Back to School

imagesBack to school is here! Books, uniforms, bags, shoes and so much more… Mumz how are the preparations going?

It takes a lot of preparation at the beginning of the school year. For parents whose children will be joining school for the first time; it is going to be a real challenging period. Begin to talk to your child about school and how much fun it would be. Show pictures and videos of children engaged in activities at school. Take your child to the new premises so that he/she may get acquainted with the environment. But most of all prepare yourself to tackle the morning drop off time and the new routine.

I hope it would be a great start for all Mumz and kiddos.


MBC SHOW 2011, Dubai

The Mother, Baby and Child Show, not your average expo!

Everything for your family under one roof!

Following the hugely successful event last year, Pampers will be the proud Headline Sponsor of the Mother Baby and Child show for the second consecutive year. The three day event will kick off at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre (DIEC) on December 8th-10th.

As a brand that is committed to babies’ healthy development Pampers will set out to introduce the new Pampers Premium Care diaper.

The Mother, Baby and Child Show is not your average expo, this is the essential event where you will find everything for your family under one roof! Over three action packed days we invite you to the Dubai International Exhibition Centre to shop from over 100 of the latest brands from cool Crocs at up to 80% off! To the latest brands and innovations, the Mother, Baby and Child Show has it all.

Your little ones will delight in singing, dancing and laughing along with some of the best-loved characters from children’s TV. Or perhaps they prefer to romp in the play areas.

There is more! The Show brings together a whole host of experts and organisations ready to answer your pregnancy questions and parenting concerns. Of course, the companies exhibiting are themselves experts in their field so you can walk away with informed decisions. Nestle brands will be on hand to talk about nutrition, while Gaviscon & Nurofen are just two of the many health related brands who will be offering sound advice on deal with pregnancy symptoms to pain and fever management.

Crowds enjoying the entertainment at previous MBC show

During a fun day out you can work up quite an appetite!

The Feeding Area brought to you by Milupa/Aptajunior Is a private breastfeeding and toddler feeding area with comfortable facilities to help make your day at The Show as easy as possible. When you fancy break or just the opportunity to put your feet up, then pop along to Mums Meeting Area, where you can hook up with friends or meet other new and expectant mums for a chat. Imagine being part of a club that makes life easier, supports you during pregnancy and introduces you to new friends. This is exactly what is all about the new website soon to launch in English and Arabic provides a complete online guide to pregnancy and beyond there for you whenever you need advice or information.

Forgot the changing bag?

You don’t have to worry about baby changing facilities at The Mother, Baby and Child Show – help is at hand from Sudocrem! They have been running the official Changing Room since The Show launched in 2004, and it always proves to be one of our most popular and useful facilities for mums and dads with free samples for all visitors. Pampers® will also be providing a range of nappies and wipes free of charge As well as sampling their latest ranges, you can talk to their specialists about the Pampers® product range, which includes not only nappies but also wipes and changing mats that meet your baby’s needs at every stage of their development – from newborn to toddlers.


The Mother, Baby and Child show is the place to experience the magical world of parenting this December. With everything under one roof, the Middle East’s largest baby and parenting exhibition. Offers, expert speakers, international entertainment and competitions worth thousands of Dirham’s this is not to be missed opportunity.

Mark it in your diary & tell you friends! It’s an event not to be missed!



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Mother Baby & Child Show, Dubai

Mother Baby and Child Show

Music, Fun and Games, TV Characters, Prizes Galore on Offer MBC Show 2010

The Mother Baby and Child Show 2010 will take place at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre (DIEC) on December 2nd – 4th. Event organizers TME promise three days full of fun and games for the whole family. This year there will be an all-new and exciting schedule and we will play host a comprehensive show with traditional Emirati performances to mark National Day for people from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions to come together to experience the traditions and culture of the people of the UAE , along with popular international children’s characters.

TME, the organisers of the show are delighted to announce Pampers, as the headline sponsor.

As well providing free seminars and workshops for new and expectant parents, with an opportunity for mothers to ‘ask an expert’ on a number of important subjects, such as baby’s health and nutrition. They will be introducing some new wonderful technological enhancements to their nappy range.

Pampers are committed to improving the experience babies get from wearing their nappies. They are continually learning from mums and babies. More than 20,000 babies from around the world involving more than 300,000 diaper changes were part of the development of Dry Max. This is one of Pampers’ most thoroughly researched and tested news products ever.

“It is highly reassuring that the new Pampers nappies with Dry Max technology has undergone tests by the manufacturers which were very thorough, and establish that they provide the absorbency and dryness performance people expect from a Pampers nappy. They definitely represent a step forward in terms of lightness and thinness, both of which are likely to improve babies’ comfort and freedom of movement.”
Dr David J. Atherton, Paediatric Dermatologist

“This year we have packed in as many activities as possible for both children and parents. With 25,000 visitors expected over three days, we have also made attending the event more convenient, by providing a full range of support services, such as a fully equipped baby changing and feeding area with free Sudocrem and nappies. Many high street brands will also be on display, many of them with exciting promotions exclusive to the show, including Crocs who will be retailing at up to 80% off RRP” said Shannon Norris, Events Director for TME.

There will also be competitions with thousands of Dirhams’ worth of fabulous prizes up for grabs. The star prize however remains a luxury holiday with Marriott Vacation Club.

For more information on the show, exhibitors, activity schedules and competitions, log on to

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Popular children’s character to perform live at Mother, Baby & Child Show

with Messages of Personal Value, Growth and Love

The Mother Baby and Child Show 2009, will play host to a very special visitor in December, the lovable prehistoric character ‘Barney’ will be performing live at the MBC event which takes place at the DICEC- Dubai World Trade Centre 4th-6th December.

Shannon Norris, Exhibition Director of Mother Baby & Child Show commented, “Due to the overwhelming success of our previous shows and the unprecedented demand for Barney, he has agreed to perform again this year for the children of the UAE.”

Children see him as their trusted friend, one who accompanies them as they learn their ABCs, develops their social skills and helps them to express and manage their feelings. To them he’s a fun-loving purple Tyrannosaurus Rex, 200 million years old, friendly, huggable and lovable whose favourite colour just happens to be purple!

However upon closer inspection, Barney is a great resource for parents. Through five distinct areas; Sharing, Caring, Imagining, Dancing and Learning, Barney helps children develop a range of skills essential for their personal development. In a nutshell, Barney offers the most complete skill set around.

Barney will perform live on stage each day at the Mother, Baby & Child Show and will educate and entertain the audience through a series of interactive music, song and dance routines. Naturally audience participation is a must!

The Mother Baby & Child Show has ‘grown up fast’ since its arrival in Dubai in 2004, the event features top international and local brands/retailers and entertainment providers covering more than 4,000 square metres.

For more information about Barney, please visit


Join the fun in this Super-dee dooper musical bonanzaBarney greets the kids

For more information about Mother Baby & Child Show 2009, please visit

Toilet Training Resistance

Found this information on the web, very useful.

What is toilet training resistance?

Children who refuse to be toilet trained either wet themselves, soil themselves, or try to hold back their bowel movements (thus becoming constipated). Many of these children also refuse to sit on the toilet or will use the toilet only if a parent brings up the subject and marches them into the bathroom.

Any child who is over 3 years old, healthy, and not toilet trained after several months of trying can be assumed to be resistant to the process rather than undertrained. Consider how capable your child is at delaying a bowel movement (BM) until he or she is off the toilet and has a chance to hide. More practice runs (such as you used in toilet training) will not help. Instead, your child needs full responsibility and some incentives to spark her motivation.

The most common cause of resistance to toilet training is that a child has been reminded or lectured too much. Some children have been forced to sit on the toilet against their will, occasionally for long periods of time. A few have been spanked or punished in other ways for not cooperating. Many parents make these mistakes, especially if they have a strong-willed child. How can I help my child with daytime wetting or soiling? Most children younger than 5 or 6 years of age with soiling (encopresis) or daytime wetting without any other symptoms are simply engaged with you in a power struggle.

These children can be helped with the following suggestions. If your child holds back BMs and becomes constipated, medicines will also be needed.

1. Transfer all responsibility to your child. Your child will decide to use the toilet only after he realizes that he has nothing left to resist. Have one last talk with him about the subject. Tell your child that his body makes “pee” and “poop” every day and it belongs to him. Tell him that his “poop” wants to be in the toilet and his job is to help the “poop” come out. Tell your child you’re sorry you punished him, forced him to sit on the toilet, or reminded him so much. Tell him from now on he doesn’t need any help. Then stop all talk about this subject (“potty talk”). Pretend you’re not worried about this subject. When your child stops hearing conversation about not going, she will eventually decide to go to the bathroom for attention.

2. Stop all reminders about using the toilet. Let your child decide when she needs to go to the bathroom. Don’t remind her to go to the bathroom or ask her if she needs to go. She knows what it feels like when she has to “poop” or “pee” and where the bathroom is. Reminders are a form of pressure, and pressure keeps the power struggle going. Stop all practice runs and never make her sit on the toilet against her will because this always increase resistance. Don’t accompany your child into the bathroom or stand with her by the potty chair unless she asks you to. She needs to gain the feeling of success that comes from doing it her way.

3. Give incentives for using the toilet. Your main job is to find the right incentive. Special incentives, such as favorite sweets or video time, can be invaluable. For using the toilet for BMs, initially err on the side of giving her too much (for example, several food treats each time). Remember that incentives work even better if it is a special treat that your child doesn’t get everyday. If you want a breakthrough, make your child an offer she can’t refuse (such as going somewhere special). In addition, give positive feedback, such as praise and hugs every time your child uses the toilet. On successful days consider taking 20 extra minutes to play a special game with your child or take her to her favorite playground.

4. Give stars for using the toilet. Get a calendar for your child and post it in a conspicuous location. Have her place a star on it every time she uses the toilet. Keep this record of progress until your child has gone 1 month without any accidents.

5. Make the potty chair convenient. Be sure to keep the potty chair in the room your child usually plays in. This gives her a convenient visual reminder about her options whenever she feels the need to go to the bathroom. For urinating, the presence of the chair and the promise of treats will usually bring about a change in behavior. Don’t remind her even if she’s squirming and dancing to hold back the urine.

6. Diapers, Pull-ups, or underwear. Whenever possible, replace pull-ups or diapers with underwear. Help your child pick out some underwear with favorite characters on them. Then remind her “they don’t like poop or pee on them.” This usually precipitates the correct decision on the part of the child. Even if your child wets the underwear, persist with this plan. If your child holds back BMs, allow selective access to diapers or pull-ups for BMs only. Preventing stool-holding is very important.

7. Remind your child to change his clothes if he wets or soils himself. As soon as you notice that your child has wet or messy pants, tell her to clean herself up. The main role you have in this program is to enforce the rule: “people can’t walk around with messy pants.” If your child is wet, she can probably change into dry clothes by herself. If your child is soiled, she will probably need your help with cleanup. If your child refuses to let you change her, ground her in her bedroom until she is ready.

8. Don’t punish or criticize your child for accidents. Respond gently to accidents, and do not allow siblings to tease the child. Pressure will only delay successful training, and it could cause secondary emotional problems. Your child needs you to be her ally.

9. Ask the preschool or day care staff to use the same strategy. Ask your child’s teacher or day care provider to let your child go to the bathroom any time he wants to. Keep an extra set of clean underwear at the school or with the day care provider. When should I call my child’s health care provider? Call during office hours if: • Your child holds back his or her bowel movements or becomes constipated. • Pain or burning occurs when your child urinates. • Your child is afraid to sit on the potty chair. – Your child’s resistance has not improved after 1 month on this program. • The resistance has not stopped completely after 3 months.

Nursery Schools in Dubai

Here is info on nurseries in Dubai. I hope this will be useful to you mumz.

Al Diyafah Nursery
Al Qusais
PO Box: 24023
Tel: 04 267 1115

Alphabet Street Nursery 
PO Box: 75460
Tel: 04 348 5991

Al Salam Nursery and Private School
Al Qusais
PO Box: 5251


Tel: 04 267 9594

Apple International School
PO Box: 50091
Tel: 04 344 4441/342 0363

Baby Land Nursery PO Box: 72299 


Tel: 04 348 6874


Bright Morning Nursery & Daycare CentrePO Box: 45428 Dubai
Tel: 04 394 6118
Umm Suqeim


British Orchard Nursery

PO Box: 125045Tel: 04 398 3536



The Children’s GardenPO Box: 211336 Tel: 04 885 34 84
Green Community


Children’s OasisPO Box: 62265  Tel: 04 348 8981


Child’s PlayTel: 04-348 0788  Email to


Cocoon NurseryTel: 04-394 9394.


De La Salle Montessori International Nursery & CrechePO Box: 62265
Tel: 04 398 6218

Dubai Gem Nursery PO Box: 989 Dubai

Tel: 04 345 3550

Al Wasl, near Iranian Hospital


Dubai Infants SchoolPO Box: 11444 Dubai
Tel: 04 337 1463

Emerald City NurseryTel: 04-349 0848  Email to

Fantasy Land Montessori NurseryPO Box 50841 Dubai
Tel: 04-348 6301 / 348 6302

Gulf Montessori NurseryPO Box: 8269 Dubai
Tel: 04 282 7046

Happy Home NurseryPO Box: 6526 Dubai
Tel: 04 396 1995


Happy Kids NurseryPO Box: 31405 Dubai
Tel: 04 273 1333


Hope Montessori Nursery & Day CarePO Box: 43126 Dubai
Tel: 04 352 1587


Jebel Ali Village NurseryPO Box: 53951 Dubai
Tel: 04 884 5276


Jumeirah International NurseryPO Box: 24857 Dubai
Tel: 04 394 5567



Jumeirah International Nursery SchoolPO Box: 24857 Dubai

Kids Cottage NurseryPO Box: 900
Tel: 04 394 2145

Kids Island NurseryPO Box: 7994 Dubai
Tel: 04 394 2578/394 2579


Kids Palace Nursery04-348 41 63.


Kids Talent center
POBox: 3202 Dubai
Tel: 04 3370420

The Kings’ Dubai NurseryPO Box: 381 199 Dubai
Tel: 04 348 3939

Ladybird NurseryTel: 04-344 1011.

Little Land Nursery & Montessori CentrePO Box: 53619 Dubai
Tel: 04 394 4471

Little Princess Day Care & NurseryPO Box: 20424 Dubai
Tel: 04 263 4666


Little Star NurseryPO Box: 28596 Dubai
Tel: 04 398 2004




Little Wings International Nursery

Jumeirah 2, Al Wasl Road, Street 2b, Villa 43

Phone no.: 00971 (0) 34 90 553

Fax no.: 00971 (0) 34 90 556





Little Woods Nursery

Tel: 04–394 6155

Fax: 04-3946955
Location: Street 4C, Safa 2 Area, Dubai 




Little WondersPOBox: 214563 Dubai
Tel: 04 394 9881

Love & Care Nursery PO Box: 55703 DubaiTel: 04 261 2117


Montessori Dubai Nursery
PO Box: 2915, Dubai
Tel: 04 395 5788


Mother Care NurseryPO Box: 23318, Dubai
Tel: 04 349 6955


The New Dubai Nursery PO Box: 7552 Dubai
Tel: 04 398 4900

The New Nursery SchoolTel: 04-344 083

Rainbow Nursery PO Box: 11936 Dubai
Tel: 04 342 9599

Safa NurseryPO Box: 3147 Dubai
Tel: 04 344 3878
Fax: 04 344 3870


Seashells NurseryTel: 04-3413404Website:


Small Steps NurseryPO Box: 72590 Dubai
Tel: 04 288 3347


Small World NurseriesPO Box: 6446 DubaiTel: 04 348 0788 Website:


Smart Children’s NurseryPO Box: 30939 Dubai
Tel: 04 398 0074


Super Kids NurseryP.O. Box 34153 – Dubai
Tel: 04-288 1949
website: and


Tender Love and Care Nursery 
PO Box: 500570 Dubai
Tel: 04 367 1636


The City Nursery
Tel: 04 289 9722


The Primary NurseryPO Box: 1563 Dubai
Tel: 04 269 5828


The Tiny Home Montessori NurseryPO Box: 46768 Dubai
Tel: 04 349 3201

Wisdom International Nursery & DaycareTel: 04 344 6371
Fax: 04-344 6372
PO Box: 26993 Dubai

World NurseryPOBox: 56732 Tel: 04 261 3025


Yellow Brick Road NurseryPO Box: 34239 Dubai
Tel: 04 282 8290


Little children always get into scrapes and no one knows this better than their mother.

Most scrapes are minor and only need home treatment and lots of kisses on the bad ‘boo-boo’. Its important to attend to such incidents fast without the hassle of rummaging through drawers and rooms for a bandage here or an ointment there. An updated first aid kit that has all the essentials is a must-have for any efficient mom. Some pharmaceutical stores will sell pre-packaged first aid kits but you can put together your own with these simple tips. Store these in an unused lunch box out of reach of children. Keeping an accessible, portable first aid kit also makes it easier to carry along on picnics and outdoor trips when bruises and cuts are most likely to happen.

You’ll need:

* Acetaminophen and/or
* Ibuprofen (with a chart for weight-appropriate doses
  and a dosage spoon)
* Band-aids (assorted shapes and sizes for knuckles,
   knees and fingertips)
* Antiseptic wipes
* Antibiotic ointment
* Burn ointment
* Sterile roll gauze (in 3 and 4 inch sizes)
* First aid tape
* Bandage scissors
* Thermometer
* Tweezers and a magnifying glass
* A first aid guidebook

Other standard medicine-chest supplies include sunscreen (minimum SPF 15) and an anti-itch cream for rashes during summer.
Its also a good idea to keep telephone numbers of the closest children’s hospital’s emergency services in the first aid kit, along your child’s pediatrician’s name and number, and prescriptions for any medication your child is taking.

Like charity and hygiene, safety also begins at home, and now you can rest assured that you’re all set to banish that boo-boo.

Article contributed by our newest active member, Nihal Taher.

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Playscapes Wall Murals- Decorate your Kids Rooms, Ideal for Nursery

 Playscapes Wall Murals are such an exciting concept in kids rooms decorating and nursery decor! We handcraft and hand paint all the childrens’ wall art and kids’ room accessories, add Velcro pads to the back and then package our wall mural kits and freight them worldwide direct to your door!

 The Jungle theme was the first design created by Playscapes and remains the favorite to this day! Brightly coloured Jungle animals with friendly faces will adorn your childs playroom or bedroom. The gorgeous little African Rondarvel will make decorating your childs bedroom your greatest thrill.  

All you do is paint the wall in your chosen colour, plan your design then simply peel away the backing tape on the murals and adhere. In a couple of hours you will have the most gorgeous room that you did yourself! Another bonus is it is also interactive. Children are encouraged to pick the apples off the tree, fly the bees around and place them back. This improves their hand-eye coordination and fine dexterity. Another bonus is of course if you find you have to relocate, simply take your Playscapes kids’ murals ( or wall art) with you and remove the Velcro without marking the walls!

When ordering at Playscapes, please mention that you heard about Playscapes from Creative Mumz.



           Seaside Teddies theme is a warm favorite with old-fashioned Teddies and sailing boats. It is perfect decorating for the nursery and we have adorable nursery furniture to match. Childrens stools, garden seats and other hand-painted furniture are available for nursery decorating. The Seaside theme is perfect for Nursery design as it is designed for boys and girls. This childrens wall mural will be loved for years to come.   

Creative Mumz Kitchen – Send in your recipes..   

Welcome to the Creative Mumz Kitchen!

This is it Mumz, your very own kitchen!

Creative Mumz Kitchen aims to be a one stop ‘what to cook’ guide. You can check out interesting mouth watering dishes and also post your favourite recipes at Creative Mumz Kitchen.

cutecolorsrecipeicon6.gifPost a recipe: If you cook great food and would be happy to share those yummy recipes with us, please send them to (Font: Times New Roman, Size: 10)

cutecolorsrecipeicon5.gifSend in your tips: You can also send in your cooking tips and tricks to

You can send in your recipes in the following categories:

  • Non Veg
  • Vegetarian
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Baby Food
  • Desserts
  • So moms pen down all those yummy recipes and send them in…for the love of sharing!!


    If a child lives with Criticism, He learns to Condemn.
    If a child lives with Hostility, He learns to Fight.
    If a child lives with Ridicule, He learns to be Shy.
    If a child lives with Encouragement, He learns Confidence.
    If a child lives with Shame, He learns to feel Guilty.
    If a child lives with Tolerance, He learns to be Patient.
    If a child lives with Praise, He learns to Appreciate.
    If a child lives with Security, He learns to have Faith.
    If a child lives with Approval, He learns to Like Himself.
    If a child lives with Acceptance and Friendship, He learns to Find Love in the World.


    Very true! Found these words,wanted to share with you all.

    Nursery Schools in Sharjah

    Dear Mums….. It is a great challenge to find the right nursery school for your child. The first nursery school environment that we choose for our kids is very important since it is the first step that they take to explore the outside world without us and this really sets the tune for learning for the years to come. Here are some options in Sharjah.

    (Also check out our group’s activities, upcoming events, story time and play sessions for kids and mums, Log on to or write to


    P.O.Box: 15231 Sharjah
    06-566 1197
    Ramla Area


    Sharjah, 06-5371157


    Po Box 23362, Sharjah



    Po Box 40811, Sharjah



    Po Box 4615, Sharjah

    Al Gubaibah, near Gold Centre



    P.O.Box: 2315 Sharjah
    06-524 4454
    Green Belt Park


    P.O.Box: 32928 Sharjah
    06-528 3010


    P.O.Box: 2388 Sharjah
    06 563 7568
    Maisloon Area


    P.O.Box: 64975 Sharjah
    06-544 0558
    Rifaa Area


    Po Box 5201, Sharjah



    P.O.Box: 39390 Sharjah
    06-528 1852
    Al Khan area


    Po Box 7049 , Sharjah



    Po Box 3335, Sharjah



    Age Group: 2 – 3 Years
    POBox: 20121 Sharjah
    06-563 6847



    06-566 1133


    P.O.Box: 44067 Sharjah
    06 522 5635


    Villa was previously used by the ‘New Filipino English School’
    Ramla West


    British Foundation Stage Curriculum
    Near Sharjah Ladies Club
    PO Box: 45048



    P.O.Box: 40658 Sharjah
    06 534 6333
    Off University, Airport Road 


    Po Box 4652, Sharjah



    P.OBox: 5395 Sharjah
    06- 563 1772



    Post Box No.:34295




    P.O.Box: 23773 Sharjah
    06-522 6710
    Near Quran Roundabout



    Timing: Sun- Thur : 8:00am-12:30pm,8:00am-3:00pm, 8:00am-5:30pm


    P.O.Box: 7049 Sharjah
    0- 566 0990


    Tel: 5280787




    P.O.Box: 28673 Sharjah
    06-522 4795
    Al Ghafia


    P.O.Box: 66733 Sharjah
    06 5247710
    Sharjah to Ajman Beach Road


    Near Kuwaiti Hospital

    Contact: 06- 5222863, 06-5222544


    Post Box No.:34295
    Sharjah, U.A.E.



    POBox: 30996 Sharjah
    06- 5247767


    P.O.Box: 68608 Sharjah

    (Near the new Maroor Dept.)
    Al Ramaquia
    Sharjah, UAE
    Telephone: 06-548-7522
    Fax: 06-548-7523


    P.O.Box: Sharjah

    Nutrition For Toddlers/Children 

    Mums, its best that we give our kids snacks that are high in nutrition. Here are some ideas for snacks for your little ones. Even older kids can be given nutritious foods between meals to promote health and cut down on extra calories gained by consuming sugary high fat snacks. 

    Snacks for Toddlers

    The best snacks are mini meals, not meal wreckers, so start small and give your child just enough to hold him until the next meal. Of course, this does not always work out perfectly with one- and two-year-olds, since their appetites are erratic. It’s OK if your child ends up eating a bigger snack as long as it’s healthy.

    • Fruit juice
    • Natural cheese such as cheddar.
    • Milk (full-fat for up to two years old)
    • Yogurt (full-fat for up to two years old)
    • Hard-cooked eggs
    • Cottage cheese (full-fat for up to two years old)
    • Tuna
    • Whole grain breads and crackers
    • Fruit (with the exception of whole grapes)
    • Weetabix with milk 
    • Fresh fruit blended with milk
    • Pudding made with full-fat milk
    • Dry cereal or a small bowl of cereal with milk
    • Vegetable juices
    • Well-cooked vegetables such as a sliced, peeled sweet potato
    • Tortillas

    Creative Mumz is a group of creative ladies in Dubai and Sharjah. To join us please write to or log on to