Crafty Mumz

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I have created a new page for crafty mums. If you are creative and run a small business of your crafty products from home, then you are welcome to post details about your craft/homemade product and business on the new page. Kindly keep your post/comment short. Irrelevant posts and comments shall be deleted. Please make sure you make posts/comments on the correct page, not on this post. Click here.



1706917983_1376909595Creative Mumz website has a new look. The aim is to make the site more user friendly and appealing. Hope you would like the make over!

Back to School

imagesBack to school is here! Books, uniforms, bags, shoes and so much more… Mumz how are the preparations going?

It takes a lot of preparation at the beginning of the school year. For parents whose children will be joining school for the first time; it is going to be a real challenging period. Begin to talk to your child about school and how much fun it would be. Show pictures and videos of children engaged in activities at school. Take your child to the new premises so that he/she may get acquainted with the environment. But most of all prepare yourself to tackle the morning drop off time and the new routine.

I hope it would be a great start for all Mumz and kiddos.