We conducted presentations and demonstrations with hands on sessions that help mums to improve their skills. This is a great service to mums who can benefit from personal development, parenting discussions, book reviews and art & craft demonstrations.

Some of the presentations and demos conducted at our informal gatherings are as follows:

 1. Between Parent and Child: Presentation on Constructive and Destructive Criticism

2Webbing  Method for Creative Writing

3. Cooking Demonstration: Crispy Chicken

4. Wood Painting Demonstration

5. Sketch Your Imagination

6. First Aid Presentation

7. Gift Pouches Craft Activity

8. Products for Left Handers

9. Keep Busy Stay Happy

10. Lamasa Art Demonstration

11. Complement More, Reprimand Less

12. Book Review “The Fractured Mind”.

13. Scrapbooking Demo

14. Cooking Demo

15. Angry Aggressive Child

16. The Aliens have landed

17. Quiz

18. Reflexology self help

19. How to Bust Stress? 

20. Pictionary

21. Stages of Learning

22. Scrapbooking Hands on Session

23. Excuse Me! 

24. Associate It! Brainstorming Activity 

25. Grooming Tips and Quick make Up Application 

26. Cute Cat Craft for kids 

27. Story Time 

28. Kennings, Finger Painting and Homemade Puzzles 

29. People and Personalities 

30. Story Time – The Very Hungry Caterpillar 

31. Discussion on 7 Types of Intelligences 



7 thoughts on “Presentations

  1. Yvette says:


    Thanks for creating this cool website. I see that you are a scrapbooker too, and I would love to invite you to join our scrapbooking club, for details please feel free to email or call me at 050-1139370.

    I am interested to attend your next presentations, and also to see the previous presentations that you listed above. How shall I get access to those?

    Thanks a bunch.


  2. Bonita says:


    Happy new year,Congrats for a great job done.I would like to join your coffee mornings and meet ups how can I do that.I am a montessori teacher, so if i can be of any help pls let me know. all the best for a great year.



  3. farzana says:

    hi faryal

    i am realy ur fan by this way u r removing frustration and deppression of newly and old mothers, becoz the hands tht rock the credil ruol the worl so u r playing the very important roll by educating moms, i want to tell you tht i am a fashion desighner of ladies cloths and mother of two kidz actuall now my kidz one is 2.5 and another is one year tht way i am again start working on my projects like i get diffrent fabrics and desighn them mostly latest desighn of shalwar qameez and then for my sisters sell on very low margin profit imean i realy work on quality. if i can exibit with you then pls let me know i will be great full. right now i am in pakistan but residence of dubai my cell no is 00923052727204

    mrs farzana Saleem

  4. saadia says:

    hey everyone,
    I recently came across this forum and i really liked it, because most of us here in UAE are living away from our families and need some sort of a platform where we can discuss our issues.This is a really nice way to learn from each other and i congratulate Faryal for the success of this forum.
    I would like to be a part of this forum, can you guide me as to how can i join?

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