Time For Homework…

Do you get worried when its time for your kid’s homework?!

Homework seems to take up a lot of family time esp. keeps the mum on her toes. I am sure all of you must have derived some sort of homework tacking strategies. Here are some simple rules.

  • Set up a schedule that will allow the child little breaks, and still get the work done. 
  • Specify a place for your kid to do homework on a daily basis. This will help him/her to realize what is expected of them. Guide them to organize their work place too for smooth study time.
  • A good idea is to have the computer near the homework station, in case needed for research work. 
  • Place a dictionary, atlas, thesaurus and other reference books in that area too.
  • Organize pens, pencils, paper and other supplies so that time is not wasted in hunting for those items all around the house.
  • Appreciate when the child is showing interest and working towards finishing the task.
  • Some children need a push. Talk and explain why homework is important and how a good attitude can do wonders in completing work. Motivation is the key but it will take a lot of time and effort to get the ‘work avoiders’ to get serious. Don’t lose hope, keep trying!
  • Once work is completed, it should all be placed back in folders and backpacks. This will help avoid the trouble faced when projects are forgotten at home. 
  • Backpacks must be placed at easy access points in the house preferably close to the main door so that they are picked up quickly the next morning.

HAPPY HOMEWORKING! as my 3 year old says when he sees his older brother at the desk. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Time For Homework…

  1. Family Homework Answers says:

    Great article! Parents should take the Homework Personality Quiz to help them determine the best way to support their child’s learning and homework style. So many fights, tears and arguments arise because we are trying to force a round peg into a square hole! For example, it doesn’t make sense to force a student that needs a break before doing his homework to sit down right after school and “get focused!”

  2. Maqsooda.Tawa says:

    Good topic! Great points covered.

    It would really help the child if the parent finds some work of her/his own to do alongwith the child. It would really seem unfair and a torture to a child if the rest of the family is watching a favourite TV program while (s)he is left alone to do her/his homework

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