have a soiled diaper
    2. U cant enter the class room – at times they bring the wrong child to the door thinking he/ she belongs to u
    3. the kids dont have chairs to sit

    I can continue…..I will stop here

    take care

  54. Lakshmi says:


    My son is 28 months now.So can anyone of you please help me out as i would like to know about the World Nursery & Little princess Nursery in Qusais.I got to know about these from this site itself but still wanted to know how good they are .. Any suggestions too on the best nursery at Qusais,Dubai.

    Creative Mumz is doing a great job !!!! The best one for all parents to discuss.

  55. Purvi says:

    Hi..I have a 10 month old daughter and am looking for a good nursery cumdaycare centre for her. I live in Bur Dubai and work in World Trade Centre Area…can someone recommend a place? I need longer hours since I work from 8:30-6pm. I have heard of Kids Talent Centre – can someone give a review of the place?

  56. Mokshda says:

    My son is 18 months old and i want to put him in a day care.
    I live in in abu hail area ( near sana, babyshop, dubai bank or century mall ). I am new in dubai and need to put my child immediately. Can anybody help

  57. Ninju says:

    My son is 3 yrs old and i want to put him in a play school.
    I live in discovery gardens jebel ali area .I am new in dubai and need to put my child immediately. Can anybody suggest me nearby playschools.pls help

  58. Jay says:

    “Hope Montessori Nursery & Day Care”

    Please does anyone knows about this nursery….can anybody highlight its general review….

    Kindly Help…

    • deepa says:

      Hi Jay , please let me know if you find any information on Hope Montessori . i also need to put my daughter.

      kindly heply

      • Jay says:

        hi thr,

        well i had seen this place…i was only interestd to hv my daughter thr as it was walkg distance to our house…i really cannot judge hope montessori as my daughter was nt been really been put thr….but atlast i had my naughty one in little star nursery….her progress was good & i can without reservation recommend you it….Jay

  59. Faiyza says:

    Dear Saleha,

    I can understand what you are going thru. Nursery is not always necessary. Its his first school , what matters. So just try to calm him down. Dont pressurize on him. He is too small to understand that. Home is the first school. so you have to start from the home. first teach him to smile. dont let him cry or get angry, calm him down with a sweet smile, hug and kisses. He want to be secure first. tell him your school stories and how you used to enjoy those days. Talk to him. Dont give him anything while crying, tell him to ask you with a smile and use words “please” to ask anything. Just calm down his angers and avoid too much chocolates.
    Hope i helped you.

  60. Faiyza says:

    Dear Saleha,

    I dont recommend you on going to a child’s specialist.
    Every child behaves the same and its up to u to take control of it by giving security to him. Dont give up so easily. He must feel accepted in his home by the way he is and changing him towards a better attitude by working and changing on our attitude. Give your child more time, affection , get close to him, ask him whats preventing him to go to nursery and take a solution for it. by providing him more love.
    It is important not to tag him as a “Different Child”.

  61. Indira says:

    Dear Mumz
    My daughter is 14 months old and actually loves kids and being around with kids. She is also very easy to handle – not the cranky types. I wanted her to start having some fun and be with kids her own age (more or less) and was hoping to start her somewhere close to the Deira / Riqqa Road / Muraqqabat area for around 2 hrs each day.
    Can someone PLEASE help me and give me some informtion/feedback on this request.
    I have looked up Tiny Tots and am also considering looking up the Primary Nursery. I quite liked Tiny Tots – any feedback / comments on this. The trouble with these options are the logistics to get to the place and back. Any alternative suggestions are so welcome.
    Thanks…hoping for a reply soon

    • KS says:

      Hi There

      was searching the net,looking for a playschool for my 2 year old daughter close to deira/riqqa road/muraqqabat and saw this message.Was wondering which school you finally put your daughter in and any suggestions.

  62. Abie says:

    Could anybody give me a review with regard to Kids Talent Nursery please as i need to put my son 3.3 years – just to get the hang of school environmnet as he would be starting full fledged school from Sept. 09.

    Aslo anybody heard of little steps nursery – review on this please.

    Thanks a lot and appreciate a reply to this.

  63. Ria says:


    i saw this nursery in the internet. it is located in china cluster international city. it is called Kids World Nursery. any feedback? i am planning to enroll my 21 month old daughter this summer.


  64. Usha says:

    I am planning to work, i have two kids , elder one goes to school and she is 6 year old and my younger one is 2 year old .

    Kindly suggest a good creche in and around AL-BUSTAN or Emirates driving institute, Al Quasis area on an urgent basis.


  65. Nireesh says:

    Hai everyone.

    My daughter is 2 1/2 years old and we are staying between Almulla Plaza and century mall.

    Kindly advise me a good playschool near by my area


  66. Keerti says:


    Have gone through all the comments. Creativemumz is doing a wonderful job.

    My daughter is 14 months old and loves socializing. I would like her to interact with other children of her age. We stay near Al Nahda Park. Please advise on the nurseries in this area- Dubai Qusais is not a problem either. Can you please post a review on Little Princess nursery or Al Salam nursery and their contact details as well?

  67. Kavitha says:

    Hi Keerti,

    I am also living in Al Nahda area near the park. And my daughter is 15 months old. I am also on the look out for a good nursery for her , as I feel she needs to start interacting with kids. Right now she does not have that opportunity.

    Let me know, maybe we can set a play time for the two.

    My id is Hoping to hear from you..

  68. Minnie says:

    Would anyone have an idea on the New Dubai Nursery-Mankhool and De la SalleMontessori-Bur Dubai ?

    Thanks, Minnie

  69. Vandana says:

    Hi Minnie

    De La Salle Montessori is good…but the only thing is – you will end up in losing huge amount of money if you dont plan well – I will explain –
    1. The Nursery year is Sept – June/July. Hence they charge an annual fee of AED 2500/- per annum. So, if you happen to put ur child in say April; u will pay the annual fee; and again in september, u will be asked to pay the sum 2500/- !!! Because the annual year would begin.

    2. Again, since the year is from Sept – June; if u happen to enroll ur child in the middle of a semester (example February) – you will again pay late entry fees. So they will charge you a percentage of the full year; whihc will be more than a semester fee (approx AED 5k)

    I have literally been there several times – do your calculations – and ask a lot of questions. Ask them wat if i start my kid from December…see wat they say.

    The nursery is expensive…but if u start ur kid from Sept…then its fine, otherwise..believe me u will end up paying AED 12,000 for a semester.

    Do your calculations …and judge for yourself.

    Have you heard of Little Star Nursery – in Jafflia – near the Immigration Office – thats a nice place – no hidden costs.

    Best of Luck

  70. Vandana says:

    Dear Abie

    Kids Talent Center/Nursery (in Karama) is good – I have also enrolled my child there for a month…and since you are putting your child only for a short period – its convenient and worth it.

  71. Minnie says:

    Vandana ,
    Thank you so much infact I have landed up doing just that paid like 3300/- a month(incl. transport) for 2 months now at De La Salle the reason being I really liked everything else compared the nurseries I saw in that area….but then the amount was getting on to me compared to the activities and thaught is it really worth so thaught of taking second opinion.

    Little Star has a good principal but other than that it looks very sad I felt . Although, I am sure the teachers are good but the overall look of place and teachers kept me from going there, so i chose De La Salle knwoing I am paying a lot but now I am thinkiing again as Summer term starts so want to try a good nursery with nominal fees till August and then maybe De La Salle again or a school from Sept. as my son is 3 now.

    New Dubai Nursery ….I liked the infrastructure, some teachers I saw are smiling, classes look bright but the the headmistress oh god ! no comments.

    Planning to check out Apple International and also Kids Talent as you’ve mentioned.

    Thanks once again your feedback really helped.

  72. Vandana says:

    Hey Minnie

    Most welcome…hehe I have really researched all nurseries upside down…

    Kids Talent – I dont think u will find it suitable – it is not an open area – it is a closed apartment converted into nursery/ day care. For a temp period – it is ok. If u want ur child to have an outside play area – thn u will have to find another nursery. (Altho the nursery has lotsa kids enrolling)

    British Orchard Nursery – jus behind de la salle – have u tried that…its excellent..but same rules apply with regards to fees, term dates etc. U end up paying abt 2k per month for a 3day a week class.

    Little Star – I know – the first and second look puts u off…but well I heard good reviews from several mothers in my building….the staff there were really pleasant…


    • Sakshi Talwar says:


      U have made our lives easier….its like we have got the butter without efforts….

      Thanks so much


  73. Faiyza says:

    I have seen a lot of people are seeking info on nursery near al nahda. I will suggest them al khan nursery and bluebell nursery, which is in al khan, very near to al nahda. Most of the children in bluebell and alkhan nursery are from al nahda and taawun.

  74. Sagarika says:

    i will be moving to dubai in june 09 and will likely stay somewhere near the marina.i need to find a good nursery for my 27 month old son.i have read a lot about long waiting lists and such on various forums.also are there any nurseries attached to schools?are there different minimum age rules between the american/british schools and the indian ones?from what i have read i understand admission to kg1 is at 4 years in the former and at 3 years in the latter.anything i can do beforehand to ensure a comfortable admission in a good school like the american school for my son?any inputs will be highly appreciated.

  75. Hanan says:

    Hi All,

    Can anyone tell if the Yellow Brick Road Nursery in Garhoud is any good or any reviews about the nursery.


  76. Asif Khan says:


    I am looking for my 27 months daughter a nursery somewhere in Al Quoz area or very close.

    if there is anything please let me know i am looking for something in indian style.

    Asif Khan

  77. Mala says:

    Hi All,
    My girl is 2 years and 2month and am looking around for a good nursery for her. Appreciate if I could be given a review on Little Princess & World nursery in Qusais.
    I am looking for a place where kids can play in the open and emphasis is given on developing their skills while at the same time attention is given on enhancing their learning ability..

  78. Sands says:


    I am also interested in knowing more about the Little Princess , World nursery and Love and Care nursery for my 2 year old son.

  79. Mohammad says:

    Dear All,
    I want to draw your attention all that Montessori Dubai Nursery that located in Jumeirah Road/Dubai, United Arab Emirates is a fake nursery.
    I registered my son there and this is unfortuanetly….
    Now they are closed and got the money from alot of people and disappear.
    the manager there is the snake.
    if you need more information don’t hastitate to contact me.

  80. Mohammad says:

    Dear All,
    I want to draw your attention all that Montessori Dubai Nursery that located in Jumeirah Road/Dubai, United Arab Emirates is a fake nursery.
    I registered my son there and this is unfortuanetly….
    Now they are closed and got the money from alot of people and disappear.
    the manager there is the snake.
    if you need more information don’t hastitate to contact me.
    Also, you can now check if it is open or not, it is closed since 2 months and thier emplyees need thier salaries since more than 3 months, try to call thier telephon number and you’ll find it disconnected to avoid the students parents claims.
    the nursery land line is 04 395 5788.
    God bless all from these fake people

  81. Melinda says:

    Dear all,

    I’m just into hype that school admission in dubai is based on lottery system, is it true??

    I’m just getting to curious to know more on this, is it only followed in some schools or with particular syllabus, somebody please enlighten me.


  82. sumaiya says:

    I am a web developer working from home by baby is 9 months old. I need to know if there is a nursery i can accompany my child.

    I want a place where i can work on PC while my child is like playing, socializing like in my presence.

    Is there any nursery that allows such a scenario preferably in Qusais.

    I am desperate any body who can be of any help pls contact me on my email id

  83. Romy says:

    Hi to all

    I m really impressed with my child progress growth and with intelligence in Little Wings international nursery Jumeriah and with their excellent knowlodge of teacking and taking care of my child.

    If anyone really wants excellent caring of child i will advise pls visit Little Wings International Nursery 04-3490553.

    Gloss bless mangement of LWIN.

    Regds to all,

    • Malika says:

      Hi Romy

      I am evaluating Little Wings International. quite liked the place. i think the child should be very comfortable and happy there

      how old is your child?

      My child is 20 months old


    • Shereen says:

      Excellent nursery! My child still goes to Little Wings, and she is extremely happy and so am I, as I am updated with every little thing my child does over there.

      The staff are very proffessional, knowledgable and extremely friendly. You dont need to worry about your child as the manager of the nursery is a Child Psyhcologist herself and makes everything easier for you.

      I would highly recommend it to anyone.

      • Rabbia says:

        My daughter has been going to Little Wings for the past one year. I am very happy about it as well. Good nursery for sure 🙂

  84. Rupali says:


    I found this websbite very informative.
    I am looking for day care centres in knowledge village area or locations closer by.Can someone please help.

    Regards to all


  85. Azim says:

    HI !!

    Can any one tell me how is Cambridge International School ( Gems) Garhood.

    I want to admit my daughter their !! Need you reviews…



  86. shilpi says:


    I am looking for a playgroup school for my daughter who is 2.5yrs old for 3 months as we are here on a visit visa. We are in Al Quasis. Can u help me find one.


  87. vimala says:

    Hi shilpi

    My neighbours daughter is going to the world nursery just opposite to al bustan centre(back of union co-op).she told that the nursery is very good and they take care of the kids very well.Even i planned to put my son in that nursery,since we are moving to karama I am looking for a good nursery in karama.
    One more nursery in quasis is little prince nursery near al twar centre.I heard that is also good.



  88. Sands says:

    Hi shilpi,

    Kidsmate early learning center is close to NMC hospital, qusais. they take kids from 1 year onwards. Chek out for the website
    Another one is al salam nursery in al nahda , dubai (that too near NMC). i have heard that these two are good.

  89. Chulani says:

    Hi , I am looking for a good nursery nearby. We live in Gardens, Jabel Ali. Son is 2.2 years old and too much attached to me. So need a nursery with a family atmosphere where he can get so much of love. Thanks and looking forward eargerly for an immediate response.

    • Sonika Swami says:

      Hi Chulani,

      Did you zero upon any nursery? I have a son (3.5) and daughter (2.0) years and i am also searching good nursery for them around Discovery Gardens-Mall of Emirates.

      Sonika Swami

  90. Jessica says:

    Hi , We are serching for a good nursery with a homely environment for our 2 years old son. We need the nursery to provide transport and to love the kid so he would not miss the home much so can get settled for being so much attached to me. Preferred a near one to Jabel Ali. Thanks.


  91. Vandana says:

    Hi Jessica

    can u explain what is wrong with British Orchard Nursery…I have heard it is really nice..wat problems did u face?? Please share. Thanks

    • Linda says:

      Hi..I have also faced a lot ofproblem and so have my friends, The teachers r not looking after the kids as they r suppose to. The toilets are very dirty and the kidsr reallypressurised a lot..We all have removed our kids from British Orchard nursery

      • Kimaya says:

        I have had kid in British Orchard Nursery for more than 2yrs and they have the best teachers the place is nice and kids learn so much and are happy. Before this school start my older kid went to a jumeirah nursery that was more money more driving and my kid didnt even learn colors by the end. British Orchard has good reputation good happy kids and Im happy with it and my kid now can speak the best english, she is even now telling me the way to say things and so i deisagree with your comments and feel it is sad that you want to say bad things for this school. is the lady wendy right that you are from that new school because i think a school who has to damage the competiton with saying bad things is got nothing good to show themselves. i also see you dont say good for Art kid and that is a differant type of school for different parents, not my chioice but why do you say bad for any school except one that didnt open or have any hiostory to show?

      • Linda says:

        This is just a opinion that all are giving for all mumz and its just not me there are a few more parents talking badly about a few schools including these names but again there is a mixed opinion about all. I have not experienced anything with this new school but would advise all to just have a look at it as the staff are very polite to talk to and I have nothing to do with that nursery. The facitlities and quality they are offering for the price is good. I have nothing against any nursery but its just to recommend something. I have personally gone to Artkid and have seen the way the kids have beed left unattended and crying. IThere are so many mumz sayin it on the site as well but why is it upsetting you when I am saying about British Orchard. I am very regular on this site and would like to suggest whats is best for all. Should I say that you and Wendy are also a part of British Orchardanf this is why you both are fuming and being so supportive about it. I smell some rats somewhere..This is just a site to give you opinion and discuss not to argue and accuse or blame ayone.

      • Linda says:

        This is just a opinion that all are giving for all mumz and its just not me there are a few more parents talking badly about a few schools including these names but again there is a mixed opinion about all. I have not experienced anything with this new school but would advise all to just have a look at it as the staff are very polite to talk to and I have nothing to do with that nursery. The facitlities and quality they are offering for the price is good. I have nothing against any nursery but its just to recommend something. I have personally gone to Artkid and have seen the way the kids have beed left unattended and crying. IThere are so many mumz sayin it on the site as well but why is it upsetting you when I am saying about British Orchard. I am very regular on this site and would like to suggest whats is best for all. Should I say that you and Wendy are also a part of British Orchardanf this is why you both are fuming and being so supportive about it. I smell some rats somewhere..This is just a site to give you opinion and discuss not to argue and accuse or blame anyone.

      • Linda says:

        Dear Kimaya,
        I have also suggested a few good schools like Kangaroo kids and Yellow bricks nursery. The best nursery in town is Childrens Oasis. They are good ones and there are many people here with us commenting on all different schools some good and some bad opinions but well these are just opinions but all mumz have to finally go and see what is best for their child. I am only promoting that new school cause I have gone and seen it with my own eyes and seen the pricing is very good for what they have to offer. I am active on this site and will reccomend what ever is best for all mumz. Please ask Heena as she has the same opinion for Artkid. and also 2 more mumz who have given their opinions for British Orchard. Why dont you also ask them about it as they have expereinced it. And you seem to be a silent and smart marketing person and promoter for British Orchard. Its really sad anyone to accuse someone else as we all are here to suggestand all are free to give their opinions to all. Then its each ones call to go and see the nurseries and decide..

      • Linda says:

        I am only suggesting to few parents who would like to know to view the new school as they have lots to offer for the price cause lots of parents areasking for good school with a good price so this was my only reason. Please note that these are only recomendations and suggestions not something anyone is sure of. One can be sure only once the school starts but they are now having an early bird offer for first 50 kids this is the only reason. Please stop accusing as this is a very good site for discussions and suggestions and dont take things so negatively as noone here has any motive as you can see that all are giving their opinions and suggestions some can be good and some can be bad.

      • Nikki says:

        Hi Linda

        You seem such an expert so I hope you dont mind me asking your advice. We are in Arabian Ranches and the 2 local nurseries are totally full and booked. Do you know of any nurseries around the silicon oasis area/ nad al sheba? We drive to Repton on the Emirates road every morning from Arabian Ranches.

        Kind Regards,


  92. shipra says:

    we are staying in discovery gardens. I have a daughter who is 5 years going to school and a son who will turn 3 this october. I would like to know names of nursery’s who provide
    tranportation pick and drop. Or any nice day care of babby sitter around this place. pls reply



  93. Minnie says:

    Hi, Anyone heard of Blossom and Kensington Nursery any feedback? Also do you’ll know of any good summer camps for 3 yrs old?

  94. Santie says:

    The list seems very good, one suggestion would be to list them into areas or add the areas they are situated in, to their names as newcomers are not familiar with it.
    I am looking for a good nursery near Arabian Ranches.
    My son is turning 3 in June. Also perhaps a good summer school program?


  95. sneha says:

    Hi Momz ( Jessica, Vandana , vimala, Minnie, Santie…

    I strongly recommend the British Orchard Nursery, for its world class nursery experience, and summer camp facilities for children.

    U could check out the BurDubai( Mankool) and Jumeira Beach Road( Um suqueim 1) Branches…, or visti their nursery site, for a detailed insight..

    They have CCTV and are definately child friendly , with great facilities and offer utmost care, and are Surely not rigid with unwarranted rules hampering children..

    I also have just found out that they are having a great Gym/ Fitness club offering gymnastics/ fun exercizes and dance etc..for children through out summer…

  96. Sandra says:

    Hello Momz,

    Artkidz nursery in mankool area, does any moms have reviews of it, im planning to enroll my daughter into it…

    please suggest…or even something better??

    Love all,


    • Linda says:


      • zini says:

        hi linda

        You seem so expert on nurseries can u advice me if u dont mind.My daughter is 3years n 4months N as per rules she has to be 4 for her admission in KG 1.she’ll be 4 next year june but the admissions start in jan so she wont be able to join.I want to know if there r nurseries with KG 1 or equialant.N if they have tie ups with any school so that there should be no problem to admit her KG2.I m so worried as her almost one year will be wasted.Please advice.


    • Heena says:

      Dear Sandra,
      Pls do not go for Art kid nursery in Mankhool..It is just not good for kids Believe me I joined this nursery along with my son. I mean i took a job there and left my son in the nursery in the same place thinking i wuld be close to my son, never mind compromising my career. I saw them treating kids very badly. One staff managed to hit the child. That child cried badly.Manager Ms Nilofer is worst of her kind, non co-operative and very rude.I am shocked how the nursery is running under her supervision.Pls donot risk ur child there. I took the wise decision and did not turn back.

      • Linda says:

        DEAR HEENA,

      • Artkid Nursery says:

        Dear Heena,

        Well, I had not visited this site before, but now while I was reading thru, I did come across this mail.
        First of all you must not write half information. You must be very clear when u write. Since you had come for a job, you were not doing what you were expected to. You asked for a chance even though u had no experience( taking tutions at home does not count as teaching experience) and that was given to you. You (brought ur kid along and u) were asked to handle the class along with the assistant who was with you. But instead you left the class that u were asked to take care and went and sat down with ur own child in a different class.
        Do not write wrong things. I understand u were upset becos u were not given a job but it does not mean that u write like this. I am sure any other nursery also would do the same as Ms.Nilofer. She asked u to leave as u were not doing ur job as a teacher the first day, how would u perform later?There was no rudeness involved, if u would have stayed and continued it would have been a waste of time of urs. U neither had any experience nor qualification. We still have ur cv with us and can put it on the site. Hope all will agree with this ! Its not right to write these kind of comments on any nursery, becos u didn’t get the job.
        Also I have only read about a few nurseries………, looks like people are promoting the nurseries on this site. I am sure there are about more than ……hundred nurseries in Dubai, what about them????
        Anyone can write a positive or a negative comment about the nursery and it will be taken by the rest of the parents. I can sit down and write positive and all good comments about the nursery by different names and people will believe it!!!! I dont think its right.

  97. zeenath says:


    Kid’s Mate Early Learning Center is a good nursery located in Al Nahda,Dubai. My little girl used to go there.

  98. Sonika Swami says:

    Hi Mumz,

    Can any one of you suggest good reasonable nursery with two way tpt facility for my son (3.5) & dotr (2.0). We stay in DG (Discovery Gardens) and targeting area from DG to Mall of emirates.

    I would appreciate to get early valuable advise from you creative & mumz!

    Sonika Swami

      • Sakshi Talwar says:

        Hi Vandana

        Its been an hour now and i am busy reading the reviews and experiences of all Mumz..the most of the them are yours and must say ,thanks for your time and energy .U have made our task easier by sharing your experiences.

        I am in Mankhool area and have now atleast zeroed down to few names .
        Keep sharing….u came as a blessing in disguise to me honestly



      • Linda says:

        Dear Wendy, I dont need to mislead anyone as I have been told by a few mums about British Orchard. I have personally been to this new school and seen the school and met all the staff. They are superb. I dont care about which one is better but just bringing giving my opinions as all are free to give theri views and why are you getting so upset and being so supportive about British Orchard..Cause looks like you are marketing them and promoting them more than I am doing for the new nursery. I would advise you to please go and have a look at the new nursery and then compare it to any of the schools in the near by area. Then you will know why am I talking about it so highly..

      • Linda says:

        I can highy suggest Kangaroo kids and is a very good nursery. They have 2 branches one in Burj Dubai and Umm Suqueim..24,000 sq ft outdoor play area and I have gone and seen it personally. Very good and highly recoomended..

    • rakhee says:

      did u get any nusery at silicon oasis.. even iam looking out for one for my 1 year old son. can you please tell me if u found something

    • wendy says:

      Hi Pooja and Prafulla,

      Have you checked out the British Orchard Nursery in Mankool, Bur Dubai? Its got great facilities, follows the British Curriculum, and has a full fledged childrens fitness centre… A themed summer camp going on as well..You can call on 04-3983536, or visit

  99. Linda says:

    Hi Vimala. I called this new nursery that is coming up around the corner of sana fashion, near union co-operative society in bur dubai. Its called Toddlers international nursery and they have all the facilities and they r having a 20,000 sq ft play area and they r having early bird offer 1st 50 kids r going to be eligible for this. No 050-4268983.
    Please dont ever put ur child in Orchard.British

  100. Prafulla says:

    Dear mums,

    my daughter is 21 months old and lacks company of kids of her age in the building, I stay, and she is getting bored at home. we are planning to put her in a nursery, where she will interact with other kids and develop her personality. but at the same time, we are not sure that whether at 21 months, is it too early to send her to a nursery or wait till she is atleast 2 or 2.5.

    i have visited some nurseries in bur dubai/ mankhool area. please provide me reviews about Art kids nursery, little star nursery [behind dubai immigration] and new dubai nursery.

    please help asap.


  101. wendy says:

    Hi Pooja and Prafulla,

    Have you checked out the British Orchard Nursery in Mankool, Bur Dubai? Its got great facilities, follows the British Curriculum, and has a full fledged childrens fitness centre… A themed summer camp going on as well..You can call on 04-3983536, or visit

  102. wendy says:


    Why do you keep saying British Orchard Nursery is bad!! Are you biased towards this school? And why do you keep promoting The new school opposite Sana signal?? When it has still not started! That’s all that you’ve done in your links! And You have replied to all posts on July 3rd, like a mass reply, MARKETING this new school in Mankool which has not even started!! You are even criricizing ART KID!! how come your child went to both the schools?! that you have so much negative feed back about 2 Mankool schools. Are you doing negative publicity?!

    All our friends/family children have gone to the British Orchard for the past years, and I believe the quality of child care they offer is astounding! They have all the facilities of pool, racing track, cookery room, library, small worlds area, ball pool/ soft play , to name a few.. and have also started a children’s fitness centre..

    The place is absolutely beautiful, and clean .. They have CCTV , and all parents can watch them, so they have nothing to hide!!

    I request you not to mislead moms!

    Did your child go there? If so when, and on what basis are you basing your allegations on! Am sure the school can clarify it..


  103. Cheryl says:

    Dear Moms,

    I completely agree with Wendy about British Orchard Nursery, a great place for a ealry child to start off, but all that is good has a price, so this nursery is the “Best” if you are ready to spend good enough.

    Art Kid & Little star both by fees wise are same, activities wise i had seen more in little star & all staff thr pay full attention to every child.

    Now rest decision lies to you, i would say dont decide by reviews made here as each one is sharing information based only on their personal review & considering their own child & fees budget.

    I hope you all agree….

    Many Thanks,


    • Linda says:

      I totally agree with Cheryl. That this is all just information shared by all and each one has different to say. Finally all parents must visit the school and see for themselves for which one will be the best for their child.To speak highly about a particular school does not mean that I am promoting it. Itsjust what I felt, I shared it which must not be taken negatively and must just be taken as a recomendation not a final decision.

  104. Zoe says:

    Hi, after reading through nearly all of these posts it is pretty obvious that Linda is the (really bad) marketing manager for Toddlers International in Mankhool. Considering the school isn’t open yet she has a really informed opinion and I think it is disgusting how she is bad mouthing the competition. I have received many recommendations for the British Orchard Nursery and I have already registered both of my children for September.
    I also went to Artkids and it was nice enough but not exactly what I was looking for.

    Just because of ‘Linda’, I would never ever think of sending my children to Toddlers International.

    • Linda says:

      Hi Zoe..I am not marketing theschool as I have nothing to do with that school. I know of of the teachers there called Carolina. She is really good and I myself am an educationalist. I have just understood the method that they will follow and found that very good. And to add to that I have no personal interest with that school, its just that I went and saw the school and is really big and nice. One must appreciate that and being an educationalist myself, I will love to promote any and every school that is a good one..

    • heta says:

      hi zoe,
      I would like to know about good nursery in mankhool/karama area (or preferably near metro station if in jafliya)
      I would like to know when you say Artkids is nice but not what you were looking for (I saw similar opinion of other moms) so what’s that? and how Artkid is somehow different then others in that respect.

      I will be visiting few nurserys such as Artkid, little star etc. next week and would like to know your detailed opinion of each good nursery you know about.

      I welcome opinions of all moms on this.
      Thanks a lot

  105. Hala says:

    I must agree with Zoe and Wendy about the extremely obvious marketing of Linda for Toddlers International Nursery. I live nearby the area and since the nursery only started painting their walls about 2 weeks ago, I’m positive that nobody knows so thouroughly about the facilities, attitude of teachers or is able to have any ‘trustworthy’ opinion about the nursery.

    My child has been with the British Orchard Nursery for the past year in Nursery class and I am very happy with the school. The staff are friendly, they are very cautious in relation to child safety and care and I am always updated on the progress of my child and how he is doing during the day. I have also tried the new Gym club they have started and my son now comes home all excited and doing rolie polies around the house!

    Besides this, the school provides you with a full progress report of your child at the end of the school year which is really helping me with applying for a primary school for him next year!

    • Linda says:

      Dear Hala,
      I am not doing any marketing for anyone. Like I had mentioned before, I have bben to that school for my childs admission and got every detailed information from them. I am a very fussy mother and extremely particular where I will put my child. Also having the education background I got to the bottom of what they will teach. I can vouch for a few nurseies like Kangaroo kids, childrens oasis, yellow bricks, emirates british. Not that I have anything to do with them but I will love to promote good schools no matter even if thats a new one, I am only talking highly about them cause of the effort they are putting n and all these schools deserve it..

      • Hala says:


        I have read your other comments as well and am sure that the people that are offended and upset in regards to your comments about British Orchard Nursery are reacting because either their child goes there or used to go there and they have had great experience – not because they are promoting the school. The nursery has already built up its reputation that is well known around Dubai. These people are here to share their experience, unlike you who, after all these comments, suddenly started promoting other nurseries too. You seem to just go around seriously badmouthing some nurseries and heavily promoting others.

        One of my colleagues went to Toddlers International a few weeks ago and was not impressed. I personally do not know as I have no reason to look for a nursery for my son, but I do know that one who has not EXPERIENCED something cannot JUDGE it’s excellence. Nobody has yet experienced Toddlers International as it is not open yet, hence no comments can be given so far as they have not had the chance yet to prove themselves.

        I am sure there are other great nurseries within Dubai but to each his own preference.

      • Linda says:

        Dear Hala and other moms who are offended,
        I would like to apologize if I have offended anyone. It is an opinion and really dont think anyone must take it so negatively. It is out of experience and things can happen for 1 in many. As noone is perfect. I too have a child and feel the same for you all do. Honestly, I dont know about the future of this new school but as I have put in all my posts that it seems to be nice for the facilities they are providing for the price. After a few months my family is moving from Bur Dubai and I am planning to put my child in Chidrens Oasis. Unfortunately, they are full. I have nothing for or against any nursery. If I dont like the new school, I would be writing in details about them too, let it be a positive or negative one. I am not favouring any school and for all parents, you all must know what is the best for your child as this site is just based on opinions. Each one to its own and you are the best judge for yourself.

  106. Ahmed says:


    what do u say for british orchid nursery that rules they cant bear?
    That not ever happen, my 2 son go there at first only speak arabic now in english.
    They love to playing there, everyday they the 1 who pull me from the bed to go!

    if that the case talk 2 da principal nd she can explain u for small childrens.

    They are the number 1. or else why i wud put my kids

  107. Lisa says:

    Hi All…
    I agree I think that Linda obviously works for Toddlers International in Mankhool and is obviously doing a very bad promoting job for the school as in regards for competition. I went to visit Toddlers international to see about enrolling my child there and to be quite honest the school is an absolute shambles, it is very small, there was nothing but paint on the walls and to be honest it didnt have that warming feeling and they only have 10 children admitted, I would definently not be enrolling my child in that school. I then went on round the corner 5 minutes and found The British Orchard Nursery, now this school on the other hand was outstanding. Its everything a mother could want as in childcare for their children. It was a beautiful school very bright and warm and inviting. I took a tour around the school and i was amazed by the sizes on the classrooms and how clean the school was. I met with some teachers and they were very helpful and pleasent. They even have a brilliant summer club scheme that was going on when I visited and they have a Gym for the kids, i find this truely amazing. The first time I visited I enrolled my child straight away. I advise all moms out there if you are looking for the perfect school then THE BRITISH ORCHARD NURSERY is the one for you!!!!

    Lisa x

    check their website

    • Linda says:

      Dear Lisa,
      This is your personal opinion and I am not saying that you are promoting a particular school but rather appreciate that you are appreciating the school if you like it. I have admitted my child in Toddlers International and by no means it is small. It has a huge garden. I met the principal as well who is a very nice lady with a lot of experience. Like I have mentioned thethat I have an educational background and go to the depth and details of the research i do. If you are promoting a school that does not mean you have to be linked to it. I have been promoting it cause they deserve it for the work they are dong and I am sure they will keep up to the quality. These are just suggestions that dont need to be taken so strongly and negatively.

    • Linda says:

      Dear Lisa,
      I am not offending anyone but again this was your opinion. I have enrolled my child and I dont think that it is small as it hasa beautifuloutdoor area of almost 20,000 sq ft. To add to that if there are 10 children it is nothing wrong as it is a new one coming up and take it positively that maybe my child gets more attention. Yes, I do agree with you that I dont know about how it will be as we need to test it but the way the principal and staff were very nice and sounded very positive to me. I have enrolled my child and will surely share my experience with all. My posts kept showing a number of times is cause I was new and was not aware of it being seen to all I was ony replying to all who were asking me for a school with good pricing in that location. And being a mother I will always feel good wherever my child will be hapy and would promote any school if they are good.

  108. Sakshi Talwar says:

    Thanks for the personalised info from all of you.
    I am just 15 days old in Dubai and have been hunting to get info on good nursuries in Mankhool area..

    Pl keep giving more info if any ont he same..
    Thanks again

  109. Lisa says:

    I strongly advise The British Orchard Nursery in Mankhool. Its the best nursery I have visited in Dubai so far, I fell in love with the school as soon as I saw it.
    Visit their website

    Lisa x

  110. Nada says:


    check out German nursery in Academic city, they have half day nursery.

    There is also Kids Worls Inernational (KWI) nursery in China cluster in International City, as u can read in above posts. But i seen the place and did not like it.

  111. Yolanda says:

    Thank you Nada.
    My son is two years old. I search the nursuries for him . and It’s very difficult to make decide .

    • Affsal says:

      hi Yolanda,

      I have found 2 nurseries in Ghusais area who are pretty good and have transportation to International City.

      Love and Care 04-2612117
      Little Princess -04-2634666

    • Affsal says:

      hi Yolanda,

      I have found 2 nurseries in Ghusais area who are pretty good and have transportation to International City.

      Love and Care 04-2612117
      Little Princess -04-2634666

      Hope this would be helpful to all residents in International City looking for a decent nursery for their kids.

      • doaa says:

        not good not good not good ..
        my son fell down and they didn t tell me , after 2 days i saw his chin became blue and i felt some bruises and the dr told me for sure he fell down and it was so bad , when i asked them they denied and they said maybe it happened when no one was watching!

        Also he used to come back his lunch book looks like rubbish!

  112. mu'ad says:

    Dear Friends :
    i have akind 13 months age , and im looking for anursery in alnahdah dubai , alkhan – sharjha or in silicon oasis dubai , pls advise me ,


  113. Yolanda says:

    is anyone have idea about Smart Children’s Nursery?
    one of my friends said it’s a good Nursery.I hope someone can give more information for it.
    thank you

    • Shanti says:

      Hi Yolanda.

      My child is attending that nursery. I am very unhappy and i am for sure not the only one.
      Nannys dont get paid. Unprofessional informations. Fee structure getting changed all the time. Head mistress is very rude and discussing with a lot of parents. You get school letters written in hand full of mistakes.
      She didnt pay summer teachers.
      Last week i found 1 nanny looking after 9 children at the age of 2-3 and 4 nannys cleaning one toilet.
      But for mentioning that I was told that they are grown ups (THEY ARE 2) and that i interfear with things i shouldnt be interfearing with.
      Belive me when i say that your child will be better where there is structure and nannys that actually get their salary so they can buy food.
      I hope you didnt place your child there. We are taking him out by dec when we leave but i wish i could do it now.

  114. Nada says:

    I am also in the process of selecting good nursery for my daughter (1.5y), it is veryyyy difficult…..

    PLease let me know on Emerald City Nursery in jumeirah… any experience with this nursery?

  115. Sakshi Talwar says:

    Hi Moms of Mankhool Area

    My final shortlist is for British Orchard and De La Salle ..Pl pl suggest few more in case any in this radius so that i dont miss out on something better …

    Need to close it this week.


    • Vandana says:

      Hi Sakshi

      Thanks for ur comment :).

      I think you have zeroed in on the 2 best nurseries around mankhool area. Look no further…u’ll probably end up getting even more confused. If u want to add another one to the list; then may I suggest – Little Star Nursery. (Not sure if it will be to ur liking).
      So depending on ur budget, proximity, and look/feel of nursery…i guess the order wud be –
      1. British Orchard
      2. De La Salle
      3. Little Star

      All the best. tc

      • Sakshi Talwar says:

        Thanks Vandy..

        if u r in the same area,which i understand u r …lets meet up…infact i really thot of this as a meeting platform for all the moms of the same area…atleast a common topic to talk and loads of learning too……

        what say?


    • Vandana says:

      hey Sakshi

      Wud be nice to meet up with moms and kids of same age group…are u anywhere close to karama/ Bur Dubai…Burjuman? U can catch me at

      Im sure mums in the same area wud luv to meet up…

      • Sakshi Talwar says:

        Hi Vandana

        Missed out your message …..sorry..
        Have just mailed u …

        Take care

    • Linda says:

      Dear Sakshi and Vandana,
      I too live in that area and will be moving after a few months. We can meet up with all our children maybe at BurJuman. It will be great.

  116. Kiran says:

    Hi Friends,

    Iam living in National Paints area and start working bur dubai . please help me about some good Nursery or good learning center for my 3 year baby that also have a day care in evening . My route in morning is by emirates road to airport tunnel alkhail road and then burdubai . … please help something good on the way.

    • Rachel says:

      Hi Kiran,

      Unfortunately there are no much options in National Paints Area, as I live there too and have struggled a lot for places to put my kids too .

      Try Kidsmate in Al Ghusais, which I feel is the closest to our area . They have playschool as well as daycare facility.

      Their website is

      Good Luck


  117. Kiran says:

    Thanks Rachel…

    Little Princesses and World Nursery are also in my list to check . Now I will check Kids Mate too . Little Princesses is good but a little expensive . let see . Thanks for guidance.

  118. lavinia says:

    Hi mums, i am looking for a nursery in sharjah, I live in qasimia and work near mega mall can anyone let me know of some nurserys around there. thanks

  119. Sreeja says:

    Hi Moms,

    I am looking for a nursery for my three year old son in area near Al Quoz. Can someone provide guidance where to look for ?

    Thank you


  120. Kiran says:


    Thet have no website .. I visited them on thursday .. iam sorry i didnt like it … specially their staff … they seem so sharp and all are over age indian ladies. you know kids want soft good looking nice teachers . thats why philipinas are prefered . Secondly their fee is too much .. and they are not ready at all to compromise on that . you can visit them and further check it .

  121. Sakshi Talwar says:

    Hi Yolanda

    I visited Smart children nursery today….honestly confused…The principal sounds very good and sweet..
    place is friendly but a little small in area….Suggest u also check out so that we both can get some clarity…

    Infact i checked out on British Orchard too….


  122. Linda says:

    Dear Jessica,
    Can I have your no. We can meet up and let our kids meet up as well. Cause I am too planning to move to Jebel Ali side in a few months. I would love my child to have a friend there.

  123. Linda says:

    Dear Irma, I know ofsomeone who can help you. She is a social worker and maybe she can help you to find something.dont worry..

  124. karenkids says:

    I’m looking out for a good nursery school in Dubai, preferably in Bur Dubai. Would anyone kindly recommend a good nursery with excellent facilities and faculty. I would appreciate a good suggestion.

  125. karenkids says:

    I am looking out for a good nursery school in Dubai, preferably in Bur Dubai. Would anyone kindly recommend a good nursery with excellent facilities and faculty. I would appreciate a good suggestion.

  126. surekha N says:

    Hi Karen
    I have just enrolled my child into Toddlers International Nursery. I fell in love with the location and the whole setup when I visited. It has a large play area. The faculty is world class and were very interactive and friendly with my kids as well. Each child is promised individual attention. Their security measures are up to the mark, the nursery also provides a live web enabled CCTV facility for parents/guardians to view their child at all times with secure login and password. I reviewed the curriculum and found it to be world class too.

    • Shrestha V says:

      Hey Surekh,
      That’s interesting. I had just enrolled my child a couple of days ago into Toddlers as well. I really fell in love with the place and know that they are going to impart a lot of good things into my child’s life. We should keep in touch and meet up since our children are going to be in the same nursery.

    • Renu Bala says:

      Dear Surekha,

      I have 2.3 years old and need advise and your experience tin Toddlers International Nursery, please advise


  127. Sakshi Talwar says:


    So many discussions and arguments on Toddlers International…..I sit an old one into this stream of education ?
    Is it just the looks that matter or also the standing and age of the school.
    I mean the experience in the specified field…!!!!!!!!
    I think thats most important…
    Looks can be deceptive ,be it any place and any school..

    Just a friendly advice,pl look into the track record of the school…after all its our kids ,our darlings.

    Do suggest


  128. Vandana says:

    Hey Sakshi

    Look further and ul get confused!! The unfortunate thing here in Dubai is getting slotted …so u will always find groups and ethnicity in one area. Its a decision you need to make. Find the nursery that is spacious, friendly, caring.; hygienic. U will have to forget ethnicity here. And then decide on your budget. I too was confused…I literally ran around to the same nurseries several checking it out.
    Zero in on at least 2/3 best ones…and then make ur choice.

    In mankhool/ bur dubai area..I think the best 3 wud be British O(britsih staff only) ; De La Salle(Filipino staff); and Little Star (Indian staff). I have heard good reviews of all 3 nurseries…and its just ur personal choice/ convenience/ budget.

    I have never really checked out Dubai Nursery/ Smart Children…so cant comment on them.

    But one thing I can tell u for sure…after hours of thinking….its just a nursery after all…dont fret so much….u want a safe clean hygienic place with a decent accent….thats more impt…forget the fancy stuff….ul have to worry abt school next….and trust me…its the schooling/ college years that will mould the child….i mean..most of our generation never went to fancy nurseries…but we turned out just fine!! 🙂 …..imagine great well known people in history….no fancy nurseries and some were college drop outs…so relax!!

    phew…this reads like an essay….
    hope this helps all the mums!!!

    • Linda says:

      Dear Vandana,
      I totally agree with you that one must take their decision based on their budget and convenience. These are all posts that are based on opinions and each one might have different opinions for different nurseries. Finally the moms must go and visit the school and decide for themseves as to which one will be good for their child. TC.


  129. Vandana says:

    Hey Sakshi

    Look further and ul get confused!! The unfortunate thing here in Dubai is getting slotted …so u will always find groups and ethnicity in one area. Its a decision you need to make. Find the nursery that is spacious, friendly, caring.; hygienic. U will have to forget ethnicity here. And then decide on your budget. I too was confused…I literally ran around to the same nurseries several checking it out.
    Zero in on at least 2/3 best ones…and then make ur choice.

    In mankhool/ bur dubai area..I think the best 3 wud be British O(britsih staff only) ; De La Salle(Filipino staff); and Little Star (Indian staff). I have heard good reviews of all 3 nurseries…and its just ur personal choice/ convenience/ budget.

    I have never really checked out Dubai Nursery/ Smart Children…so cant comment on them.

    But one thing I can tell u for sure…after hours of thinking….its just a nursery after all…dont fret so much….u want a safe clean hygienic place with a decent accent….thats more impt…forget the fancy stuff….ul have to worry abt school next….and trust me…its the schooling/ college years that will mould the child….i mean..most of our generation never went to fancy nurseries…but we turned out just fine!! 🙂 …..imagine great well known people in history….no fancy nurseries and some were college drop outs…so relax!!

    phew…this reads like an essay….
    hope this helps all the mums!!!

    • Sakshi Talwar says:

      Very true vandana….

      i will check our little star…..and close it….de le sella is a no no …principal was so so irresponsible…I took an appointment and reached well on time and she went out for lunch since her hubby had come and then no news…i waited for an hour….very dissapointing….

      I like smart children though British orchard is the best but tooo expensive …she is just 2 yrs ans needs to play for few hours and back… guess next year may be would be fine….

      anyways will surely keep u guys posted on final thing…
      thanks again


      • Teena says:

        Hi Sakshi,

        My daughter is 33 months old, I would like her to attend a play school for few months before she actually starts school in April 10′.

        Since I am a working mother I wont be able to actually spend days looking for a nursery hence have been reading the posts here…

        I am looking for a nursery in Bur Dubai since the baby sitter where I drop Kyra lives opposite Royal Ascot. Could you please provide me with details on ” Our Little Star” I am also keen on checking out New Dubai Nursery as have heard good reviews of the place.

        Please provide me with any feedback you can.

        Many thanks,


  130. Zubaidah says:

    Dear All,

    I am going to study at HBMEU, which is at Dubai International Academic City. I am looking for nursery that is at walk able distance or within their location.

    My daughter age will be 8 months in September 2009…


    Zubaidah, RAK

    • Linda says:

      Hi Zubaidah,
      I have enrolled my child at Toddlers International. Its a new school but the staff are very polite and warm. I can only suggest you to visit them and have a look. There is another one which is a very good one is Childrens Oasis but his one is not in Mankhool area. This is only a suggestion the rest is your decision.


  131. rihanna najimi says:

    We are relocating to Dubai early September. Can anyone recommend a good primary school or nursery that offers KG2 other than the Children’s Garden School? Our son is 5 years old and we would like to enroll him in a small school setting so that the adjustment is not so overwhelming. We will be living in the Dubai Marina area, so any suggestions in that area would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

    • Tal says:

      Hello Rihanna,

      I am curious to know the reason to search for a KG other than the children’s garden. Do you have a bad experience or heard anything regarding them? Or do you recommend that school for my daughter? As I am thinking of sending her there.
      I appreciate your respond. Thank you so much

  132. rihanna najimi says:

    We are relocating to Dubai early September. We have a 5 years old son. Can anyone recommend a good primary or nursery school that offers KG 2 other than the Children’s Garden School? We dont want to expose him to a large school setting right away.

    We are moving to Dubai Marina area, so any suggestions in that area would be great.

  133. Zubaidah says:

    Hi, Linda, thanks for suggesting Toddlers but I did not find anyone knowing this nursery also they are charging too much for three times a week AED8000… Do you know any other that is affordable?

    My baby will 8 months inshallah…

    Are all nurseries the same rate? Please advice for good nursery near International Knowledge City and affordable. I guess I will end up getting Nanny AED 600-900 pm that is more affordable.

    Please advise if there is any good and affordable or reply whether all prices are the same so I will stop looking for one.

    Please advise with nursery name and their rates with possible number of days and hours taking care.

    British Orchard CCTV seems interesting… WHat is their rate and how many hours/timings?


    • Linda says:

      Dear Zubaiday,
      I would then suggest that you hire a nanny who will charge you this amount per month as that will be the most reasonalbe way. Most of the nurseries will be around that much as younger babies fees are more expensive. British Orchard is more expensive than this one. But I would suggest you check the price of New Dubai nursery whch is in Bur Dubai, Satwa too.

  134. Zubaidah says:

    Linda, if British Orchard is charging that much it is reasonable because of their hi-tech facilities and good facilities.

    Waiting for feedback from others… Please advise on nurseries near Dubai International Academic City and please mention price range.


  135. Linda says:

    Dear Zubaidah,
    British Orchard is charging much more and Toddlers has the same facilities like cctv, and all the other facilities. But please check New Dubai nursery, Also you can check Gems as they are the most reasonable.

  136. Zubaidah says:

    Waiting for feedback from others… Please advise on nurseries near Dubai International Academic City and please mention price range.

    • Sakshi Talwar says:

      Hi Zubaidah,

      I understand that your child is nearly 8 months .Dubai Nursury does not take infants.

      U can check on Smart Children …Its not huge but ok..when i went to check that place for my 2 yr old child they had shown the infant room also that presently had 8-10 babies and nannies were busy taking care …Not veryyyyy expensive and surely lesser than British Orchard….No CCTV concept but u can visit them no of times .The prinicipal who is the owner is an experienced lady .Its in Jafflia…..close to mankhool.The nos are 04 3980074.
      I spoke to few parents who had come to pick their kids and the feedback was good..Its in the business since 9 years….
      Hey i am just sharing my experience,no way connected to them ,I am new to Dubai and hence understand your concern and mental worry hence…..these details…
      Take care

  137. LARA says:



  138. Nada says:

    dear mums,

    without offending anybody………

    before asking about specific nursery or nursery in particular area, please just read first the whole discussions above. As it has a lot of information and might already have an answer to your question. This is just to save your time & get basic info………..and then you can take it from there.

  139. anshu says:

    hey friends
    im looking for a nursery for my kid who is 2 years old . can u suggest me some gud nursery in oud metha . pls let me know as im new to this place. thank you

  140. Deepa says:


    I have a 3 yr old son and am looking for good nurseries in Karama.

    Pls comment on below 3 nurseries as I dont want to send my son to any wrong places, and believe that Education provided at the initial stages of a childs growth is the BASIC to a childs future development

    1) Happy Home Nursery, Karama
    2) Kids Talent Centre, Karama
    3) New Dubai Nursery, Al Mankhool Road

    This is a nice site. Thanks for the updates.


    • wendy says:

      Hi Deepa,

      My child has been to The British Orchard Nursery, located in Mankool( opp Karama), and the facilities are world class. They provide excellent child care, and are very reputed, and well established with branches in Bur Dubai and Jumeira.

      A parent told me that they are Dubai’s only nursery to have a children’s gym and fitness centre.(GYMJUNIORZ..

      I believe they are having great summer discounts going on for admissions, and are offering a free class of “GymJuniorz” to all visitors..( Trust me it’s worth a try..)

      Call them on 3983536 or visit their website…

      Smart Children’s Nursery I believe is also offering quality education..

      All the best Nursery hunting( I am happy my phase is over 🙂

    • Shakila says:

      I am new 2 ths wbsite. I am having a 32months old son. I am in Al Muteena area. Can anybody suggest me a good nursery near my area. What about Happy Kids Nursery? Any feedback about this nursery?

  141. Deepa says:

    Hello Mummy’s,

    I have not received any suggestion to my mail above….

    I am just thinking loud…….. since swine flu is in the air, is this the right time to send kids to nursery and should we wait for another 2 or 3 months until the flu subsides…….

    In refs to my above request, pls advise if any other nursery in Karma.

  142. Nursery says:

    Dear sir,

    I want to join my 3 years daughter in Nursery in Rashidiya or near to Rashidiya and thay should have school transport.
    Please suggest


    Buchi Reddy

  143. Anisu says:

    Hi All,

    I want to put my 14 month old baby to some nice play school near megamall area, Sharjah. Any idea about good ones over here?


  144. SEEMA says:

    Hi All,

    I am looking for a Nursery school for my 33 months old daughter. I like New Dubai Nursery, Satwa but they don’t provide transportation to International City. Only if they have more kids from this place, they will provide. Kindly advice other good nurseries with transportation facility to I/C.I think mankool, karama, bur dubai area is near only they should provide transportation. I also checked Toddlers,It looks good, but only problem is they are new, they are just opening this session. And I personally feel the experience makes difference. So personally I am not in favour of Toddlers how good it may look.



    • Sakshi Talwar says:

      Hi Seema

      I had just finalised on the nursery for my 26 months old daughter and happened to meet a friend and a friends friend who is a teacher in Toddlers ….and finally went to visit them yesterday with the same preconceived notion that they r new but then my mind changed when i sat with the principal for exactly 1.5 hours ….and visited their place too and now have a different picture in mind…
      They r surely new but teachers r experienced( i met a few) and r old in this field.secondly since they r new they would make more efforts to excel so that they establish themselves well…thirdly i directly asked them abt this hesitation and the answer was that they r tieing up with few big schools in dubai …Fourthly infrastructure ( the very minute basics) are well touched upon and taken care…and lastly cctv facility is there to monitor….

      What say…? hope it makes u rethink…i am also still weighing the share yr views


  145. Nikki says:

    Thanks Linda – my son attends their nursery already. It’s an amazing school but only has one nursery year 3/4. I am now looking at nursery schools for my toddler in the Um Sequim 3 area as that quite easy to get to from where we are.

    I understand that the Knightsbridge nursery is very good but I dont know if it’s closed down and reopened as Blossom Nursery or there are 2 nurseries. Do you know of any other nurseries around there that are meant to be very good.

    I have heard mixed reviews about London & Paris and Emirites British Nursery so not so sure.


    • Linda says:

      Hi Nikki,
      Emirates british is a good nursery..The only thing I can tell u is that every different person you will talk to, will give u a different opinion. U should do what u r comfortable with and which nursery u like..The most important is faith, hygiene, security and also the learning..So u should see it for yourself and decide..But emirates british is suppose to be a good one..U can also check out Safa Nursery..

    • wendy says:

      Dear Nikki,

      You can check out Kangaroo Kids or even the British Orchard Nursery( Um Suqueim Branch). My child goes to their Bur Dubai Branch. They offer excellent childcare, and have state of the art facilities. You can call them on 043953570. I believe they have summer promotions for their Gym club, and early bird discounts going on as well..


      • Sakshi Talwar says:

        Hi Wendy ,

        I am eager to speak to a parent whose child is in British Orchard.

        Would u be comfortable in sharing your nos ….if its ok with you.


  146. Linda says:

    Dear Sakshi,
    This is exactly what I wrote earlier that I too had spent a lot of time with the principal of Toddlers International and met one of their teachers and they all seemed excellent and I asked them lots of questions and they knew what they were going to do. They seemed excellent to me and also for the rest of the things. I somehow liked their place too, ample of parking and big open space..get good vibes..I too think since they are new and of what I saw of them they are putting in lots of effort too..

  147. Marianne says:

    Hi mums and teachers.
    I am desperately looking for a kindergarten or my son. I beleive KG2 or foundation 2 is his level. He is turning 5 in november. I live in umm suqeim jumeira. most of the surrounding schools are full. Well , all of them claim to have a waiting list. The prices are also around 30k minimum for his age which is absolutely RIDICULOUS. Anywho id love some recommendations for schools that have a seat for him around my area. He is extremely intelligent and finished last year at british orchard.

  148. FRETZIE says:


    I am looking for a nursery in Deira that will take care of my 1 year old daughter from 8:00 am to 5:00 PM. I am a working mom in Jebel Ali and it is difficult for me to send my daughter to nursery school far away from home which is in Deira. Please do call me at 050-1481834 or 050-9437689 if you can help me out.

    Thank you.

  149. Bhaswana says:

    Hi Mums

    I live in Deira – Al muteena (opposite Reef Mall). And i have an almost 2 yrs old.
    Are there any good nurseries in this area. I need to get back to work by end of the year so need some place where he can play and be taken care of. My workplace is close to where i live (Creek).
    After reading the above post i have zeroed on

    Happy kids
    Tiny Tots

    Would love to have info / opinions/ experiences etc.. on the above nurseries. And are there any i am missing out in this area which are good.

    British Orchard – But this seems nice but really expensive !!

    Does it make sense to spend so much for a nursery? Does a good quality nursery education help a child to get into a good school?? Because me & my husband feel school is more important than nursery. But then times have changed and so has our place (we grew up in india way back in 80’s when things were different while this is Dubai & 2000’s)

    Wow – that was a long mail i hope somebody reads it and has the patience to reply. 🙂


  150. Shareef says:


    I’m a tourist here, stay at al wasl rd, and wanna try the desert safari/extreme activities, but i have 2.5 years old son, i think he can’t join us with the desert safari thing, is there any day care for just 1 day only?and it’s better if located in al wasl also, please help, and do you know how approximately the cost is?thanks


  151. Zee Gilmore says:


    A quick email to say that The Children’s Garden (multilingual pre-school for 2 – 5 yr olds) has just opened its new branch in Jumeira, near Dubai Ladies Club. English and French are the two languages of instruction, with equal emphasis being given to each, and Arabic is also delivered as an additional language. The website is, in case you’re interested.

    I work there, and have been working in Early Childhood Education for numerous years, and my experience combined with my wider research and reading means that I firmly believe that the nursery / pre-school years are the MOST important of anybody’s life, because these are our most formative years – so it’s important to get it right!

    As with anything, if you lay good, strong foundations, it’s easier to build a success – and the same goes for education.

    Good luck to all you parents out there facing education decisions! My advice to you is to do your market research: VISIT all the pre-schools you’ve heard good things about and really ask the admissions staff about the school philosophy and what their expectations are of the children who attend. If it reflects your own values and aspirations, that has to be a good sign…

    Good luck!

  152. Deepa says:

    Hi all,

    I have been to New Dubai Nursery , near Satwa. We really liked the place and is now planning to take admission.
    But before we completely make a decision, need comment from all Mums who have experience sending their kido to New Dubai Nursery.

    Also pls comment on Little star Nursery.

    Appreciate a fast reply as we need to make a decision soon.


    • Pratibha says:

      Hi deepa,

      Have you put your kid in New Dubai Nursery. how it is? I am looking a good nursury for my 15 months old princess. kindly share your experience.

  153. Bhavna says:

    Dear all,

    Am looking for a playschool in Ghusais for my 20month boy.

    My problem is that I need a school with transport facility which limits my options. Love and Care Nursery seems to provide one and was wondering if anyone has any feedback to give regarding this nursery.

    Anxious mum

  154. Bhavna says:

    Another update, am going to check out World nursery as if anyone has any feedback regarding either of the two do let me know


    • Sands says:

      Love and care nursery is a sister concern of little princess nusery (near al twar center, qusais).

      World nusery also seems ok. thats opposite al bustan center.

      Another one is Kidsmate ELC, near NMC, Qusais. My little one is in there.

      • Bhavna says:

        Thanks a ton for ur response
        are u happy with kidsmate?how old is ur child?do pass on the number plssssssssssssss
        do they have transport facility?
        too many questions :))Bhavna

  155. Harifa says:

    My baby is one&half year old.She is very anxious to know,to learn and to communicate with others.So we thought a play school will be the right place for her .Being a qualified graduate ,also a person who can take care of the children with concern,understanding their psychology ,I wish to work in the same school.

    I would be happy if it is in and around Dubai International City.

  156. Harifa says:

    My baby is one&half year old.She is very anxious to know,to learn and to communicate with others.So we thought a play school will be the right place for her .Being a qualified graduate ,also a person who can take care of the children with concern,understanding their psychology ,I wish to work in the same school.

    I would be happy if it is in and around Dubai International City.

  157. Sands says:

    Hi Bhavna,

    My boy os 2 yrs and 5 months. He is very happy there and I am satisfied too.

    Pls chek their website you may contact Alice 0508806456. Just go and see the place and take a decision once you are fully convinced.

    They do provide transportation.

    • bhavna says:

      Had a look at a couple of nurseries and liked Kidsmate..thanks so much for ur note planning to send my son there 🙂

      • Nimi says:

        Hi All,

        I am looking for a good nursery in Ghusais for my daughter who is 2yr and 10 months old. Heard about Love n Care, Liitle Princess and World Nursery.. But have not checked ou t any. If any knows more or have kids going to any of these nursery..please let me know the details.

        My daughter will turn three in Dec. Is it early for her to to start school this April?? She will be 3yrs and 3months then. Experience Moms….please give ur valid suggestions..I would be very grateful..


      • Prash says:

        World Nursery & Little Princess have got the same fees (tuition + transportation). Hope you know this… Are you mentioning that World Nursery is better in terms of there overall management?

      • Prash says:

        Kidsmate is in an apartment but have seen a lot of good comments about it! I feel a villa set-up will be better for children especially outside play area during the winter months. Isn’t it? Bhavna, can you please post your experience on Kidsmate? It will be very helpful since I have to send my daughter to a nursery in September… Thanks, Prash

      • Ramya says:

        Hi Bhavna,

        I would like to know more about Kidsmate..Is it good??I heard that it is confined to flat and not a villa type..I am planning to send my daughter who is 3 now..Pls help me out….



  158. yasmin says:

    Hi all,

    I have a daughter who will turn 3 this december. I would like to go to a goo peschool. I live in mirdiff, I contacted a few nurseries nearby, but the seats are full everywhere.Can any of you suggest me a good nursery which is not too far from mirdiff where my daughter can start going as soon as possible.



    • Shereen says:


      Im moving to Mirdif in a coule pf months, and im wondering if you had finally put your child into a nursery. I am looking for a good one, and wondering what your experiences were. I heard of Super and small steps, and believe they are good, i still need to visit. What do you think?


  159. vimi says:

    hi everybody,
    I live in quasis area near al bustan centre.I want to put my son in nursery only for 2 months.(november and december).
    All nurserys ask us to pay admission fees along with monthly fees which we feel its very expensive.Can anyone know any nursery around qusais which admits my son without admission fees for two months.
    Thanks in advance


    • bhavna says:

      hi vimi
      try out emirates nursery..they take a monthly fee of around 600..its near lulu village..they dnt have transport facility.. i havent seen it myself though..


  160. Priti says:

    Hi sakshi – I have read this entire discussion on nurseries as i plan to send my daughter who is almost 2 1/2 to nursery.

    Even i am confused like you whether the nursery for her should be British Orchard or Toddlers internation ..

    Have you put your LO in nursery ? If yes which ?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Sakshi Talwar says:

      Hi Priti

      Was lil surprised to see my name in the mail…since havent been communicating for long on this…
      Thanks for going thru the entire document :)..

      My daughter is with Toddlers Int…
      u can mail me at and i can give u more details…

      Its a new but a gud school..


  161. Diana says:

    Hi..I was wondering if anybody knows a good play school with a day care for a 2 year old near Bank Street, Bur Dubai…

    Thanks & Regards,

  162. Diana says:

    hello, i had 2 sons at the age of 3 and 2 years old. im looking for a daycare which is near rashidiya. Can anybody help me to find the right one.

    thank you in advance.

    • Sakshi Talwar says:

      Hi Diana

      I am sure u must have closed on your choice by now the message today and thought of sharing …
      U can check out British orchard/della la sella/ smart children , toddlers and little star nursury in and around al rashid area…

      i am aware of these around this area and have seen them too.


      • Renu Bala says:

        Dear Sakshi,

        I have 2.3 years old and need advise and your experience tin Toddlers International Nursery, please advise


  163. SUSMI says:

    i have a 2 year old daughter and i am planning to send her happy home nursery bur dubai. anyone have any suggestion? and also about the foods usually you people send with ur child?


    • Sakshi Talwar says:

      No Happy home pl..i have really heard ( from a close source ) abt bad experiences and hitting incidences….

      no pl ,its a gentle suggestion….


    • rakhee says:

      did u get any nusery at silicon oasis.. even iam looking out for one for my 1 year old son. can you please tell me if u found something at dubai silicon oasis

  164. Antoaneta says:

    I live in Jumeirah Lake Towers. My daughter is 1 year old and I am thinking of starting work again. I browsed through some of the popular nurseries and was shocked by the prices!!!Does it really cost 30.000 per year to take care of a few 1,2 year olds for a few hours a day???
    I was wondering if someone knows any nurseries with British speaking teachers in the area of JLT or Dubai Marina?

    Or alternatively are there any play groups, or would there be any interested mothers to start a play group?

    • Binky says:

      er, yes, it would appear it does cost that much! I too am astounded, but there you go.
      I’m in the Marina and there are quite a few M&B groups with various activities, but none (so far) where you do not have to be present. Do a search for Facebook groups to hunt them down… and maybe we’ll see you around one day!

  165. Anne says:

    Hello to all,

    Please can anyone guide or advise which of the CBSE school will be better The Indian School or Our own english high school, this both are in oud metha very near to my residence.

    Please…please let me find your valuale reviews & comments.

    God Bless all….


  166. sana imtiyaz says:

    hi i am sana imtiyaz i am 2 yrs old..i am looking 4 a job in nursery as a teacher or asistant teacher..i would like to wrk in any of the nursery..nd i promise i will do my best..if there is any suitable job please let me mobile no is 0505195747.

    thanking you

  167. NappyTales says:

    Hi CreativeMumz,

    Any mumz out there who can give feedback on the following nursery:

    De La Salle Montessori
    Tiny Home Montessori
    Tiny Tots Nursery

    I have a 2year old boy and would like to enroll him on a 2 to 3 days a week class to prepare him for the big school.

    Thank you for taking time to give feedback.

    keep smiling!

    gail a nappytale mom

  168. Renu says:

    I am a working mom staying in Karama. I am looking for a good nursery in Karama/Bur Dubai area, for my 16mnth old daughter….with a good, clean, friendly & safe atmosphere…where she can learn stuff…where I can leave her peacefully & not have to constantly be worried….it would be preferable if the nursery provided day care facilities also…since I work till 6pm….I guess that that’s a lot of specifications that I have mentioned…but I’m really apprehensive about this, but want the best for my little girl…So if anyone can help me out, pls do reply.

    • Sakshi Talwar says:

      Hi Renu

      If u go thru the entire chain of mails…u will get loads of data to decide upon….

      Start it now……….:)


  169. rajesh says:


    i have been reading great reviews of Toddlers International Nursery situated in Mankhool from Linda. is there anyone else who’s placed thier kid at Toddlers. need to make sure my kid gets the best considering the ridiculous fees the schools charge.
    any valuable feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hena says:

      I saw a lot of discussion here with regards to British Orchard and Toddlers International Nursery. My daughter is 2.5 and very, very happy with Toddlers International. We were a little bit hesitant to enroll her there as this is a new nursery so we shortlisted few other nurseries – British Orchard, Small World, Emerald City but finally made very good decision and enrolled her in Toddlers International. The nursery is great, teachers and principal are very dedicated, they give us regular feedback on our kid’s progress. If you go there you will feel warmth and love and see a lot of smiles on the faces of the children, very friendly staff and all in all very healthy atmosphere. My daughter has learned a lot of new things – rhymes, colors, numbers, letters and her English even blossomed after only 3 months there. Program is great, facilities are great, they have beautiful huge open space area for kids. In British Orchard we didn’t like dusty, small outside play. area for kids with no fresh air and natural grass. I give Toddlers International Nursery my highest recommendation.

      • Savi says:

        Hi Hena,

        It’s great that your child has adapted well…as is the case with most nurseries.. However I thought I would just like to clarify on the outside area of The British Orchard, as my little one loves it there.. they have an approx 12000 sq feet of outdoor area( which is big for a Dubai nursery standard), with 2 large swimming pools, sand pit, track area, etc, including 2 huge halls of indoor play areas, and a separate large specialized gym and fitness centre, so in my opinion with the hot climate of Dubai for most of the months, to have a good sized indoor area is imperative.
        They are also well established with branches in Jumeira too( which makes future transfers for unforeseen shifting easy) and the British Curriculum they teach is well recognized, and I have been extremely happy with my child’s progress and regular feedback and reports are given to me… They charge their fees for the quality service they provide ,the great facilities they have and are therefore BurDubai’s biggest nursery with so many happy parents, students and exstudents…
        Just wanted to share a happy mother’s experience with all just like you…

        Cheers to the happy moms all around.. and happy hunting to the others..

      • Renu Bala says:

        Dear Hena,

        My Kid is 2.3 and I am also in same situation to take final decision for a Nersery.

        Please write me on my email abt Toddlers International Nursey


    • Renu Bala says:

      Dear Rajesh,

      I have 2.3 years old and need advise and your experience tin Toddlers International Nursery, please advise


  170. Green says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I have five years old daughter and she finishes her school at 1 pm. I’m looking for day care that she can stay from 1pm -5 pm and later sometimes I might be called for work depending on the situation so it might be until 10 pm. For the time being I’m looking from 1-5pm. Can anyone please give me information or any names of day cares near safa park or al quoz.

    Thanks a lot!

  171. ria says:

    hi mums,

    I am planning to put my 2,5 year old daughter to nursery next year. My budget max around aed 7000/term. Can anyone please give me an information of any good nursery around safa, umm sequim, or jumeirah. barsha/greens area will be fine.
    i was wondering if anyone can give me a feedback about jumeirah international nursery school?


  172. Anita says:

    Hi All,

    My son is 22 months old and I am looking to enroll him in a good nursery. Can anyone give me some suggestions regarding some good ones around Bur Dubai Area.
    Have gone through all the comments. I would like to get more info from parents who have enrolled their ward in Toddlers, British Orchard etc.


  173. neethu says:

    Can anybody suggest a good nursery for my 2.5 year child near dubai silicon oasis or international city.Presently we are staying in international city and we are planning to move out depending on the accessibility of a good nursery.Please suggest me a good one

    • aaliyah says:

      KIDSMATE is not so good. My little one was always ill in that nursery and plus the owner of the nursery is very rude. Not recommended.

      • Sands says:

        hi aaliyah,

        Oh is it? My son is very happy there and doesnt get ill at all. it depends on the kids as well.

        And I am surprised to hear that they were rude to you.

      • Raina says:


        Would really like to have some comments on the Kidsmate nursery in Ghusais. Howz the atmosphere and training?


      • AALIYAH says:

        my apologies about my earlier opinion. both my son and nephew have been going to kids mate for the past 3 months and they are having an amazing time there. the lady who runs the place, alice, is a wonderful person and very co-operative too.
        kids mate is highly recommended
        sorry again.

  174. liz says:

    anybody aware about Dubai Infants school in Bur Dubai,very near to St.Mary’s Church.

    I am planning to send my 2 year old son there and would like to know if anybody has experience sending their children there?

  175. Minnie says:

    Hey Rupali,

    I have been interested in the idea of starting my own nursery school for sometime. I would love to have something with the Krishnamurthy philosophy, i.e allow the curiosity and interest of the child lead him into his own learning. My sister studied in such a school in India and not to say it turned its passouts into successful, confident and content entrepreuners of the society… they are still bounded by the years of togetherness and fun learning they’d had. I would love to have my children be in such a place but here in dubai.

    I would be great to have a partner to work along with in such an enterprise.

    So call me or write to me at if you are still interested.


    • Rupali Arora says:

      Dear Minnie,

      Great to know that we share common interests!

      There is a lot of groundwork that needs to be done in order to start a nursery/day care centre.I will contact you soon and we shall discuss on a workable plan to action on this soon as currently i am travelling.

      Till then if time permits do some research on legislations and licensing requirements etc.

      Also i would love to know more about Krishnamurthy philosophy and how we can include it in our teachings for children.Please stay in touch via mail as of now.

      Have a great day ahead.


    • vinitha says:

      Hi minnie…
      i’m new to this blog..
      From a previous message of urs i came to know that u’ve send ur son to De La Salle Montessori in Mankool…
      Even i’,m planning to send my son who will turn 2 coming April..
      Hows the nursery atmosphere…How are the staffs…

  176. Renu says:

    My name is Renu and I am a mother off two boys .The elder is 10 yrs old and the younger one is 7 yrs old.
    I have a 1 yr teaching experience in Dubai where i worked as class teacher for Pre KG, and 1 yr as Asst teacher.
    At the moment I am looking out for vaccancies at a nursery/daycare, Just finished with my Montessori Early Childhood Course from Gulf Montessori. Dubai
    Woud highly appreciate , anyone could suggest any such nursery.

  177. sameera says:

    hi everybody,

    my daughter is 2 years old and i am looking for a daycare 8am to 6 pm please can you help me to sort out the problem.

  178. Shivani says:

    hi every1

    I’m looking for a nursery/Day care/baby sitting for my18 months old baby girl from 7 am- 6.30 pm I am staying in Deira near REEF MALL.

  179. ria says:

    dear mums,
    i had just browsed a nurseries in mirdiff area. There are emirates british nursery, super kidz nursery, and little steps nursery.
    For all mums who already put your children at that nurseries please share your experience here. I really need the information about your kids development.

    Based on my survey with these nurseries, i didnt like emirates british nursery’s staff, they were look arrogant and very unfriendly.

    • Shereen says:

      Hi Ria,

      Im wondering if you had enrolled your child in any of the Mirdif nurseries, as I will be moving to Mirdif in the next 2 months and I need some advice or recommendations.

      I havent visited any of them yet, but Small Steps seemed friendly over the phone and price was somewhat reasonable.

      I would really appreciate your help in this!


  180. Sakshi Talwar says:

    Hi Friends,

    I am in mumbai now and trust me no common place like Creativemumz.

    u all were a great help when deciding for a school at dubai….
    moms from india and specially mumbai pl help me with some inputs for my 2.5 yr old….
    really going bonkers….

    pl share


  181. Minal says:


    I am also from mumbai (thane) , just came to dubai ,we both working in software . I have to take admission for my daughter in nursery .she is 2 yrs old exactly .dont understanding where to take admission .as we both going through all this descussion bout nursery some saying this is good and some is saying that is good .If anybody from mumbaikar had admitted kid in nursery ,pls give me some suggesion what to do .i am staying in golden sand area ,bur dubai .please give me sugession for nursery near bur dubai goldensand area.



  182. shweta says:

    im new to the group…plz any1 who culd tell me which nursery is good for my 2 yr son…happy kidz nursery deira or little star nursery or toddler intl nursery….any information plz plz let me knw

    • Renu Bala says:

      Dear Shweta,

      I have 2.3 years old and need advise and your experience tin Toddlers International Nursery, please advise


  183. Linda says:

    Hi Shweta..I have my child in Toddlers International and I am very happy with the nursery.My child is 2.5 years and already in one term, my child has learnt a lot. The principal ans staff are very good and I get regular updates and feedbacks from the school. I highly recommend the school and suggest you go and check it out for yourself.

  184. Alifya says:


    Pls could you help me out by suggesting a suitable Pre-school or Nursery for my 2 yr old daughter.

    We live at Baniyas sq. in Deira in the heart of Dubai, and i want some nice Nursery near by from here. I found a lot of good nurseries but they are all in BurDubai, Jumeirah or qusais. Looking for something neaqr to home.

  185. Little Scholars Academy says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Little Scholars Academy in Al Safa take children from 3 months – 4 years and are open from 7am – 6pm every day, solving you childcare issues!
    We can also offer afterschool care to children aged 4 -11 from 1pm -6pm.

    We have a very large indoor play area and a huge garden!

    Please feel free to visit our website or give us a call to arrange an appointment to come and meet with us!

    050 NURSERY
    04 39 555 32

  186. Working Mom says:

    Dear All,

    Please advise if you know good nurseries in Dubai Media City, Internet City or Knowledge village.

    Thank you 🙂

    • preetha says:


      B.A, B.Ed, T.T.C, Teacher with around 8 years teaching experience. Proficient in English, Hindi, Malayalam & Tamil languages. Undertakes Day Care and Home Tuition for Primary number 0555173724,042808939,,,Street Address HALA BUILDING,DAMASCUSS STREET,AL QUSAIS, DUBAI

  187. Mita says:

    Hi everyone,

    I have just moved in near Burjuman, Bur Dubai. I am looking for a good nursery for my three year old son. I would appreciate feedbacks on Toddlers Nursery, De La Salle Montessori and Smart Children’s Nursery.

    Have checked British Orchard, but they are on the expensive side… am also open to suggestions about any other Nursery in and around Bur Dubai.


  188. JOSHY says:

    Can anyone email me which will be the good Nursery for my 2 year Old Son near to Al Nahda Park Sharjah Area or near to Safeer Mall, Sahara Centre etc

    • Denis says:

      Hi, Did you get to know of any nursery cum daycare center’s in Deira, around the clock tower area as I and my friend are also looking out for the same for 1 1/2 and 2 years old boys. Thanks, Denis 050 6987670

  189. Thomas says:

    Dear ,

    Please let me know there is any play school for my two and half year old boy, near Lulu village ( ghusais)


  190. Rula says:

    Hi all,
    I just got a job and want to put my 15 month baby in a nursery that accept babies from 8am to 5 pm any suggestion, near al nahda, dubai?
    looking forward to hearing any suggestion

    • preetha says:

      Can u please give this address


      B.A, B.Ed, T.T.C, Teacher with around 8 years teaching experience. Proficient in English, Hindi, Malayalam & Tamil languages. Undertakes Day Care and Home Tuition for Primary number 0555173724,042808939,,,Street Address HALA BUILDING,DAMASCUSS STREET,AL QUSAIS, DUBAI

      thank you

  191. Karen says:


    Does anyone have a link or info about British Orchard Nursery’s fees? (The Mankhool branch)I tried searching for it on their website but could not find it.


  192. Denis says:

    Hi, Does anyone know of a good nursery cum daycare center in Deira, around the clock tower area for my 1 & 1/2 yr old son & also for my friend’s son who is 2 yrs old. Thanks & Brgds, Denis

  193. Noshaba says:

    Hi all,

    kindly Help me to find Good babysitter/Nursery in Sharjah for my 7 month Old baby boy, I ahve to arrange with 2 days,,I can not take off from my work,,,it is very hard time for me..

    kindly advice me good and reasonable one..


    • Vrinda says:

      dear noshaba,
      did u manage to find a nursery for ur baby. if yes pls let me know of the same as i too am looking for a good nursery for my 1 yr old daughter.

  194. nasir abbas says:

    dear sir / maddam,

    this is nasir abbas music teacher here with lot of experience to teach ryhmes to all ages specialy 2-8 yrs students and kids with international and government school I belong to pakistan you can see my web and now a days I am working in pakistan air force school Golden days montessory so kindly give me a chance under your kind controle. I can send my all details and CV if you like to reply on my Email

    nasir abbas.

  195. Nancy says:


    I really hope that anyone could help me out. I have a 5months old baby boy and I’m going back to work next week.
    My work is located in Emaar square near Burj Dubai and I live at the Gardens.

    Does anyone know a good and reliable nursery for infants and close to where I work?


    • Tamara says:

      Hi Nancy

      I work for Little Scholars Academy. We take babies from 3 months and currently have a couple of spaces left in that class.

      We are located in Al Safa near the big Spinneys, which would be on your way to work.

      Please check out our website for more info.

      • Nassy says:

        Hi Tamara,

        Will you please let me know if the fees mentioned on the website are for a whole year?

        Kind regards,

  196. rashida says:

    hi i am a mum of twins n i am looking for a good and reasonal play group for my daughters i live in nada al neer sahara center my fees buged is around 500-700dhs pplz reply

  197. Asmaa says:


    i have a son 2.5 years old and i would like to put him in a nursery. I live in Dubai, i want any body to advise me in any available nursery in Im Soqaim or Barsha area that dont include any religious concepts or related activities to any religious concepts.

    please advise

  198. Tamara says:

    HI Asmaa,

    I work at the Little Scholars Academy and we are situated very close to the big spinneys on Al Wasl Road.

    We take children from 3 months to 5 years and we follow the British Curriculum with focus on the early learning goals.

    Please contact us on 050 NURSERY (6877379) or visit our website

    We are a new nursery only having opened in September 2009.

    Hope this helps!

    Take care,


  199. nancy says:

    Dear all,

    i need to have any nursery name or day care center for my two years old boy, just for two weeks until his nursery opens back again in April 11th, can please anyone tell me any nursery in dubai, in any place,

    thanks a million

  200. nancy says:

    Hery Ruapli,

    I am interested to join ideas with you regarding the new nursery, i have lots of information to feed in if you are intersted, just email me back so we can have a chat about it,


  201. Savi says:

    Hi Nancy,

    You could check out British Orchard Nursery in Bur Dubai, and Jumeira.( They have a great fun filled themed spring camp on for 2 weeks during the Easter break. They also have the GymJuniorz club offering great fitness classes for young ones. It is a unique club, and children love it.

    Hope this info helps..

  202. Sowmya says:


    I am urgently looking for an day care/ baby sitter in Bur Dubai for our 11 month yr old son, preferably in the OPC area. Request you to kindly provide some details about the same.


  203. shahbana says:

    i found this website interesting.i am an indian.please give the names of able good and affordplay schools which give emphasis to learning through music and dance for my 29 months old daughter.she is very active and loves music very much.we live near al thawoon mall,sharjah.most of the play schools we contacted doesnot provide transport to this area.

  204. Shan says:

    Hey Shabana,

    Why dont you try melody makers in karama dubai or there is a musci school behind mukhtar bakery on the opposite side of al tawoon – dubai/shj ittehad road


  205. shahbana says:

    hi shan
    thanks a lot for the quick reply.will call melody makers today u know the name of the music school u have mentioned?will they take kids of my daughters age?she is 26 months old.



  206. Shan says:

    Dear Shahbana,

    WIll check and mail you the way 26 months u wanna teach your kid dancing and music ha kool….future maestro…whatz your email ID

    Best of luck


  207. shahbana says:

    hi shan

    thanks again 4 t reply.she is alone here at home wit me.i want her to mingle wit other kids and hav lots of fun.its ok if she learn while playing.thts y i mentioned i need a play school which give emphasis to singing and dancing.i want her to learn wht she loves.

    she loves music alot.she sings each and every second of t day.she hasnt started to talk properly yet.but she sings her favorite songs exactly in the same tone with her own lyrics.the morning she wakes up,she wants to switch on t music channel and i can switch it off only when she sleeps.when we go out,she wants to hear music downloaded in t cell phn.she is crazy abt music.

    she is potty trained and she eats her food neatly.she is naughty and very active.but she is very loving also.she doesnt give me a chance to scold her or hit i dnt want to send her to over disciplined play schools.i want her to go to some play school who understands tht kids are kids after all.

    • Shan says:

      Hey good that your girl is naughty, my girl too is very naughty she just started going to school.

      By the way Shahbana why dont you get in touch with me on as the above forum is open to public

      Below detaisl are for the music school

      MELODY MAKERS. Po Box 28518. Dubai United Arab Emirates. Telephone: +971(4)3351221.


  208. Prageeth says:

    I’m a Sri Lankan just came to International City from Doha.

    My son is 6 Yrs.

    Whats the best British Curriculum school near International City?

    Thanks in advance.

  209. maryam says:

    Hi !
    I am looking for a good nursery for my 8 months dauther
    in Alnahda area in sharjah.Could you help me please !

  210. Angelina says:

    Hey….Can someone please tell about Emirates English Nursery located in Al Fayha, Sharjah. My son is having a really hard time adjusting in that Nursery.

  211. Minal says:

    Dear friends

    I am staying in Bur Dubai , Golden sand Area , i want to know any good nursey near to my place . Also Please tell me about Fees as i am serching reasonable , do any body have feed back for below nursery

    New Dubai Nurser

    Toddlers International Nursery

    please reply me .



    • gauri says:

      hi, i also have a 25 months daughter, i stay behind burju man. of all my inquiries, happy home has the lowest fees, toddlers international @6500 per term.

    • Tal says:


      I am also looking for a Montessori school in Dubai and I can’t find too many options. Were you able to get feedbacks about Tiny Home nursery?

      It would be great if someone can comment on montessori nurseries in Dubai in general and an experienced montesori nursery in specific.

      Thank you for your help.


  212. Renu says:

    Hi all,

    Can anyone provide me with feedback on Kids’ Talent Centre in Karama? I’ve been considering the place to enrol my daughter there as it is near to my work place & hence convenient. It’d be really great if i could get reviews from mothers who have sent/sending their kids there.

    Thanks and regards,


    • heta says:

      hi renu,
      did you find good nursery in karama? I stay near burjuman and looking for a good nursery for my son (19 months old). where did you put your daughter finally? I heard Ard Kids nursery is also good. any information on that? let me know about good nursery in the area.

  213. preetha philip says:


    iam a registerd staff nurse and would like to have change
    in my work atmosphere ,having a two little you have vacency in any british nursery around jumeriah or alquoz.iam living in al quoz.if any pls contact me .mymobile number 050 7874434.



  214. DM says:


    There is a very good nursery in the Jumeira Beach Road Area, The Children’s Garden.
    They have an adorable ambience.
    It has a sister nursery in DIP which is running successfully for the last 5-6 years.

    The contact details are:
    Tel: 04-3492985

  215. SERA says:

    i jus endrollled my 2yrs daughter in happy home nursery in we intend to keep only 3 moths after which we r going on vaccation karama being first day she cried badly i jus happen to c this site today can anybody tell me is it ok to keep her there

    • Vandana says:

      Hello Sera

      Happy Home is not good at all … u can scroll up the page and read all the reviews … if u have a choice put ur child somewhere else. If it is ony for a short period – then its probably okay …

      At Happy Home the hygiene is not good at all and classes are too crowded … the principal is a horrible person – im sure u have experienced that …

  216. Shereen says:

    Hi there!

    Im going to be moving to Mirdif in a couple of months and Im wondering if you had found a good nursery around Mirdif area.

    I have found “Small Steps” nursery and spoke to them, they seemed friendly, British staff, but I havent visited the place yet. How about Super kids? Have you visited? Can you please let me know of any you visited or enrolled ur child in, that would be really helpful!

    Thank alot.

  217. Shereen says:


    I am loooking for a good nursery in the Mirdif area since I will be relocating there.. I have heard of:

    1- Emirates british Nursery
    2- Small Steps
    3- Super Kids

    I havent visited any yet, but spoke to Small steps and they seemed friendly over the phone. Im wondering if anyone has any reviews or experiences with any of these nurseries, or suggestions for others in the area.

    I would really appreciate your help!!


  218. AALIYAH says:


  219. Wassan says:


    please help me to find out arabic nursery in al Qusais near to NMC hospital and a round.

    Many Thanks……..

  220. viba says:

    pls advise me a good nursery near deira taxi stand or kid s 2 n 4 months and not potty trained .kindly give us any nursery nearby or nurseries have transport here

    • Flora says:

      Hi Viba, i am sending my 1 yr old to Tiny Tots nursery in Deira near Dubai Hospital. They do have transport, but i do not know if they come to the deira taxi stand area. you can call them and check on this. They have day care as well. I like it so far, my son is still adjusting, but am sure it is only a matter of time that he is used to the nannies there. They are all very sweet and friendly. You can call Mrs. Margaret on 04 2733233. Hope this wrks out for you. God bless. Flora

      • viba says:

        thanx flora for your advise,let me call them and asked about the transport…and sorry to ask u again do u have any idea how the happy kids nursery is ,one of my neighbours frieend today told me abt it

  221. Sivaprasad says:

    Hi every one,

    My baby is there India and she is expected Dubai this month end. I am planing to put her in the play school. She is 2.9years. And i am staying in Hor Al Anz near Tatal Super Market. Can any suggest me which play school i can select.


    • Flora says:

      Hi Siva,
      as mentioned in my reply to Viba, there is Tiny Tots nursery (04 – 2733233), Primary Nursery (04 – 2695828) and Happy kids Nursery (04 – 2731333) in the area between Hor Al Anz and Dubai Hospital. I’ve been to TT and PN, they are both pretty nice, clean and hospitable. You should go and visit to get a better idea of them. All the best. Flora

  222. Flora says:

    hi viba, i’ve heard abt it too. but haven’t gone and checked it out myself as it wasn’t accepting babies as young as my son. Sorry. 🙂

  223. parvathy says:

    Hi everybody,
    Please inform whether there is any playschool in international city Dubai….Its for my three year old son….



    • Amanda Mckenna says:

      Hey Parvathy,
      I have moved out of International City just for this reason, there is juzt one nursery in China Cluster (Not sure if approved or illegal), which I was least interested to send my baby in, and there are few house wifes who are running few ill-legal day cares, which again is risky to send the baby. Other than these there are none in my knowledge.


  224. Shweta Hormice says:

    Hi all,

    One of my friend has just moved to Ras al Khor (samari residence-wasl buildigs). She is looking for a playschool for her 2 year old daughter.

    Could anyone suggest a good playschool nearby which provide transport aswell.

    Many thanks.

    • Sibi says:

      hi Sweta,

      We are staying at Ras Al Khor, Samari Residences too. Today i just happend to visit The love and care nursery located at Al Tawar. Planning to send my 2and 9 months JJ from next month onwards. I feel that place is fine and more kid friendly. They also do have transportation facility. Do contact me on

  225. Amanda Mckenna says:

    Hi Mumz,

    I would like to share my very bitter experience with Dubai’s one of the much known Nursery ‘British Orchard Nursery’. I put my Baby at the age of 2 to this nursery. The day first itself I had a very bad experience, we went to drop our baby to the school and she vomited in the car, we were really in a state of shock when the school admin staff informed us that there are no nannies for our help and we have to clean her up on our own (no matter how much late we are getting for office)!!!!

    Within few weeks we realized that our baby got some lung infection and being responsible parents we stopped her school to avoid any infection to other children. I sent my baby to school only after she fully recovered (2 weeks). However we noticed that there are few children still sitting in her class with same level of infection and coughs. We checked with the Class Teacher (Ms. Lilly), if there is no provision in the school for not allowing children who are sick to attend the classes. And she advised that it is not our responsibility but parents should think of it and that’s why they take sick children and allow them to sit with other children. This was absolutely unacceptable for us so we decided on escalating the issue/concern to the management levels; however we were totally led down by the management with unnecessary justifications.

    Consequently we decided to take our child out and applied for the same. To our great surprise we were informed that the school will not reimburse our security deposit stating that we have not informed them earlier. However with several calls and mails we managed to get 1500 AED back wherein they cut 500 AED without any explanation.

    My baby is out of the nursery now and I personally feel that the school only have lots and lots of unnecessary rules for poor babies, with no proper management at all. I highly recommend parents having any similar experiences to share within this forum and create awareness among parents.

    • Reena says:

      OMG Amanda! I was planning to visit British Orchard for my 2 year old boy on sunday!!!!! If thats the case, I call it quits. I think Yelow Brick Road is far more better than the other nurseries in Dubai.

      Thanks again.

      • Amanda Mckenna says:

        Hi Reena,

        Please note that there are few very good opinions about British Orchard as well, so take a decision only after having a check with other parents as well. I placed my experience in this Blog to make parents more aware on schools and their poor management. BO is very famous, but their facilities are not very good and hygienic when compared to their huge fee structure. Moreover I find their teachers and management not very approachable.

        Well I would like to know more about Yellow Brick Road, did you get a chance to visit and see yourselves??? If you don’t mind, please let me know more on them and their location.


    • British Orchard Nursery says:

      Hi Mumz,

      Hello everyone, please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Miss Debbie and I am the Principal/Operations Manager for the British Orchard nursery. It is not my usual practice to respond to ‘blogs’ or ‘comments’ on forum as this is a parent domain, however one of my existing parents asked me to look at this comment as she felt it was quite detrimental to the school.
      I have been shocked by this write up as I would consider this a serious complaint, had it been brought to my attention whilst you were within the school.
      Let me tell you what I have done since reading this:
      Firstly I have checked through our data base and files and I can confirm that we have had no parent by the name of Amanda whose child was ever in Miss Lilly’s class.
      It is possible that you were uncomfortable with giving your true name for this site. Therefore, I have then searched for any request for deposit during the second term. I do have one child who left us, as parents informed us they were traveling to India due to their child’s ill health. Perhaps this was you? I do not however, have any complaint logged, e-mail or other correspondence from this parent other than request for refund of deposit.
      In answer to your comments regarding the schools policy on sick children; we have extremely strict practice. The Ministry of Social affairs has in fact commended the nursery for its pro-active and stringent procedures on infection control throughout the year whilst the H1N1 swine flu threat was a concern.
      I can assure you that children are excluded from class during periods of ill health, incubation periods, whilst on any anti- biotic or with any fever, rash or other identifiable illnesses. Children with a clear runny nose, no fever and no other symptoms are not excluded.
      Clearly as with any nursery, some parents who have the stress of a working life and no alternative child care arrangements sometimes drop their child to class in a hope that they are just tired, grouchy or wanting to spend time with mummy. If these children are found to have symptoms as outlined earlier they are quickly and sympathetically returned home or kept in the clinic until Mummy can safely return to school to pick up their child. We have not had any cases where a parent who has been called to collect their child, has not done so. No parent deliberately leaves an un-well child in the care of a nursery.
      Our school has two DOH qualified nurses on site at all times, our cleaning and sterilization process is comprehensive, and our parents are informed of any concerns both large and small.
      With regard to the refund of deposit, perhaps there is some confusion on my part.
      Parents leave a deposit of 1,000 dhs with us, never more than this amount. When you leave the school evidently you are entitled to a refund of this amount, not more? Therefore I am not sure where your offer of an additional 500 dhs was from and then mysteriously withdrawn? You have received your entitled refund amount of 1,000 dhs. One terms notice is expected for children leaving; however we were apparently sympathetic to your problem, as refunded with little or no notice given, due to your child’s ill health.
      Miss Lilly is a lovely teacher; she is qualified cache level 2 which is a UK recognized qualification. She has worked for the nursery for four years and I have many testimonials from parents who have found her to be helpful, caring, inspirational and loving with their children.
      The nursery section of the school this year has a 97% return of children who will take up a place in our foundation classes for September 2010.
      We have 100% of our foundation children leaving this year which is a success as these children have been accepted into the school of their choice after spending a year or two years with us.
      I could write to you about the many, many happy parents who have left us with fabulous letters of congratulations on their child’s experience and their feeling of being supported and part of our family. Our website has a selection of our parent’s feedback which can be verified as genuine.
      Not every nursery will be the right ‘fit’ for every child and every parent. Parents who visit our school and meet with myself will know that I do suggest that all parents visit at least three nurseries before they register. This is a very important time for you and your child and should be a positive and happy experience. Clearly, in this case we were not the right ‘fit’ for you, however we do wish you and your child well, we hope that you have or do find a nursery that suits your needs and that your child’s health continues to improve.
      If however, you are in fact not a parent but another nursery school wishing to discredit our school and its good name then I must ask you to please not use these tactics to do so. I am a true believer that children vote with their feet and thus the parents will follow. If you are a good provider of child care then focus your attention on your own school, work to improve your services as we work to improve ours and consider building friendships with other nurseries where you and they can share best practice, after all we are all working with the same purpose and goal – To improve childcare provision in the early years sectors for parents and children in Dubai.
      I do feel that these sites should not be used for marketing, tempting as it may be. I have no opinion on other schools in the area, art kids, toddlers and others I am sure are all good in their own way with their own policies and suit many parents.
      We are a ‘British Early Years’ setting where although we have some structure, our teaching is play based, our planning is child initiated and our goals are in line with the Early Learning Goals from the UK. We do not feel we are in direct competition with any other nursery – as stated previously parents need to find the right ‘fit’ for them and their child.
      I hope this has helped clarify some of the concerns and prevent further negativity for parents as a nursery should always be a positive experience for all concerned and foundation stage should be the building blocks on which all subsequent learning is built. Children need to be happy, secure and stimulated so let’s not forget who and what is important.

      • Renu Bala says:

        Hi Miss Debbie ,

        I am PHD in science, BSC and MSC , I am looking for a job in a good nursery where I can teach as well as also enroll my son who is 2.3 YRS old.

        Please advise


  226. Teena says:

    I am looking to do job in nursery..though I dont have any experience but presently I doing montessori course.
    I dont mind working with nursery on volunteer basis for few months.

  227. Minnie says:

    Hi friends,

    are there any mothers out there who would like to join me in opening up our own nursery. I have a dream to have a nursery and then later on a school on the alternative model of teaching either Waldorf or Krishnamurthi, wherein the child is allowed to think for himself and grow with free thought and expression. Not so much emphasis is laid on mark sheets and examinations as on self development and nurturing their own individual streak of genius.

    It would be nice to have a partner on this journey, I m restricted both financially and time-wise.

    pls write to me at or call at 0504214080

  228. Prash says:

    I have gone through the entire discussion.

    But unfortunately could not get much feed back on World Nursery and Little Princess, both in Qusais.

    I would appreciate to have a feedback who have known these before and from any parent with their kids in these nurseiries.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  229. joonie says:

    Hi all!!
    I ve recently moved along sheikh zayed rd and desperately looking for a nursery for my 20months son..
    Can anyone advise on a nursery nearby plzzz


    • Anjali says:

      Where are you located, I mean which cluster?? R u running a authorized Pre School?? I am in Spain Cluster and have 2.4 year baby girl, can I visit you?

  230. Sidrah says:


    Can any one give me a feedback about Superkids Nursery in Mirdiff area? I am planning to send my 2.5 years daughter to this nursery this September.

    Can some one suggest any other good nurseies in Mirdiff area plz?



    • K . E says:

      i am stil debating on wher to send my son .hes 2.3. i plan to send him in sept , so he vil inshallah b 2.6 by then have u visited superstar n .how did u like it ?

  231. preetha says:

    HAI,Good job
    Can u please give this address


    B.A, B.Ed, T.T.C, Teacher with around 8 years teaching experience. Proficient in English, Hindi, Malayalam & Tamil languages. Undertakes Day Care and Home Tuition for Primary number 0555173724,042808939,,,Street Address HALA BUILDING,DAMASCUSS STREET,AL QUSAIS, DUBAI

    thank you

  232. preetha says:

    HAI,Good job
    Can u please give this address


    B.A, B.Ed, T.T.C, Teacher with around 8 years teaching experience. Proficient in English, Hindi, Malayalam & Tamil languages. Undertakes Day Care and Home Tuition for Primary number 0555173724,042808939,,,Street Address HALA BUILDING,DAMASCUSS STREET,AL QUSAIS, DUBAI

    thank you

  233. Sheila says:

    Can yo please tell me where i can find nursery school for my 1 and 8mo old boy? we are in Ras Al Khor Ind’l 3. We are near Nadd Al Hamr so that area will just be fine too.
    thanks sincerely.

  234. hina says:

    hi,—–JOB———– i need a job in a company whr there are only ladies,my husband is very conservative kinda man, i hav three yearS experince as manager n assistant manager,i live in dubai motor city,educated and confident.

  235. Mahima says:

    Hi does anyone have any idea about Hope montessori..I heard its oldest montessori in Dubai.
    I am planning to put my son who is 2.3yrs there as its very closeby but I am getting mixed reviews.So if someone can give me exact idea that how it is..I can move on..

  236. Tal says:

    Hello again;

    Raffles International school has a montessori nursery in SOuth campus. Any experienced parent can leave a comment on this one? I would really appreciate it!

  237. Dharna says:

    Hi all!
    It is interesting to read this bulletin board and is extremely informative.
    I am desperately looking for a nursery/daycare for my 7 month old daughter as i have to take up my new assignment near the embassies area in burdubai/ruler’s court.
    Kindly suggest some good nurseries that are reasonable and nearby.

  238. nisha says:

    im looking to work in a toddler school anywher located near garhoud or diera metro,pls suggest me good nurseries if u ll cum across.thank you.

  239. summera says:

    hi, Can someone help me to find out any good daycare/preschool/summerschool for my 3oldyears baby in barsha area near HolidayInn Emirates Mall.

  240. Mufaddal Shabbir says:

    I require information about a nice Nursery, Playgroup in Qusais or near Sahara Centre. It is for my daughter who is 2yrs plus. Her date of birth is 04 March 2010.
    Thank you.

    • Vids says:

      Hi Mufaddal,

      I had spoken to Mrs. Alice of Kids mate nursery. They are closed for vaccation and are only opening after 8th sept.
      The fees for the nursery are as follows registration -350 Dhs, tution fees -750 Dhs, Transportation-150 Dhs and timings are from 8-12. Hope this solves your purpose.

      Which are the other nursery you are considering for your daughter? I am new to quasis and also looking for a nursery for my son.

    • doaa says:

      Aaliyah hi
      i tried to call kidsmate but i guess all on vacation and i am about to take a decision on another nursery!
      can u pls tell me what are the fees ? i need to know asap


      • aaliyah says:

        hi doaa,
        yes they are closed in the month of august. the nursery will open after eid. you can call the after 12th sept. try calling alice (nursery owner) on her mobile 0508806456.


  241. Georgena says:

    Dear All,

    We have recently shifted from abu dhabi to Al nahda sharjah (Near Safeer Mall) and we are looking for a nursery for my son who is 2 yrs and 10 months. We live in Al Nahda area and wanted to know if there any nurseries available in this area.

    awaiting your response,

  242. Iman Alaa says:

    Dear mumz,I’m still confused between british orchard & toddler int. nurseries,also cocoon seems nice though it’s very small in comparison ! PLz share any experience ..
    Also some nursuries say foundation, others say better high nursery> What do u think?my son will be 3 years on 2/9

    • Wendy says:

      Hi Iman,

      I am a very happy parent, and absolutely love the British Orchard Nursery facilities which are much more than any nursery school in Dubai.

      I am surprised at the remark on complaints…I think the one lady who has spoken on British Orchard has been promptly replied to, and such remarks seem unreal.
      There is a big reply from Ms Debbie The Principal too, so these allegations are baseless and don’t have credibility. If you scroll high up, There was a lady who kept telling all not to go to British Orchard and only to a new nursery in Bur Dubai( when it hadn’t even opened !…) So we cannot jump into conclusions based on some marketing comments.
      I suggest you meet with existing parents, read their comments which are on their website, and personally look at the facilities, and make your decision.
      I know of 2 students from different batch years who have passed out, and all seem happy. They are one of the oldest, well recognized and the biggest school in the area, and have hundred’s of students joining big schools every year, so obviously the quality is very good.
      My child has developed considerably, and the British Curriculum they teach takes care of many areas of the child’s over all learning. Their Gym facilities and extracurricular clubs are also great..

      Happy Hunting to all of you momz.. however each one of us must see whats good for us and which nursery offers great quality with a value for our money.


  243. Linda says:

    I will highly recommend Toddlers Intl nursery as my child has developed a lot and has shown a lot of improvement..The staff and principal are very good and every child is taken a lot of care..Very clean and great place for a child..

  244. yaseen says:

    hi am looking for a play house for my baby she is 1 n 1/2 yrs . can u pls suggest me a list of play house in al nahda

  245. linda says:

    Dear Iman,
    I guess some people here are marketing themselves. I am a happy parent of Toddlers International nursery and will surley talk good about it. Even when I went and visited the nursery before they opened, I got to meet the staff and principal and got lots of information from them which I did not recieve from elsewhere. We are not here to market or talk bad about any school for any reason. We all mumz are here to see our children grow in a lovely environment. Also if you scroll up, I have been praising a few other good nurseries that I have visited and there is one same person who gets offended..Dont want to compare but I think you as a mother should go and visit all nurseries and take a decision based on what you see and where you feel comfortable. These are all opinions and noone should feel ofended.At the end of the day your child has to be happy and you need to ensure that..

    • Mariam says:


      my daughter is 2.3 yrs old. i live in Jumeirah Lake Towers.
      plz suggest me good playschool which is affordable (max 1000 AED/month) and near to JLT too.

      plz somebody help me

  246. lyn says:

    hi to all….i am a filipina 28 years old,looking for a job as nanny in nursery school…if there’s a vacant pls email me at this add ( have a nice day…

  247. heta says:

    Dear mums,
    I am looking for a good nursery in Karama/mankhool area for my son who is 19 months old. I want a nursery where there is good environment for my son to mingle with other kids as well as do variety of activities without pressure. I do not believe in very strict rules for kids of this age. Let me know your opinion for Little star nursery, Arts Kids nursery and if there is any other good nursery with reasonable fees.

    Also guide me what to see in a nursery when I go to see it as I am not sure how I can judge a nursery just by looking at it for five minutes.

    I really appreciate your help on this.
    Thanks in advance!

  248. kiran says:

    hi everyone, please help me, i am looking for a nursery for my 2 n a half years old son, i live in tecom and want a nursery that provides transport facilty as well, but not too expensive. i mean 1000 per month is affordable to me and not more than that……can anyone please guide me where n how to find a good school for my son in this budget

    please do help

    • Elana Knight says:

      Hi Kiran

      My daughter are currently in Little Learning Nursery and the school are great.

      They charge AED 2100 for ful day per month from 7:30am to 6:30pm so if you require half day only or less hours you will pay accordingly, but British Curriculum.

      I see such a difference in my daughter since she started and learning new things daily.

      FYI – We have searched all over this area and by the way I am also living in Tecom but could not find any school better.

  249. mariam says:

    HI , i am looking for a good and hygenic nursery near alnahda 2 for my 2 1/2 year old daughter in a british curriculum school. the charge should be reasonable with transport facility.pls help me.

  250. Elana Knight says:


    My daughter are currently in Little Learning Nursery and the school are great.

    They charge AED 2100 for ful day per month from 7:30am to 6:30pm so if you require half day only or less hours you will pay accordingly, but British Curriculum.

    I see such a difference in my daughter since she started and learning new things daily.

    FYI – We have searched all over this area and by the way I am also living in Tecom but could not find any school better.

  251. Ayesha says:

    HI Creative Mumz,

    I am looking to put my 2.5year old son in nursery next month. . I have narrowed my options down to the 3 schools below. Any suggestions-advise would be appreciated. If you do have your kids going to any of these schools, i am looking for feedback

    1) De la salle montessory
    2) Smart Children Nursery
    3) Little Star Nursery

  252. raji babu says:

    hi all
    i am living in muhaissinah4 in quasis.i am looking for a nursery near to my area which have transport facility.i want to put my 3year old daughter in a nusery where she should be comfortable and a good environment.
    it will be a great support if anyone help me to find it out

  253. Agini Mathew says:

    Can anyone give a review on Dubai gems nursery (oppsite to Iranian Hospital in Satwa) & Apple nursery in Satwa.

    Thank you
    Agini Mathew

  254. Vids says:


    I have recently shifted to Alnadha 2 and i am looking for a nursery for my 3 year old son. can anybody help with the nurseries nearby and the telephone no. i could only contact kids mate .


    • Parveez Ahmed says:

      Hi Vids
      From –
      Little Princess Nursery +971-4-2634666
      Love and Care Nursery +971-4-2612117
      World Nursery Dubai +971-4-2613025
      Al Salam Nursery +971-4-2679594
      The Primary Nursery +971-4-2695828
      Kids Mate Nursery +971-4-2581339
      The Apple Nursery +971-4-2638989
      Emirates Nursery +971-4-2543361

    • Parveez Ahmed says:

      Hi Guys
      I was searching nurserys for my son i want to share this with everyone.
      Pls find these are the few nurserys in and around
      Al Ghusais.

      Little Princess Nursery +971-4-2634666
      Love and Care Nursery +971-4-2612117
      World Nursery Dubai +971-4-2613025
      Al Salam Nursery +971-4-2679594
      The Primary Nursery +971-4-2695828
      Kids Mate Nursery +971-4-2581339
      The Apple Nursery +971-4-2638989
      Emirates Nursery +971-4-2543361


      • Sumathi says:

        Hello Mr. Parveez Ahmed

        I saw your comment on Creative Mumz regarding Nurseries in Al Qusais. Many thanks! I found it useful .. will you be able to throw some light on which nursery you enrolled your son into? Any comment from your end will be highly useful in admitting my daughter into a good nursery.

        Looking forward to your reply.


  255. L A says:

    hi all, plz suggest me a very good nursery for 1yr old boy. im in sports city…. so somewhere close by say about 10-15 mins. drive.

  256. mushreena says:

    dear sir / mam,

    My name is mushreena. I finished my 12th and now finding for job. I hope dat if there is any job vacancies in your nursery then u’ll kindly contact me for an interview. My contact number 0502473246.

  257. iulia says:

    What are you talking about people????i have seen all the sites and I’m sincerely surprised how the other people can use the kids in such a way!!!!This is steeling!!!!or for you monthly fees of 9-12K is fine???only for few hours of morning nursery????and what to do when you are a regular person with a regular salary having a small child?to take nanny who will spoiled the kid and no education will be there?In all normal countries the nurseries should be free and the medicine especially for kids,or rather payable, but private and with very high reputation diplomas and staff like that.I’m so disappointed!!!

  258. summera says:

    i’v recently shifted “the greens dubai” looking a nursery or preschool for 3years kid . if anyone know a good school in this area please suggest me.

  259. jogy says:

    We are loooking for a sutibale play school for our child 3 year old boy in near by placess in Ras Khor, samari residense.

    Can anybody help us with your suggection

  260. Gowri says:

    Hi, i need a help from u all.I have a son of 3 year old.I am looking for a good nursery.I stay in sharjah.I have heard a lot about HAPPY HOME nursery and BLUE BELLS.Anybody pls give your opinion about these nurserys or any other good nurserys.Still now my son doesn’t speak.So i really need a good ones which could help him to speak.Thank you.

  261. Georgena says:

    Hi Gowri,
    We had also relocated from Shj to Abu Dhabi about 2 months and my son is 2 yrs and 9 mnths and still in the starting stages of speaking. i enrolled him in Blue Bells and now he has improved a lot in just one month. you can go and visit the principal at bluebells to be convinced.

  262. Renu Bala says:

    Hi All,

    I am PHD in science, BSC and MSC , I am looking for a job in a good nursery where I can teach as well as also enroll my son who is 2.3 YRS old.

    Please advise


  263. Renu Bala says:

    Dear Sheha,

    Please share your comments for British Orchard Nursery as I want to enroll my son 2.3 Yrs old in a good Nursery


  264. Renu Bala says:

    Dear Sneha,

    Please share your comments for British Orchard Nursery as I want to enroll my son 2.3 Yrs old in a good Nursery


  265. Raina says:

    Hi Mumz

    Please advise whether Kids mate in Ghusias is a good choice for my 2.5 year old girl. hear its a bit crammed for space and the teachers not friendly

    Please comment

  266. Hanadi says:

    Hi, the list above is greatly made, thanks.
    i would like to have all nurseries in Al Barsha area if possible. I appreciate if you could recommend a nursery in this area for my son 2years old. thanks a lot.

  267. Angel says:

    Angel playgroup available for kids aged 2-4yrs by an experienced & qualified teacher in homely atmosphere.Timings 9.30-12.30 monthly fees AED 350.
    We will provide training for nursery rhymes,diffrent themes( like introduction to shapes,colors,transport,my family etc),hand & eye cordination,Fine motor skills ,arts & crafts,music & dance,painting etc.Pls note that this is not nursery.
    Course commecing from 14th sept.

  268. Chandanie says:

    P.O.Box 3627,
    Dubai Aluminium Co.Ltd,
    IT DEPT.
    Mobile: 056 7259 776


    Professional experience gained within varied practical and development roles in teaching. Believing a mature, constructive and teaching approach and effective working relationships between staff, students and parents are crucial to a responsive student attitude, a successful learning environment and meeting the needs of children and school mandates. Now looking to make a continued significant contribution for a school in an international setting, preferably as a class room teacher, a specialist Primary Teacher, Montessori Nursery Infant teacher, Key Co-ordinator, Assistant Teaching or a position of similar responsibility.


    1988 – G.C.E (A/L) Examination, Colombo/Sri Lanka
    1984 – G.C.E (O/L) Examination, Colombo/Sri Lanka

    2009 – IELTS
    2006 – Montessori Diploma, Colombo/Sri Lanka
    (Montessori Nursery Infant Training) NVQ level 3
    2005 – MS Office Packages (Windows,word,powerpoint,excel,internet and outlook), Dubai/U.A.E.
    1996 – Preliminary Japanese Language Course
    2008 – French Language Course


    • Handling children • IT Literacy • Clerical
    • Primary exercises • Working within strict deadlines • Reception
    • Language Art • Numeracy • Database management
    • Practical life • Professional liaison

    Sports / P.E.Development • Primary liaison work • ICT
    Communication in early • Curriculum co-ordination • Teamwork
    years • Extra curricular teams • Writing plans / reports

    • Organising programmes • Organising house events
    • Differentiating learning • Outdoor education
    • Activities
    • Policy and plan construction



    Aug 09 –April10 worked as a class teacher – Hope Montessori School in London UK
    Handling all the school class room work. Childcare and the work according to the job description. I am working in this school as a Montessori Nursery teacher and I have got my CRB.

    April 6th up to 16th of July worked as a teacher in Tara Kindergartens Southgate ,London,UK As a Room Leader/Montessori Nursery Teacher
    Class room work and given all the responsible work. Worked with Montessori nursery Infants in this school and I have CRB from this school

    Sep 07-June 09 worked as a Primary Teacher –Pakistan Education Academy- Dubai – U.A.E
    My responsibilities were:
    Classroom teaching
    Art and craft work
    • Other co-curricular activities
    • Preparing for the different kinds of competitions
    • Improve handwriting skills
    • Field trips

    Sep 04 –June07 Class Teacher –Kindergarten –Hope Montessori School –Dubai – U.A.E
    • English Language teacher . My main responsibilities were:
    • Handle all the class children
    • Provide support to the assistant teachers
    • Communicate with children
    • Support children to improve the reading skills
    • Letter recognition

    Sep 1997 – Rais Hassan Saadi LLc- Project Manager;s secretary and General Managers secretary – MS Word
    -phone messages/fax/e-mails
    -Handling all the paperwork/administrative work

    References on request:

    Mrs. Jackie Bayer
    Hope Montessori School
    P.O.Box 43126, Dubai,
    T: 00971 04 3521587

    Ms.Tabinda Alghizala
    Pakistan Education Academy
    P.O.Box 621, Dubai,
    T:00971 04 3370126, 3373438

    Dubai Aluminium Company
    P.O.Box 3627, IT Dept,
    Dubai, U.A.E.
    056 7259 776

    2nd sep 2010
    Dear Madam/Sir,

    Please find my resume for you kind attention and I have done my Montessori Diploma Nursery Infant training during my course.
    I would like to inform I have working experience since year 2004. I have worked in U.K since last year August 2009 up to 16th of July 2010. Now I am in Dubai and I am hoping to do my PGCE and could you kindly let me know if you have any placement for me
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,

    Mrs.Chandanie Walatara
    056 7259 776

  269. Saran says:

    Hi Moms,

    I am looking for a nursery for my three year old son in area near Al Quoz. Can someone provide guidance where to look for ?

    Thank you


    Hi Sreeja,
    If you find a school close to ALQOUZ please let me know at


  270. Mae says:


    I am looking for a nursery and day care center for my little boy somewhere in Karama area from December onwards.

    Timings is from 7:am till 6pm.

    I would appreciate your suggestion for the best place I should go at a reasonable price.

    You may contact me at below e-mail address:

    Thank you.

  271. Parveez Ahmed says:

    Hi Guys
    I was searching nurserys for my son i want to share this with everyone.
    Pls find these are the few nurserys in and around
    Al Ghusais.

    Little Princess Nursery +971-4-2634666
    Love and Care Nursery +971-4-2612117
    World Nursery Dubai +971-4-2613025
    Al Salam Nursery +971-4-2679594
    The Primary Nursery +971-4-2695828
    Kids Mate Nursery +971-4-2581339
    The Apple Nursery +971-4-2638989
    Emirates Nursery +971-4-2543361


  272. Aamira says:

    Hi Everyone
    I am looking out for a nursery for my 26 month son in al qusais and al nahda2. i hv shortlisted between kidsmate and little princess nursery . if anyone has any info on which of the two is better, pls let me know.

    • Shweta Hormice says:

      Hi Aamira,

      My 3 year old son goes to Kidsmate for the past one year and is very happy there.

      I had been to Little Princess to chek out in the start but I preferred Kidsmate.

  273. Aarthi says:

    Hi everyone

    I have twin babies who are close to 3 yrs. I am looking for good nurseries in international city( may be close to International city also). Kindly plz give your comments. It will be of gr8 help.


  274. Aarthi says:

    Hi Amira

    I have heard lot of feedbacks about kidsmate. My friend’s daughter is going there. They are not happy. I have shortlisted one in mirdiff . I have to check it out.

  275. Aarthi says:

    Hi rafat

    There are gud ones in Burdubai area

    Check out one near SANA signal ( littel star nursery i think , i dont remember the name but my friends son is going there , she said its gud) Happy Home nursery and smart children nursery

    • Jamna says:

      Hi Aarthi,

      I live in international city and I too have got twin children . Were you abel to find a good nursery for your children.


  276. pooja says:

    Hi to all

    I would like to know about day care center located in baraha area for my 1 year old baby boy please in case any one know do let me know.

  277. payal says:

    Hi to all

    I would like to know about day care center located in baraha area for my 1 year old baby boy please in case any one know do let me know.

  278. Mona says:

    Hello Everyone,
    i have a 17 month old daughter who is very social and doesn’t like staying at home at all. she loves going out , interacting with people and most of all playing with children. my husband and I are looking for a stimulating and clean nursery for her for only three days a week close to gardens, greens or even in umm suqim area. can you please advise.

    P.S. i am mostly looking for a Montessori program for my daughter.


    • archana says:

      hi mona,
      my daughter is of same age n with the same attitude,we r putting up at Discovery garden,we too r looking for some playwat near to discovery garden,if u come across any,plz let me kno.

  279. Leena says:

    We r new to dubai, and r looking forward for a nursery (with transport facility) for my little angel who is 3 years 5 months old. We stay in Marina, and i dont drive. We are basically looking for a Nursery to give our daughter the habit of school life , prior to we put her in KG-1 in any of the Indian syllabus school in the coming April. Kindly Advise. Thanks in advance.

  280. rakhi says:

    Hi All,

    Can anybody suggest me a nursery for my 2 and a half year old twin kids, 1 boy and 1 girl neal al taawun / al nahda / sahara centre Area…. as we live in al taawun area…As we r not finding a nursery with transportation facility to our area….

    Thanks in Advance / Rakhi

  281. Sibi says:

    Dear friends .
    I will like to send my 3 year old to any homely atmostphere playschool, where he can improve his speaking and interactive skills.We live at Samari Residences, Ras Al Khor. Can anyone plz suggest a good play school or baby sitting nearby, preferably at Int.City / rashidiya / at this place itself.
    I did hear that some do baby sit at Samari residences itself. If so plz do contact me on / call me on 0504783620.
    Thank you all and God Bless

  282. Pam says:


    i’m looking for a nursery for my 3 year old son, in the area of Twar, Al Ghusais, Abu Hail, Hor Al Anz.

    If any one knows some, please let me know.

    I need to enroll him as soon as possible.


  283. archana says:

    Hi Mumz Out there,
    cud anyone suggest a good playway around Discovery garden,my angel is 18 months old n i want her to go out ,play with kids & have fun

  284. MUSKAN says:

    hi all,
    i stay in hol-al-alz east.i just wana know a good play school in or around hol-al-alz son is 2 and half.

  285. Farzana Dalal says:


    I am Indian and i am looking for a Nursery for 21/2 yr Old Boy i realy want to send him in British Orchid.
    For schooling i will prefer Indian Curiculam so it would make in difference that nursery under british course and Schooling under Indian course .

    Then the only option is to send him in Happy Kids Nursery.

    Please help me out where to send for nursery.

  286. Dalida says:

    Hi, i am searching for a nursery here in Dubai i have a baby boy 20 months old and i need a nursery that opens from 08:00 till 19:00 even on Saturdays.

    If you can help mentioning one that fits my requirements i would appreciate.


  287. Zarna says:

    hi Mumz,

    can anyone pls suggest a nice nursery cun day care around lamcy plaza or Deira city centre…
    i want to admit my 7mons old princess since we are working parents and need some homely caring day care to look after our angel..

    thanks in advance!


  288. YA BASHA says:


  289. Sara says:

    A big hello to all the mumz out there,

    My angel has just turned 2 and i am looking to put him in a nursery. Honestly,this is my first time and i have no clue where to start….which curriculum is best, what do i expect from these nurseries, fees etc. I’m so glad i found this site and i have so many experienced mumz whom i can turn to for help.

    I’m moving to Al Khail Gate. Can anyone suggest some good nurseries around the area? I guess Jumeirah area or Bur Dubai can also count. Timings – 0700 to 1800 hrs would be great as i am looking to start working again soon.

    Thanks in advance for all the help!!


  290. ayasha says:

    Hi… i have a 29 months old son …I’m also urgently looking for a nursery near al quoz.. if any one knows please inform me my

  291. nida says:

    Hello everyone
    I have checked this whole page just to find out the answer of one question, which have been asked again and again but never answered. Is there any play school near Al Nahda sharjah? i have 15 months old baby boy and now i am thinking to send him to a good playschool but i am totally clueless…..can somebody help me plz…so many other ppl have asked the question but no one replied plz do reply this time.

    • mariam kapadia says:

      hi nida
      m going thru the same.i found at abt kids world nursery which has recently opened its branch in al nahda sharjah, near sahara center. they moved from sharjah cricket stadium to this location. have u found sumthng for ur child yet?
      lemme know

  292. Rasha says:


    I have baby boy 2 yrs old, i need a very good nurssery around Jumeirah lake towers & marina.

    also i want to work in a nurssey or school in dubai as an admin or teacher assistant & it will be great if I can work in the same nurssery with my baby to take care of him

    please answer me as soon as possible

    thanks alot

    • nadia says: