Back to School

imagesBack to school is here! Books, uniforms, bags, shoes and so much more… Mumz how are the preparations going?

It takes a lot of preparation at the beginning of the school year. For parents whose children will be joining school for the first time; it is going to be a real challenging period. Begin to talk to your child about school and how much fun it would be. Show pictures and videos of children engaged in activities at school. Take your child to the new premises so that he/she may get acquainted with the environment. But most of all prepare yourself to tackle the morning drop off time and the new routine.

I hope it would be a great start for all Mumz and kiddos.


Sparkles Online School

Sparkles Online School

Sparkles Online School

Welcome to Sparkles Online School. We are proud to announce the beginning of our online school.

Sparkles Online School is an online resource created with the aim of supporting teaching and learning at primary school level. Our aim is to empower teachers and students alike. Our videos present concepts that would make learning in core subjects enjoyable.

Videos are available in English and Urdu language. We have covered various concepts in Mathematics, Science and English. Art videos will be added shortly. We shall be adding videos to creative mumz

We hope you will enjoy watching and learning!

MBC SHOW 2011, Dubai

The Mother, Baby and Child Show, not your average expo!

Everything for your family under one roof!

Following the hugely successful event last year, Pampers will be the proud Headline Sponsor of the Mother Baby and Child show for the second consecutive year. The three day event will kick off at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre (DIEC) on December 8th-10th.

As a brand that is committed to babies’ healthy development Pampers will set out to introduce the new Pampers Premium Care diaper.

The Mother, Baby and Child Show is not your average expo, this is the essential event where you will find everything for your family under one roof! Over three action packed days we invite you to the Dubai International Exhibition Centre to shop from over 100 of the latest brands from cool Crocs at up to 80% off! To the latest brands and innovations, the Mother, Baby and Child Show has it all.

Your little ones will delight in singing, dancing and laughing along with some of the best-loved characters from children’s TV. Or perhaps they prefer to romp in the play areas.

There is more! The Show brings together a whole host of experts and organisations ready to answer your pregnancy questions and parenting concerns. Of course, the companies exhibiting are themselves experts in their field so you can walk away with informed decisions. Nestle brands will be on hand to talk about nutrition, while Gaviscon & Nurofen are just two of the many health related brands who will be offering sound advice on deal with pregnancy symptoms to pain and fever management.

Crowds enjoying the entertainment at previous MBC show

During a fun day out you can work up quite an appetite!

The Feeding Area brought to you by Milupa/Aptajunior Is a private breastfeeding and toddler feeding area with comfortable facilities to help make your day at The Show as easy as possible. When you fancy break or just the opportunity to put your feet up, then pop along to Mums Meeting Area, where you can hook up with friends or meet other new and expectant mums for a chat. Imagine being part of a club that makes life easier, supports you during pregnancy and introduces you to new friends. This is exactly what is all about the new website soon to launch in English and Arabic provides a complete online guide to pregnancy and beyond there for you whenever you need advice or information.

Forgot the changing bag?

You don’t have to worry about baby changing facilities at The Mother, Baby and Child Show – help is at hand from Sudocrem! They have been running the official Changing Room since The Show launched in 2004, and it always proves to be one of our most popular and useful facilities for mums and dads with free samples for all visitors. Pampers® will also be providing a range of nappies and wipes free of charge As well as sampling their latest ranges, you can talk to their specialists about the Pampers® product range, which includes not only nappies but also wipes and changing mats that meet your baby’s needs at every stage of their development – from newborn to toddlers.


The Mother, Baby and Child show is the place to experience the magical world of parenting this December. With everything under one roof, the Middle East’s largest baby and parenting exhibition. Offers, expert speakers, international entertainment and competitions worth thousands of Dirham’s this is not to be missed opportunity.

Mark it in your diary & tell you friends! It’s an event not to be missed!



For more information on the show, exhibitors, activity schedules and competitions, log on to

Spread Some Inspiration with Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Story selected and published by Philadephia, here is the link.

Be Inspired by Faryal Amir
Creative Mumz Founder

“I had a lot of free time and did not know how to use it. I felt there were more women of my ilk who cannot find venues to interact creatively. We organise workshops, coffee evenings, story telling sessions for children, post our queries and seek counsel from other members,” Faryal Amir

When Faryal Amir had her second child, she had to give up her job. Feeling cut off from her usual social circle, she instituted Creative Mumz, a platform for women who would share a skill, information, personal experiences with fellow members who are a mix of single women, mothers, aunties and grandmothers.

The group emerged dynamically online with interesting monthly newsletters and other online competitions. Faryal Amir, with little help from close members organises events, develops the newsletter and updates the website which has more than 500 daily visits.

Her efforts have been recognised by some leading newspapers and television channels. A notable number of women in the UAE are associated with the group and lots from all across the world through the web portal;

Exclusive Launch & Book Signing Event of the novel, I Know Who You Are! at Karachi International Book Fair 2009

Liberty Books presents the

Exclusive Launch & Book Signing Event of the novel,

I Know Who You Are! by Pakistani twin authors, Mariam and Fatima Masood,

during the Karachi International Book Fair 2009.

Be at the Karachi Expo Center, Activity Area, Hall 1

on Sunday, 13th December 2009 between 1:00 -1:45 pm in the afternoon.

Find Creative Mumz on Facebook

Creative Mumz now has an interactive Facebook® Fan page. Facebook users who become a Fan of Creative Mumz can now stay up to date on the latest info and news, along with post photos and videos of themselves that would help others to bring out their creativity.

To become a Fan of Creative Mumz on Facebook, go to Creative Mumz and click on the “Find us on Facebook” icon. (Located in the upper right corner of the Creative Mumz homepage.)

Happy Facebooking!



Popular children’s character to perform live at Mother, Baby & Child Show

with Messages of Personal Value, Growth and Love

The Mother Baby and Child Show 2009, will play host to a very special visitor in December, the lovable prehistoric character ‘Barney’ will be performing live at the MBC event which takes place at the DICEC- Dubai World Trade Centre 4th-6th December.

Shannon Norris, Exhibition Director of Mother Baby & Child Show commented, “Due to the overwhelming success of our previous shows and the unprecedented demand for Barney, he has agreed to perform again this year for the children of the UAE.”

Children see him as their trusted friend, one who accompanies them as they learn their ABCs, develops their social skills and helps them to express and manage their feelings. To them he’s a fun-loving purple Tyrannosaurus Rex, 200 million years old, friendly, huggable and lovable whose favourite colour just happens to be purple!

However upon closer inspection, Barney is a great resource for parents. Through five distinct areas; Sharing, Caring, Imagining, Dancing and Learning, Barney helps children develop a range of skills essential for their personal development. In a nutshell, Barney offers the most complete skill set around.

Barney will perform live on stage each day at the Mother, Baby & Child Show and will educate and entertain the audience through a series of interactive music, song and dance routines. Naturally audience participation is a must!

The Mother Baby & Child Show has ‘grown up fast’ since its arrival in Dubai in 2004, the event features top international and local brands/retailers and entertainment providers covering more than 4,000 square metres.

For more information about Barney, please visit


Join the fun in this Super-dee dooper musical bonanzaBarney greets the kids

For more information about Mother Baby & Child Show 2009, please visit

Toilet Training Resistance

Found this information on the web, very useful.

What is toilet training resistance?

Children who refuse to be toilet trained either wet themselves, soil themselves, or try to hold back their bowel movements (thus becoming constipated). Many of these children also refuse to sit on the toilet or will use the toilet only if a parent brings up the subject and marches them into the bathroom.

Any child who is over 3 years old, healthy, and not toilet trained after several months of trying can be assumed to be resistant to the process rather than undertrained. Consider how capable your child is at delaying a bowel movement (BM) until he or she is off the toilet and has a chance to hide. More practice runs (such as you used in toilet training) will not help. Instead, your child needs full responsibility and some incentives to spark her motivation.

The most common cause of resistance to toilet training is that a child has been reminded or lectured too much. Some children have been forced to sit on the toilet against their will, occasionally for long periods of time. A few have been spanked or punished in other ways for not cooperating. Many parents make these mistakes, especially if they have a strong-willed child. How can I help my child with daytime wetting or soiling? Most children younger than 5 or 6 years of age with soiling (encopresis) or daytime wetting without any other symptoms are simply engaged with you in a power struggle.

These children can be helped with the following suggestions. If your child holds back BMs and becomes constipated, medicines will also be needed.

1. Transfer all responsibility to your child. Your child will decide to use the toilet only after he realizes that he has nothing left to resist. Have one last talk with him about the subject. Tell your child that his body makes “pee” and “poop” every day and it belongs to him. Tell him that his “poop” wants to be in the toilet and his job is to help the “poop” come out. Tell your child you’re sorry you punished him, forced him to sit on the toilet, or reminded him so much. Tell him from now on he doesn’t need any help. Then stop all talk about this subject (“potty talk”). Pretend you’re not worried about this subject. When your child stops hearing conversation about not going, she will eventually decide to go to the bathroom for attention.

2. Stop all reminders about using the toilet. Let your child decide when she needs to go to the bathroom. Don’t remind her to go to the bathroom or ask her if she needs to go. She knows what it feels like when she has to “poop” or “pee” and where the bathroom is. Reminders are a form of pressure, and pressure keeps the power struggle going. Stop all practice runs and never make her sit on the toilet against her will because this always increase resistance. Don’t accompany your child into the bathroom or stand with her by the potty chair unless she asks you to. She needs to gain the feeling of success that comes from doing it her way.

3. Give incentives for using the toilet. Your main job is to find the right incentive. Special incentives, such as favorite sweets or video time, can be invaluable. For using the toilet for BMs, initially err on the side of giving her too much (for example, several food treats each time). Remember that incentives work even better if it is a special treat that your child doesn’t get everyday. If you want a breakthrough, make your child an offer she can’t refuse (such as going somewhere special). In addition, give positive feedback, such as praise and hugs every time your child uses the toilet. On successful days consider taking 20 extra minutes to play a special game with your child or take her to her favorite playground.

4. Give stars for using the toilet. Get a calendar for your child and post it in a conspicuous location. Have her place a star on it every time she uses the toilet. Keep this record of progress until your child has gone 1 month without any accidents.

5. Make the potty chair convenient. Be sure to keep the potty chair in the room your child usually plays in. This gives her a convenient visual reminder about her options whenever she feels the need to go to the bathroom. For urinating, the presence of the chair and the promise of treats will usually bring about a change in behavior. Don’t remind her even if she’s squirming and dancing to hold back the urine.

6. Diapers, Pull-ups, or underwear. Whenever possible, replace pull-ups or diapers with underwear. Help your child pick out some underwear with favorite characters on them. Then remind her “they don’t like poop or pee on them.” This usually precipitates the correct decision on the part of the child. Even if your child wets the underwear, persist with this plan. If your child holds back BMs, allow selective access to diapers or pull-ups for BMs only. Preventing stool-holding is very important.

7. Remind your child to change his clothes if he wets or soils himself. As soon as you notice that your child has wet or messy pants, tell her to clean herself up. The main role you have in this program is to enforce the rule: “people can’t walk around with messy pants.” If your child is wet, she can probably change into dry clothes by herself. If your child is soiled, she will probably need your help with cleanup. If your child refuses to let you change her, ground her in her bedroom until she is ready.

8. Don’t punish or criticize your child for accidents. Respond gently to accidents, and do not allow siblings to tease the child. Pressure will only delay successful training, and it could cause secondary emotional problems. Your child needs you to be her ally.

9. Ask the preschool or day care staff to use the same strategy. Ask your child’s teacher or day care provider to let your child go to the bathroom any time he wants to. Keep an extra set of clean underwear at the school or with the day care provider. When should I call my child’s health care provider? Call during office hours if: • Your child holds back his or her bowel movements or becomes constipated. • Pain or burning occurs when your child urinates. • Your child is afraid to sit on the potty chair. – Your child’s resistance has not improved after 1 month on this program. • The resistance has not stopped completely after 3 months.


There is a lot of choice when it comes to schools in Dubai. Here is a list of schools you may consider when deciding where to send you kids. To facilitate us the KHDA has provided us with an evaluation of schools too. Please see post regarding evaluation of Dubai schools. Best of luck!


PO Box: 94550 Dubai
Tel: 04 267 7100
Fax: 04 267 7300

Al Ghusais 


American Curriculum
KG – Secondary
PO Box: 87727 Dubai
Tel: 04 298 8666
Fax: 04 298 7666
Al Ghusais


Arabic Curriculum
KG – Grade 9
PO Box: 10558 Dubai
Tel: 04 272 9360, 273 2502
Fax: 04 272 9771


British Curriculum
KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 24023 Dubai
Tel: 04 267 1115
Fax: 04 267 1337


Pakistani Curriculum
KG – Grade 10
PO Box: 19496 Dubai
Tel: 04 264 3848
Fax: 04 264 2905


American, Arabic Curriculum 
KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 5126/37090 Dubai
Tel: 04 296 6314/394 5111
Fax: 04 296 6407/394 3040
Al Mamzar/Jumeirah 


American Curriculum
KG – Grade 10
PO Box: 87823 Dubai
Tel: 04 298 8881 
Fax: 04 298 8883
Al Ghusais


American, Arabic Curriculum 
KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 10799/35001 Dubai
Tel: 04 285 1415/347 8288
Fax: 04 285 1988/347 8077


American Curriculum
KG 1 – Grade 12
PO Box: 78484 Dubai
Tel: 04 288 7250
Fax: 04 288 7251


American Curriculum
Pre KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 54084 Dubai
Tel: 04 885 3330
Fax: 04 885 3331
Green Community 


British Curriculum Classes
PO Box: 5251 Dubai
Tel: 04 267 9594
Fax: 04 267 9593
Al Ghusais


British Curriculum 
PO Box: 16196 Dubai
Tel: 04 263 4083
Fax: 04 263 1078
Location: Al Ghusais 


American Curriculum
KG 1 – Grade 12
PO Box: 71188 Dubai
Tel: 04 344 0824
Fax: 04 344 1510


British Curriculum
KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 10563 Dubai
Tel: 04 288 6226, 288 6227
Fax: 04 288 6321
Al Mizhar (Al Khawaneej Road) 


Curriculum: CBSE
KG – Year 10
PO Box: 12861 Dubai
Tel: 04 265 2602
Fax: 04 265 2603


Curriculum: CBSE
KG – Grade 11
PO Box: 923 Dubai
Tel: 04 298 8866
Fax: 04 298 8299
Al Ghusais 


American Curriculum
KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 20850 Dubai
Tel: 04 338 7334
Fax: 04 338 7335
Al Quoz 


British Curriculum
PO Box: 79043 Dubai
Tel: 04 232 5552
Fax: 04 232 5151
Dubai Festival City 


Curriculum: CBSE
KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 38321 Dubai
Tel: 04 882 1848
Fax: 04 882 1849
The Gardens, Jebel Ali Village 


American Curriculum International Baccalaureate Diploma
KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 32762 Dubai
Tel: 04 347 9222
Fax: 04 347 6070
Al Barsha 


American Curriculum
KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 38188 Dubai
Tel: 04 339 2444 
Fax: 04 339 0390
Al Quoz


American Curriculum
KG – Grade 10
PO Box: 232212 Dubai
Tel: 04 288 2222
Fax: 04 288 2008
Muhaisna 1


British Curriculum
Foundation 1 – Year 13
PO Box: 37828 Dubai
Tel: 04 361 9361
Fax: 04 360 9294


British Curriculum
KG – Grade 11
PO Box: 51977 Dubai
Tel: 04 267 5424
Fax: 04 267 5991
Al Ghusais, behind Sahara Centre 


British Curriculum
Year 7 – Year 13 
PO Box: 837 Dubai
Tel: 04 399 9111
Fax: 04 399 9175
Umm Suqeim


British Curriculum
Reception – Year 6
PO Box: 2002 Dubai
Tel: 04 337 1457
Fax: 04 337 8932
Oud Metha Road 


British Curriculum
PO Box: 125814 Dubai
Tel: 04 360 4866
Fax: 04 360 4864
Academic City


British Curriculum
Classes: KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 989 Dubai
Tel: 04 337 6661, 337 0913 
Fax: 04 336 4524
Oud Metha Rd


British Curriculum
Classes: KG 1 – KG 2
PO Box: 11444 Dubai
Tel: 04 337 1463
Fax: 04 334 4772
Oud Metha Road 


International Baccalaureate Organization’s Programme
KG – Year 13
PO Box: 118111 Dubai
Tel: 04 368 4111
Fax: 04 361 9050
Emirates Hills 


American Curriculum
Classes: KG 1 – Grade 12
PO Box: 15495 Dubai
Tel: 04 282 3513, 04 282 3524/04 338 0370
Fax: 04 282 1362/04 338 0008
Al Garhoud


American Curriculum
KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 61720 Dubai
Tel: 04 288 5115
Fax: 04 288 5514


GEMS Schools
Indian School Certificate Examinations
Classes: KG – Year 12
PO Box: 53663 Dubai
Tel: 04 344 4244
Fax: 04 349 2329
Al Wasl


KG – Secondary/KG – Grade 12/KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 24060 Dubai/20057 Dubai/20057 Dubai
Tel: 04 347 4555/04 332 1555, 331 1081/04 298 8555
Fax: 04 347 4433/04 332 2788/04 298 8444


British Curriculum
KG – Grade 11
PO Box: 2819 Dubai
Tel: 04 298 8892
Fax: 04 298 8789
Al Qusaias


KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 7575 Dubai
Tel: 04 394 7355, 394 5626 
Fax: 04 394 3485


KG 1 – Year 13 
PO Box: 6446 Dubai
Tel: 04 348 9804
Fax: 04 348 2813


KG 1 – Year 12 
PO Box: 120118 Dubai
Tel: 04 362 9009
Fax: 04 362 9229


British Curriculum
Classes: Nursery – Year 13
PO Box: 6680 Dubai
Tel: 04 337 7503
Fax: 04 334 5644
Oud Metha Road


British Curriculum
KG1 – Grade 11
PO Box: 39292 Dubai
Tel: 04 264 6160
Fax: 04 264 6169
Al Ghusais


Pre KG – Grade 6
PO Box: 2226 Dubai
Tel: 04 336 8552
Fax: 04 336 8553
Oud Metha


British Curriculum
Classes: KG 1 – Year 6
PO Box: 29093 Dubai
Tel: 04 394 3500
Fax: 04 394 3960
Jumeirah 2


IB , KG – Grade 13
PO Box: 126260 Dubai
Tel: 050-551 3343
Al Barsha South 


KG – Grade 4
PO Box: 47072 Dubai
Tel: Temporary 050 897 2201
Dubai Academic City


British Curriculum
PO Box: 11230 Dubai
Tel: 04 282 4822
Fax: 04 282 8475
Al Garhoud 


International Baccalaureate

KG 1 – Grade 8 (Grade 9 September 2009)
PO Box: 282627 Dubai
Tel: 04 885 6600
Fax: 04 885 6611
Dubai Investment Park


KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 646 Dubai
Tel: 04 282 4455
Fax: 04 282 4854


Classes: KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 13683 Dubai
Tel: 04 254 4222
Fax: 04 254 4550


Pakistan ( Federal Board)
KG – Higher Secondary
PO Box: 26371 Dubai
Tel: 04 298 8303
Fax: 04 298 8343
Al Qusais


British Curriculum
Classes: Pre-School – Year 6
PO Box: 6749 Dubai
Tel: 04 342 2891
Fax: 04 342 9759


American Curriculum
KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 262 Dubai
Tel: 04 280 0993
Fax: 04 280 0989
Al Warqa 1


KG – Grade10
PO Box: 35901 Dubai
Tel: 04 280 0459
Fax: 04 280 0439
Al Warqa 1 


KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 19964 Dubai
Tel: 04 264 6001
Fax: 04 264 3331
Muhaisnah 1 


British Curriculum
PO Box: 17111 Dubai
Tel: 04 884 6485
Fax: 04 884 5373
Jebel Ali Village 


British Curriculum & International Baccalaureate
Foundation 1 to Year 13
PO Box: 24942 Dubai
Tel: 04 3619019
Fax: 04 361 5339
Jumeirah and Arabian Ranches 


GEMS Schools ,British Curriculum
Year 7 – Year 13
PO Box: 74856 Dubai
Tel: 04 395 4950 
Fax: 04 395 4586
Al Wasl


GEMS Schools ,British Curriculum
KG – Year 6
PO Box: 29093 Dubai
Tel: 04 394 3500
Fax: 04 394 3960
Al Wasl Road


British Curriculum
Foundation – Year 6
PO Box: 38199 Dubai
Tel: 04 348 3939
Fax: 04 348 3223
Umm Suqeim


KG 1 – Grade 5
PO Box: 19771 Dubai
Tel: 04 266 7620
Fax: 04 269 4931


KG – Grade 6
PO Box: 2226 Dubai
Tel: 04 336 8552
Fax: 04 336 8553


American Curriculum
KG 1 – Grade 9
PO Box: 79195 Dubai
Tel: 04 288 3303
Fax: 04 288 7401


American Curriculum
KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 11439 Dubai
Tel: 04 398 8873 
Fax: 04 398 8753


American Curriculum
KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 20315 Dubai
Tel: 04 288 4844 
Fax: 04 288 2377
Near Mirdiff Interchange


Kerala Syllabus
KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 3100 Dubai
Tel: 04 282 4313 
Fax: 04 282 5454
Al Garhoud Schools Area


American Curriculum
KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 54084 Dubai
Tel: 04 885 3330
Fax: 04 885 3331
Dubai Investment Park


Indian CBSE
KG – Year 12
PO Box: 3004 Dubai
Tel: 04 337 4112
Fax: 04 334 7650
Oud Metha 


Pakistan, FBISE
KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 621 Dubai
Tel: 04 337 3438
Fax: 04 334 7112
Bur Dubai 


American Curriculum
KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 185020 Dubai
Tel: 04 264 6202
Fax: 04 264 6203
Al Muhaisnah 4 


British Curriculum
KG – Year 12
PO Box: 60830, Al Nahda 2, Dubai
Tel: 04 267 4299
Fax: 04 267 5844
Back of Sahara Centre 


Pre-school – High School
PO Box: 122900 Dubai
Tel: 04 427 1200, 800 723 3537
Fax: 04 427 1201
Umm Suqeim North 


KG 1 – Grade 1
PO Box: 500438 Dubai
Tel: 04 280 0691
Fax: 04 280 0692
Al Warqa’a 


British Curriculum
KG 1 – Year 8 
PO Box: 24857 Dubai
Tel: 04 360 8830
Fax: 04 360 8831
The Greens


British Curriculum
Classes: KG – Year 11
Tel: 04 344 6646
Fax: 04 344 6304
Nad Al Sheba 


Classes: KG – Secondary
PO Box: 17 Dubai
Tel: 04 298 8121, 298 8116
Fax: 04 298 8319
Near Al Mulla Plaza 


British Curriculum
KG – Grade 8
PO Box: 51008 Dubai
Tel: 04 263 8999
Fax: 04 263 8998
Al Twar


British Curriculum
Grade 1 – 12
PO Box: 52232 Dubai
Tel: 04 337 0252
Fax: 04 336 8119
Oud Metha 


British Curriculum
Classes: KG 1- Grade 6
PO Box: 50091 Dubai
Tel: 04 263 8989
Fax: 04 261 9554


British Curriculum
Classes: KG – Year 13
PO Box: 60835 Dubai
Tel: 04 282 4646
Fax: 04 282 4109


Classes: KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 90697 Dubai
Tel: 04 267 4433
Fax: 04 267 9014
Al Nahda 2 


British Curriculum
KG1 – Grade 10
Tel: 04 289 5781, 289 9722
Fax: 04 289 9723
Nadd Al Hamar 


KG – Grade 10
PO Box: 51212 Dubai
Tel: 04 268 8244
Fax: 04 268 8434


British Curriculum
Foundation – Year 13
PO Box: 11812 Dubai
Tel: 04 394 3465
Fax: 04 394 7242


KG – Grade 4
PO Box: 106 Dubai
Tel: 04 282 3555
Fax: 04 282 1817
Al Garhoud 


Grade 5 – Grade 12
PO Box: 106 Dubai
Tel: 04 337 7475
Fax: 04 335 8851


KG 1 – Grade 13
PO Box: 21935 Dubai
Tel: 04 399 9444
Fax: 04 399 9045


Indian CBSE
KG – Year 5
PO Box: 4973 Dubai
Tel: 04 282 4090
Fax: 04 282 5504
Al Garhoud 


GEMS Schools
KG – Year 12
PO Box: 32446 Dubai
Tel: 04 298 8567
Fax: 04 298 8606
Al Ghusais 


British Curriculum
Classes: KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 50091 Dubai
Tel: 04 254 3666
Fax: 04 254 3777
Al Ghusais, near Beirut Street and Police Station 


British Curriculum
KG – Grade 12
PO Box: 57442 Dubai
Tel: 04 298 8776
Fax: 04 298 8773
Al Ghusais 


British Curriculum
KG – Year 11
PO Box: 92665 Dubai
Tel: 04 267 8444
Fax: 04 267 8938
Al Ghusais 


British Curriculum
KG – Year 13
PO Box: 27016 Dubai
Tel: 04 298 8333
Fax: 04 298 8603
Al Ghusais


British Curriculum
KG – Year 10
PO Box: 38058 Dubai
Tel: 04 882 0444
Fax: 04 882 0440
The Jebel Ali Gardens 


American Curriculum
KG – Grade 12
Age Group: 4 – 18 Years
PO Box: 79133 Dubai
Tel: 04 232 5222
Dubai Festival City 


British Curriculum
Foundation Stage – Year 12
Tel: 04 348 4999
Fax: 04 348 6595
Sheikh Zayed Road

Dubai School Inspection Report list: Private schools

Dubai School Inspection Report list: Private schools published in Gulf News

The list of all private schools in Dubai which have been inspected by the KHDA, with rating, and a link to the full report

Name of School Rating Status Curriculum Full Report
Jumeirah College Outstanding Private UK Jumeirah College
JESS (Jumeirah) Outstanding Private UK JESS
JESS (Arabian Ranches) Outstanding Private UK JESS
Kings Dubai Outstanding Private UK Kings Dubai
Al Ittihad (Al Mamzar Campus) Good Private US Al Ittihad
Al Safa Private School Good Private UK Al Safa Private
Al Salam Private School Good Private UK Al Salam
Al Mizhar American Academy for Girls Good Private US Al Mizhar American
American School of Dubai Good Private US AUD
Dubai College Good Private UK Dubai College
Dubai English Speaking College Good Private UK Dubai English
Dubai English Speaking School Good Private UK Dubai English
GEMS Jumeirah Primary School Good Private UK GEMS Jumeirah
GEMS Wellington Primary School Good Private UK GEMS Wellington
Horizon English School Good Private UK Horizon
Jebel Ali Primary and Branch School Good Private UK Jebel Ali
St Mary’s Catholic High School Good Private UK St. Mary’s Catholic
The English College, Dubai Good Private English English College
International School of Choueifat, Dubai Good Private UK/US Choueifat
Al Khaleej National School Acceptable Private US/MOE Al Khaleej
Al Sadiq Islamic English School Acceptable Private UK Al Sadiq
Cambridge International School Acceptable Private English Cambridge
Dubai British School Acceptable Private UK Dubai British
Dubai Gem Private School Acceptable Private UK Dubai Gem
Dubai Modern Education School Acceptable Private US/MOE Dubai Modern
Emirates International School (Jumeirah) Acceptable Private UK/IB Emirates Jumeirah
Emirates International School (Meadows) Acceptable Private IPC/IGCSE/IB Emirates Meadows
GEMS Royal Dubai School Acceptable Private UK GEMS Royal
New Academy School Acceptable Private US/MOE New Academy
Nibras International School Acceptable Private US/MOE Nibras International
Philadelphia Private School Acceptable Private US Philadelphia Private
Raffles International School West Campus Acceptable Private International Raffles International
School of Modern Skills Acceptable Private US Modern Skills
The City School International Acceptable Private UK The City
The School of Research Science Acceptable Private UK School of Research
The Sheffield Private School Acceptable Private UK Sheffield Private
The Universal American School Acceptable Private US/IB Universal American
The Westminster School Acceptable Private UK Westminster
Al Ameen School Unacceptable Private English Al Ameen
Arab Unity School Unacceptable Private UK Arab Unity
Deans International School Unacceptable Private US Deans International
Grammar School Unacceptable Private UK Grammar
Star International School – Twar Unacceptable Private UK Star – Twar
The Oxford School Unacceptable Private IGCSE/UK The Oxford

THE FRIDAY CLASS by Mariam and Fatima Masood

The Friday Class was a result of many isolated moments we spent as teachers… in school, at home, in malls, parks, waiting lobbies and at the Dubai Creek.
As teachers we always feel there is very less time, in class, to tell the children about the many little things they need to remember in order to enjoy life. Since the classes are curriculum driven it becomes difficult to address the day to day challenges, problems and tasks children come across. Not only as teachers, even at home, with our nephews and niece, we realize there are so many things that need adult attention and address.
In order to kill the guilt we thought of the concept of a Friday Class which would have all the little but important things we want to tell children aged 7 onwards.
It is important to say that Fridays and Saturdays are weekly holidays here in Dubai, no school. That’s why the article was named The Friday Class. At home, when children are missing their teachers, they get an opportunity of absorbing some more knowledge of the world… a short message from very concerned caring teachers…
So, for young girls and boys here are some nice things to read and follow in life. Of course also for older people who missed on good teachers and teachings in life!

Minutes invested in goodness help a lifetime.



Happy new year to all you mumz out there. Its great to jot down new year resolutions but the tough job is to stick to them. Have you made any new resolutions? I think we all do and I suppose we mums are real good list makers!

Here are some resolutions I think all mothers would like to stick to,

  • I will plan and organize my kitchen better, with all food stuff labelled.
  • I will plan my week’s menu in advance so I don’t have to bother to do that thinking everyday.
  • I will give more quality time to my kids, play puzzles, paint with them, play board games, hangman, draw, fly kites, read story books, hop, skip, run and make faces with them! Oh! I love being mom!
  • I will de-clutter corners of my house.
  • I will try some money saving tips my friend told me about!
  • I will work really hard this year to lose those extra kilos. (This one is on everyone’s list 😉 )
  • I will try to give some quality time to myself daily, that I always keep skipping because of my tight schedule. I will not miss my morning walk, or my morning coffee with a friend, I will not ignore my nails, hair or skin just because I could not find that 10 minutes I need to uplift my unkempt look. I will find those 10 minutes daily this year.
  • I will read good books, relax and enjoy life making an effort to forget the pain and sorrow I went through in my continuning journey – life!
  • I will organize things better by keeping a handy planner, listing important dates, my kid’s school events and most important, keep track of “things to do” by making my “TO DO LIST”.

I am sure you all will have much more to add to this list, do send in your resolutions in the comments section and share them with us.


Little children always get into scrapes and no one knows this better than their mother.

Most scrapes are minor and only need home treatment and lots of kisses on the bad ‘boo-boo’. Its important to attend to such incidents fast without the hassle of rummaging through drawers and rooms for a bandage here or an ointment there. An updated first aid kit that has all the essentials is a must-have for any efficient mom. Some pharmaceutical stores will sell pre-packaged first aid kits but you can put together your own with these simple tips. Store these in an unused lunch box out of reach of children. Keeping an accessible, portable first aid kit also makes it easier to carry along on picnics and outdoor trips when bruises and cuts are most likely to happen.

You’ll need:

* Acetaminophen and/or
* Ibuprofen (with a chart for weight-appropriate doses
  and a dosage spoon)
* Band-aids (assorted shapes and sizes for knuckles,
   knees and fingertips)
* Antiseptic wipes
* Antibiotic ointment
* Burn ointment
* Sterile roll gauze (in 3 and 4 inch sizes)
* First aid tape
* Bandage scissors
* Thermometer
* Tweezers and a magnifying glass
* A first aid guidebook

Other standard medicine-chest supplies include sunscreen (minimum SPF 15) and an anti-itch cream for rashes during summer.
Its also a good idea to keep telephone numbers of the closest children’s hospital’s emergency services in the first aid kit, along your child’s pediatrician’s name and number, and prescriptions for any medication your child is taking.

Like charity and hygiene, safety also begins at home, and now you can rest assured that you’re all set to banish that boo-boo.

Article contributed by our newest active member, Nihal Taher.

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Playscapes Wall Murals- Decorate your Kids Rooms, Ideal for Nursery

 Playscapes Wall Murals are such an exciting concept in kids rooms decorating and nursery decor! We handcraft and hand paint all the childrens’ wall art and kids’ room accessories, add Velcro pads to the back and then package our wall mural kits and freight them worldwide direct to your door!

 The Jungle theme was the first design created by Playscapes and remains the favorite to this day! Brightly coloured Jungle animals with friendly faces will adorn your childs playroom or bedroom. The gorgeous little African Rondarvel will make decorating your childs bedroom your greatest thrill.  

All you do is paint the wall in your chosen colour, plan your design then simply peel away the backing tape on the murals and adhere. In a couple of hours you will have the most gorgeous room that you did yourself! Another bonus is it is also interactive. Children are encouraged to pick the apples off the tree, fly the bees around and place them back. This improves their hand-eye coordination and fine dexterity. Another bonus is of course if you find you have to relocate, simply take your Playscapes kids’ murals ( or wall art) with you and remove the Velcro without marking the walls!

When ordering at Playscapes, please mention that you heard about Playscapes from Creative Mumz.



           Seaside Teddies theme is a warm favorite with old-fashioned Teddies and sailing boats. It is perfect decorating for the nursery and we have adorable nursery furniture to match. Childrens stools, garden seats and other hand-painted furniture are available for nursery decorating. The Seaside theme is perfect for Nursery design as it is designed for boys and girls. This childrens wall mural will be loved for years to come.   

Back To School

It is time to begin school very soon. Back to school means preparation for both, mums and kids. Mothers need to sort out things, organize and plan ahead of time to pack interesting lunch boxes, buy books and uniforms, find new ideas to get the kids to finish homework and much more.

The key is organizing. Here are some ideas to prepare beforehand;

  1. Prepare lunch bag cards for the week. You can make cards to go on the fridge with what has to be packed for each day of the week. This will save time and reduce daily stress of thinking what to prepare.
  2. Kids have a fluctuating routine during summer break. Start put them to bed earlier at least one week before school starts. This will help them to get into school routine easily.
  3. Prepare lists for what has to be sent to school esp. on the first day, like books, school supplies, lunch bag, any special item that the school had requested for. A separate list should be prepared for each child keeping in mind that a primary school student will have to carry different things as compared to your little one who is just beginning school.
  4. Find new and interesting ideas to motivate children to finish homework without a fuss. Surf the net and read some articles that will help and prepare you to deal with homework issues.
  5. Mark important school events and meetings on a calendar to avoid missing any special days.
  6. Reduce morning stress by preparing clothes and lunch bags at night. Set plates, spoons, cups, etc. for breakfast at night to avoid rush in the morning.

 Planning ahead will make going back to school a pleasant experience!


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The dinner guests were sitting around the table discussing life.

One man, a CEO, decided to explain the problem with education. He argued,
“What’s a kid going to learn from someone who decided his best option in
life was to become a teacher?” He reminded the other dinner guests what
they say about teachers: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”

To stress his point he said to another guest; “You’re a teacher, Bonnie.
Be honest. What do you make?”

Bonnie, who had a reputation for honesty and frankness replied, “You
want to know what I make? (She paused for a second, and then began…)

“Well lets see, for starters, I make kids work harder than they ever thought
they could. I make a C+ feel like the Congressional Medal of Honour.

I make kids sit through 40 minutes of class time when their parents
can’t make them sit for 5 without an I Pod, Game Cube or movie rental…

(She paused again then went on)

I make kids wonder.

I make them question.

I make them criticize.

I make them apologize and mean it.

I make them have respect and take responsibility for their actions.

I teach them to write and then I make them write.

I make them read, read, read.

I make them show all their work in math.

I make my students from other countries learn everything they need to know
in English while preserving their unique cultural identity.

I make my classroom a place where all my students feel safe.

Finally, I make them understand that if they use the gifts they were
given, work hard, and follow their hearts, they can succeed in life.

(Bonnie paused one last time and then continued.)
“Then, when people try to judge me by what I make, I can hold my head up
high and pay no attention because they are ignorant… Do you want to
know what I make?

What do you make?”


“Teachers make every other profession”.

This was worth sharing!

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Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

– Dr. Seuss

Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt and dance like no one is watching.

– Randall G Leighton

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.

– Unknown

Feelings change – memories don’t.

– Joel Alexander

Forgive your enemies, but never, never forget their names.

– John F. Kennedy

Being sad with the right people is better than being happy with the wrong ones.

– Philippos

Never allow someone to be your priority while you’re just their option

– Unknown

My best dreams and worst nightmares have the same people in them.

– Philippos

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If a child lives with Criticism, He learns to Condemn.
If a child lives with Hostility, He learns to Fight.
If a child lives with Ridicule, He learns to be Shy.
If a child lives with Encouragement, He learns Confidence.
If a child lives with Shame, He learns to feel Guilty.
If a child lives with Tolerance, He learns to be Patient.
If a child lives with Praise, He learns to Appreciate.
If a child lives with Security, He learns to have Faith.
If a child lives with Approval, He learns to Like Himself.
If a child lives with Acceptance and Friendship, He learns to Find Love in the World.


Very true! Found these words,wanted to share with you all.

Nursery Schools in Sharjah

Dear Mums….. It is a great challenge to find the right nursery school for your child. The first nursery school environment that we choose for our kids is very important since it is the first step that they take to explore the outside world without us and this really sets the tune for learning for the years to come. Here are some options in Sharjah.

(Also check out our group’s activities, upcoming events, story time and play sessions for kids and mums, Log on to or write to


P.O.Box: 15231 Sharjah
06-566 1197
Ramla Area


Sharjah, 06-5371157


Po Box 23362, Sharjah



Po Box 40811, Sharjah



Po Box 4615, Sharjah

Al Gubaibah, near Gold Centre



P.O.Box: 2315 Sharjah
06-524 4454
Green Belt Park


P.O.Box: 32928 Sharjah
06-528 3010


P.O.Box: 2388 Sharjah
06 563 7568
Maisloon Area


P.O.Box: 64975 Sharjah
06-544 0558
Rifaa Area


Po Box 5201, Sharjah



P.O.Box: 39390 Sharjah
06-528 1852
Al Khan area


Po Box 7049 , Sharjah



Po Box 3335, Sharjah



Age Group: 2 – 3 Years
POBox: 20121 Sharjah
06-563 6847



06-566 1133


P.O.Box: 44067 Sharjah
06 522 5635


Villa was previously used by the ‘New Filipino English School’
Ramla West


British Foundation Stage Curriculum
Near Sharjah Ladies Club
PO Box: 45048



P.O.Box: 40658 Sharjah
06 534 6333
Off University, Airport Road 


Po Box 4652, Sharjah



P.OBox: 5395 Sharjah
06- 563 1772



Post Box No.:34295




P.O.Box: 23773 Sharjah
06-522 6710
Near Quran Roundabout



Timing: Sun- Thur : 8:00am-12:30pm,8:00am-3:00pm, 8:00am-5:30pm


P.O.Box: 7049 Sharjah
0- 566 0990


Tel: 5280787




P.O.Box: 28673 Sharjah
06-522 4795
Al Ghafia


P.O.Box: 66733 Sharjah
06 5247710
Sharjah to Ajman Beach Road


Near Kuwaiti Hospital

Contact: 06- 5222863, 06-5222544


Post Box No.:34295
Sharjah, U.A.E.



POBox: 30996 Sharjah
06- 5247767


P.O.Box: 68608 Sharjah

(Near the new Maroor Dept.)
Al Ramaquia
Sharjah, UAE
Telephone: 06-548-7522
Fax: 06-548-7523


P.O.Box: Sharjah

Nutrition For Toddlers/Children 

Mums, its best that we give our kids snacks that are high in nutrition. Here are some ideas for snacks for your little ones. Even older kids can be given nutritious foods between meals to promote health and cut down on extra calories gained by consuming sugary high fat snacks. 

Snacks for Toddlers

The best snacks are mini meals, not meal wreckers, so start small and give your child just enough to hold him until the next meal. Of course, this does not always work out perfectly with one- and two-year-olds, since their appetites are erratic. It’s OK if your child ends up eating a bigger snack as long as it’s healthy.

  • Fruit juice
  • Natural cheese such as cheddar.
  • Milk (full-fat for up to two years old)
  • Yogurt (full-fat for up to two years old)
  • Hard-cooked eggs
  • Cottage cheese (full-fat for up to two years old)
  • Tuna
  • Whole grain breads and crackers
  • Fruit (with the exception of whole grapes)
  • Weetabix with milk 
  • Fresh fruit blended with milk
  • Pudding made with full-fat milk
  • Dry cereal or a small bowl of cereal with milk
  • Vegetable juices
  • Well-cooked vegetables such as a sliced, peeled sweet potato
  • Tortillas

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20 Ideas for Kids Birthday Party Favors

If you are planning your kid’s birthday party, here are fun ideas for party favors… The children will love these return gifts!

1.Stuffed animals

2.Finger puppets


4.Pencil toppers according to birthday theme

5.Stickers according to birthday theme


7.Glow in the dark jewelery

8.Glow in the dark stars for decoration


10.Key chains

11.Mini photo frames



14.Craft kits

15.Themed hats

16.Themed T-shirts

17.Mini water guns

18.Flutes and whistles

19.Fridge magnets



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20 Ideas for Kids Birthday Party Favors

If you are planning your kid’s birthday party, here are fun ideas for party favors… The children will love these return gifts!

1.Stuffed animals

2.Finger puppets


4.Pencil toppers according to birthday theme

5.Stickers according to birthday theme


7.Glow in the dark jewelery

8.Glow in the dark stars for decoration


10.Key chains

11.Mini photo frames



14.Craft kits

15.Themed hats

16.Themed T-shirts

17.Mini water guns

18.Flutes and whistles

19.Fridge magnets



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Mums in Dubai and Sharjah-Shopping, Kids Play Areas and Coffee..

Life for mums in the United Arab Emirates is great. I have been here since 1995 and have seen it grow into a stronger economy and a society that provides opportunities to all, provided we seek to work hard and hunt for new doors to success. And its a shopper’s paradise. Mothers have many stores to choose from to buy stuff for their babies and kids. Baby items, toys, clothes, accessories, excellent stuff and innovative mommy help gadgets are also available. You can check out The Baby Shop, Early Learning Centre, Monalisa, Toys’r’Us, Good Baby, Mothercare, Baby Land and many more.

There are many play areas where the kids have fun and at the same time develop their gross motor skills, coordination and balancing skills. Mums can relax with a cup of coffee, chat and watch their little ones having a blast!

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Sayings-Mums, Dads and Children  

  • All mothers hope that their daughters will find a better husband than she did, and are convinced that their sons will never find as good a wife as their fathers did. 
  • We spent the first twelve months of our children’s lives teaching them to walk and talk, and the next twelve telling them to sit down and shut up. 
  • Children are incredibly good imitators.No matter how hard you try to teach them good manners, they always behave exactly like their parents.
  • Children fill the home with peace when they sleep.
  • Precocious children can be a pain. childish adults are worse.
  • Only after seeing how your grandchildren turn out can you see if you brought up your own children well.
  • Before I got married, I had six theories about bring up children. Now I have six children and no theories.
  • Children seldom misquote you. Infact, they usually repeat word for word what you shouldn’t have said.
  • How is it that little children are so intelligent and men so stupid. It must be education that does it?

I found these interesting sayings and thought of sharing them with you all.

Creative Mumz @ the Used Book Festival, Sharjah

Creative Mumz is participating in the

Used Book Festival organized by

Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services,

at Qanat Al Qasba, Sharjah

29th-31st of March 2007 (Thursday – Saturday)

from 10am – 10pm.

We are collecting used books for the event. The books will be sold at our tent at Qanat Al Qasba and , sale proceeds of the same will be donated to benefit special needs children. Please make a contribution by collecting used unwanted books (non-school books), you can ask your friends as well since this is for a good cause. Please support the event, your contribution is highly appriciated. All kinds of books, any language can be donated.

Kindly write to me if you would like to donate books so I can tell you where to deliver them (Dubai and Sharjah). I shall apprecite if the donation can be made by the 25th of March.

You are also invited to attend the festival with your family and friends and have a look at all the books there. Many schools, universities and organizations are participating  in the event. Since Qanat Al Qasba is a great family outing spot, I am sure we all will have a great time while supporting a good cause.

Thanks a lot. Hoping to get a great response from all of you.

Best regards,

Faryal Amir
Coordinator Creative Mumz

Inspiration…Where can we find it? 

Look deep with in yourself…deep down… there is someone very pure, very innocent, very loving, very sensitive and above all very inspiring!

Life can sometimes be very stressful and everything may seem gloomy. When we are low, distressed, in grief, we long for someone to pat our shoulder, inspire us and say, “Don’t worry, all will be fine. Get up and get going, boost your energy, look at the brighter side, find happiness in the simple things you have and make the most of them, fill yourself with courage, enthusiasm and self worth, you are doing a good job, I appreciate you.” But most of the time we do not find anyone to console us.

The best and the most honest person to uplift our spirits is our own SELF. The best inspiration a person can find is with in him/herself. Because we truly understand what we are going through, we respect the fact that we are hurt and sincerely want to do something about it. We are our best well wisher. So go ahead complement yourself for what you are and what you do. Be your own stimulus and your life will change for the better!

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Dos and Don’ts of Answering Children’s Questions

Dos and Don’ts of Answering Children’s Questions Dos:· Always pay attention to your children’s questions and listen carefully when they ask you something. Even if you are in the middle of something really important, divert full attention to your child. Value your child’s curiosity.

  • Be honest. You are your child’s guide and whatever you say has a deep impact on your child’s thoughts and perception of things. Give accurate information.
  • Provide information in simple, concrete and concise sentences.
  • Your language should be comprehendible, keeping in mind the child’s age and level of understanding.
  • Check if the child has understood by having him/her repeat the answer in his/her own words. If it comes back and you can make sense of it, the message has been received!
  • There aren’t always answers. It’s alright to say, ‘I don’t know, but that was a good question.’
  • If it’s a painful, sensitive or emotional subject, it’s important to tell why.
  • Your child has approached you with a question and is ready to receive information. Grab this opportunity to convey good morals and values, if appropriate, since the child is ready to absorb what you are about to say.
  • Be prepared to answer more questions once they get answers to their first ones.

Don’ts:· Never discourage you kid from asking questions. It may be the last time he/she came to you to request information.· Avoid long and confusing sentences. · Never provide false or misleading information.· Never try to avoid further conversation and questions by saying, ‘No more questions.’ “Why?” “Because I said so.” Clear the child’s doubts till he/she is satisfied.· Do not avoid questions on sensitive issues. Children know when we are trying to get away from answering difficult ones. They may then try to find other sources to get information and that may sometimes have a negative influence on them.· Even if you are getting irritable with repeated questions, never show it your child. Find out more about our groups activities, up coming meet up in Dubai, log on to

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‘Must Haves’ in mommy’s hand bag

Mommy hand bags are instant problem solvers. In times of need or emergency, we happen to find almost everything required to fix the situation. Therefore, mommy hand bags must be ORGANIZED. I feel the following are must haves for a mommy’s hand bag.

1. Tissues

2. Individually packed wipes (antibacterial will be an advantage)

3. Safety pins

4. Panadol tablets

5. Small scotch tape

6. Band aid strips (3-4)

7. Little snacks for the little ones

8. Pen and Post-it (Special lists for shopping)

9. Small toys to keep little ones busy (Small cars, balls, rattle)

10. List of important contacts incase a mobile is not carried

11. Money and enough change

12. Telephone card in case mobile is not carried

13. Medical cards for all family members

14. Membership and kids entertainment centre cards.

15. Driving License

What makes a mother strong?  

1. Her children’s smiles and tender touch. Kid’s smiles are like turbo boosters when a mother feels low. And they work as heart softeners when she is cross. Their sweet emotions give inner strength. When nothing can cheer up a mother, her little one’s smile and hug will do the trick.  

2. A mother is not and never will be alone in her thoughts. Her children’s memories, tales and worries will always be with her. Whether she is cooking, cleaning, at work or just relaxing on a couch, she always has her kids on her mind.  

3.  The precious friendship of her kids is her greatest strength and an ultimate source of experiencing new worlds everyday.  

4. When her 6 year old kid makes a card for her and writes, “Mummy I love you. I am with you.” Sometimes such reassurance, strength and hope that a mother gets from these innocent words makes a mother forget all her worries. 

5. The dream to see her kids grow up to be responsible human beings gives a mother all the strength to work hard for them in spite of all odds. 

6. The trust that she can see in her child’s eyes, in all that she tells and does for him. The belief that my mother will always be there for me when I need her. 

7. A mother derives strength from her kid’s problems and fears. She has to build courage to accept these issues and provide wise solutions to tackle these problems. A mother has to be strong to face certain fears of her children with them. 

8. A thank you note that she finds on the fridge for something little that she did for her child, which she never felt was worthy of acknowledgement but was noted by her little one. 

9. The commitment that she is responsible for rearing and moulding the next generation. The thought that, with patience, guidance and support a mother can mould lives, makes her go an extra mile.  

10. The thought that she is blessed with the best gift a lady can wish for. Her kids are her priceless possession!  Someone who will relate to her and who will always need her no matter how old they get. This is a magical feeling that only a mother feels many times in a single day.  


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The First Story

I have penned down the very first story that my mother had told me when I was five years old. We lived in Muscat at that time. Its simplicity and innocence makes it lovable. And the message in it is what all mommys want their kids to get! Read the story on this link. on the stories page.

You may send in your original articles and stories (Short ones please) to along with your name, occupation and country, to be published on this new website Creative Mumz Writers Club. Kids can send in their original poems with their name and age.

Creative Mumz

Anger Management-Over Criticism by Parents

At Creative Mumz we believe in nurturing the parent-child bond. Although all parents including me claim and really do love their kids more than anything, but at times our love falls prey to our own frustrations and anger. We might loose control in difficult situations but need to educate ourselves to keep our cool, be more understanding and reasonable, esp. when dealing with kids. 

The following article is very thought provoking, so I felt like sharing it with all of you.

The most popular emotional wrecking tool with parents is over-criticism.
The slogan of the over-critical parent is “I’ll get that kid to shape up even if it kills him! After all, its for his/her OWN good! They will thank me some day!”

The really dedicated over-critical parent rides the kid’s back from the moment his feet touch the floor in the morning until he passes out at night! They become angry to the point of rage (or violence) whenever their kid “fails” to live up to their expectations. They resort to all kinds of ways and means to punish and “humiliate” the kid to live up to their unrealistic expectations and standards. The apparent aim of this kind of misguided parent(s) is to build the child up by tearing them down! The end result of course is just that, a torn down, broken hearted and bitter(angry) kid!

The child (victim) of the over-critical parent’s “good intentions” soon starts to feel that he or she just can’t do anything right! Whenever he or she falls short of perfection, they are made to feel they are a total screw up. And he now begins to feel that, since he or she has failed to live up to their parent’s impossibly high standards and expectations, he doesn’t therefore deserves their love and respect. A deep and dark feeling of “self-contempt” (anger at self) and worthlessness overwhelms him to the point of self-destructive behavior. Kids resent (are angry about) being “put down” and insulted all the time ESPECIALLY by their OWN parents! They rebel against it, and parents then wonder “whats gotten into him ?”

Since he has been made to feel he’s a “loser” by HIS OWN PARENT(S), he will now dramatize (act out) this conviction for the rest of his life.

Check out our website for information about our group for mums in Dubai and Sharjah.

Before I was a Mom!  

This is an article that Shagufta, my friend and member of Creative Mumz has sent to be added to the Creative Mumz newsletter. I thought I could post it here instead for all of you to read.

“Before I was a Mom, I ate hot meals.  I would sit at the table without
having to get up for extra napkins, ketchup, or to pick up the spoon that
was hurdled across the room.  I never had to say, Clean your plate or no
I was able to talk on the phone for hours at a time without interruptions.Before I was a Mom, I slept as late as I wanted and never worried about
what time I got into bed. My house was always clean.  There were never dishes in the sink or crumbs left on the table.  I never tripped over toys or made up my own games or a lullaby to sooth a crying baby.

Before I was a Mom, I didn’t worry whether my plants were poisonous, if the
coffee table had sharp corners or if the electrical sockets were exposed. I had complete control of my mind, my thoughts, my body
and all my feelings and emotions.

Before I was a Mom, I never held down a screaming child so that doctors
could do tests or give shots. I never thought about immunizations or
learned how to read a thermometer.  I never looked into teary eyes and
cried with compassion.  I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin. I never felt my heart break into a million pieces when I couldn’t stop the
hurt.  I never knew that something so small could affect my life so much.
I never knew that I could love someone so unconditionally.

Before I was a Mom, I never held a sleeping baby just because I didn’t want
to put it down or stayed up late at night just to watch it sleep so
peacefully. I didn’t know the feeling of having my heart outside my
body.  I didn’t know how special it could feel to feed a hungry baby.  
Before I was a Mom, I had never gotten out of bed in the middle of the
night to make sure that everyone was covered with blankets and had their
teddy bear & just in case.

Before I was a Mom, I didn’t know I was capable of feeling so much.  I had
never known the warmth, the joy, the love, the heartache or the
satisfaction that being a Mom can bring.  I never knew just how much I
would love being a mom. I never fully understood my own mother’s joys and
sorrows.  I didn’t appreciate everything she did for me or really thank her
enough for the wisdom she shared.   Before I was a mom I never loved my
mother the same way I do now.

My life has changed & there is no doubt about it, but there isn’t anything
I would be willing to do or any gift I’d be willing to receive to go back
to the days of Before I was a Mom.”

A Goal a Day!

Accomplish a goal a day!  We usually are working hard everyday to accopmplish our short as well as long term goals that may be personal, family or work related. There may be time involved before you accomplish these, thus keeping you waiting to get a sense of accomplishment. Accomplishment acts as a catalyst to promote one’s self esteme, self confidence and moral.

Therefore apart from these goals, I believe in setting simple daily goals as well. Something special, something that will give me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Something I like doing. Thus charging my energies. Try setting goals that can be fun or creativity oriented, so that you feel happy and relaxed each day. Plan a day ahead about what you would like to do tomorrow. Perhaps brainstorm at night before sleeping. Examples could be, setting out 30 minutes to complete an art project, writing a short article or incident, drawing, acquiring a new skill, reading short stories, organizing your paper work, arranging your stuff at home, walk with a friend, searching the net for articles of interest, writing down your ideas in a note pad and reading all at the end of the month, learning 10 new words and their meanings using a dictionary, rearranging your room or setting, read a story to a child in the house, and other things that you like doing and can be completed on the same day in a short time.

Creative Mumz ( encourages all mothers to set daily goals as well, assign special time to attain simple, short and  satisfying goals that would make them feel happy and relaxed.

Magic Potion

My elder son started school when he was three and within the first month of his nursery school he started getting sick. He used to get throat infections, coughs, blocked nose, wheezing and high fever. This continued and our visits to doctors increased. He used to end up getting an antibiotic doze every month on average. We saw many doctors, the child had many blood tests and lung x-rays to check for mucus. His tonsils and adinoids got enlarged, had pus in the tonsils and the child snored at night. One ENT specialist suggested tonsil operation at the age of 3.5 years. We were all very worried since getting down with high fever and pus in the throat became a regular feature. We had tried all medicines, tonics and herbals.

Then by God’s grace, one of my friend who is from India told me about SEPTILIN.  This is a product by Himalaya Herbals which enhances the bodies immunity and helps in cases of tonsils, sinus and similar issues. Mashallah my son has been having this mdicine since 1 year and with Allah’s grace he is keeping well. I give him regularly as a tonic and esp. when he starts to get a cold. I would suggest all mothers to try it with kids even elders can have it and it should inshallah prove to be the magic potion for you. But remember it is God who is the healer and not the medicine! 

Since we benefited from this medicine, I wanted to share this with all of you. You can perhaps search about it on the net to buy it online.

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The truth about truth!

The truth about truth is, “practicing it might sometimes cause you the most harm.” Many situations may arise in life when we can get way with false statements, facts and expressions. And this is what people at times. Because saying the right thin and accepting the true fact can get you into trouble. The question is, “are we ready to practice saying and accepting truth?” (Truth about the world, life, people and most important about us!)

We may always preach to be truthful, but how truthful are we?  Infact, to listen to the right thing, the true story, the right facts and accepting it, is the most difficult thing to do for many. Because we are not trained to do so, even if we are we are not strong enough to accept it!

And I think this is where parents, most importantly the mother comes into the picture. We as parents need to enable the next generation to say and accept the truth, no matter how bitter it may be. There is a constant need to educate and train our kids to develop inner strength to face facts rather than hiding them or moulding them to fit in or win situations.

And to do this, we need to be role models first. Here we can follow the saying, “practice what you preach.” Because truth is what will eventually prevail!!

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Happy Mommy, Happy Family A happy mother makes a happy family. It is very vital that the mother of the house is happy, at peace mentally and smiling. Work around the house, crying babies, fighting sibblings, dirty laundry, stinking nappies, burnt toast and juice spilt on the new carpet can really put the home minister off! All this daily stress needs to be battled by the mother. It is then up to all others in the family to give her, if not many, atleast a couple of reasons to smile. A little ‘thank you’ note or ‘mommy you are the best’, getting a rose at the end of a tiring day, a big hug and continuous reassurance that she is respected for all her effort, is all that it takes to make a mother happy. It simple but it needs to be done.

So to all of you out there, send a little ‘love you mom’ note to the person who worked so hard to make you capable of what you are doing now!

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