Eye Make Up-Smokey Eyes

 Prashansa sent us this info on smokey eyes…

There probably isn’t a longer running eye makeup trend than the
smokey eye, which is in no danger of going out of style. The key is only  to blend well. Also, make sure to keep all other makeup light or
you risk looking like a clown. You don’t want the rest of your makeup
to compete with your eyes…
Holding the skin of your upper lid taut, apply eyeliner from the inside
corner of the eye outward. Draw strokes into the lash line. The middle
of the line should be a bit thicker than the edges…
Use a cotton swap (or your finger, if you’re lazy like me) to “smudge”
the liner…

Dab an eyeshadow brush into a deep-hued eyeshadow and apply over the
eyeliner to set the line. (Blow on the brush first to remove any excess
shadow). Layering liner with a shadow is the secret to a perfect smokey eye…
Blend shadow well, then follow with eyeshadow…


8 thoughts on “Eye Make Up-Smokey Eyes

  1. Anniefaisal says:

    A really simply and homely practical explaination for the smoky eyes.Smoky-eyes really look nice approximalty on everyone (except for very small rounded eyes) it gives more of a formal party look. So go ahead give it a try this weekend.:)

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